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3 /* Copyright(c) 1998-1999, ALICE Experiment at CERN, All rights reserved. *
4  * See cxx source for full Copyright notice */
10 #include "AliDetectorRecoParam.h"
11 #include "TVectorF.h"
12 #include "TVectorD.h"
14 class AliTPCRecoParam : public AliDetectorRecoParam
15 {
16  public:
17  enum { // methods used for correction maps time dependence
18  kCorrMapInterpolation // interpolate between 2 nearest timebins maps
19  ,kCorrMapNoScaling // no scaling, use just the single map matching to timestamp
20  ,kCorrMapGlobalScalingLumi // scale current map by ratio of inst_lumi/<lumi_timebin>
21  };
22  public:
24  AliTPCRecoParam(const AliTPCRecoParam& src);
26  virtual ~AliTPCRecoParam();
27  virtual void Print(const Option_t* option="") const;
28  static Bool_t GetUseTimeCalibration();
29  static void SetUseTimeCalibration(Bool_t useTimeCalibration);
31  void SetUseHLTClusters(Int_t useHLTClusters){fUseHLTClusters=useHLTClusters;}
32  Int_t GetUseHLTClusters() const {return fUseHLTClusters;}
33  void SetUseHLTPreSeeding(Int_t useHLTPreSeeding){fUseHLTPreSeeding=useHLTPreSeeding;}
34  Int_t GetUseHLTPreSeeding() const {return fUseHLTPreSeeding;}
35  void SetClusterSharing(Bool_t sharing){fBClusterSharing=sharing;}
36  Bool_t GetClusterSharing() const {return fBClusterSharing;}
37  Double_t GetCtgRange() const { return fCtgRange;}
38  Double_t GetMaxSnpTracker() const{ return fMaxSnpTracker;}
39  Double_t GetMaxSnpTrack() const { return fMaxSnpTrack;}
40  Bool_t GetUseOuterDetectors() const { return fUseOuterDetectors;}
41  void SetUseOuterDetectors(Bool_t flag) { fUseOuterDetectors=flag;}
42  void SetMaxChi2TPCTRD(Double_t maxChi2){fMaxChi2TPCTRD=maxChi2;}
43  Double_t GetMaxChi2TPCTRD() const {return fMaxChi2TPCTRD;}
44  void SetMaxChi2TPCITS(Double_t maxChi2){fMaxChi2TPCITS=maxChi2;}
45  Double_t GetMaxChi2TPCITS() const {return fMaxChi2TPCITS;}
46  Double_t GetCutSharedClusters(Int_t index)const { return fCutSharedClusters[index];}
47  void SetCutSharedClusters(Int_t index, Float_t value){ fCutSharedClusters[index]=value;}
48  Int_t GetClusterMaxRange(Int_t index)const { return fClusterMaxRange[index];}
49  void SetClusterMaxRange(Int_t index, Int_t value){ fClusterMaxRange[index]=value;}
50  //
53  Bool_t GetUseCorrectionMap() const {return fUseCorrectionMap;}
54  void SetUseCorrectionMap(Bool_t v=kTRUE) {fUseCorrectionMap = v;}
56  // accounting for systematic error on track cov.matrix level
57  Float_t GetSystCovAmplitude() const {return fSystCovAmplitude;}
61  //
62  // for simulation of distortions fluctuations
65  Float_t GetMinDistFluctMCRef() const {return fMinDistFluctMCRef;}
66  void SetMinDistFluctMCRef(Float_t v=0) {fMinDistFluctMCRef = v;}
70  //
71  // Outlier filtering configuration
72  //
73  Int_t GetUseOulierClusterFilter() const { return fUseOulierClusterFilter;} // swith to use outlier cluster filter
74  void SetUseOulierClusterFilter(Int_t value){ fUseOulierClusterFilter=value;} // swith to use outlier cluster filter
75  //
76  Bool_t DumpSignal() const { return fDumpSignal;}
77  void SetTimeInterval(Int_t first, Int_t last) { fFirstBin=first, fLastBin =last;}
78  Int_t GetFirstBin() const { return fFirstBin;}
79  Int_t GetLastBin() const { return fLastBin;}
80  void SetTimeBinRange(Int_t first, Int_t last){ fFirstBin = first; fLastBin = last;}
81  Bool_t GetCalcPedestal() const { return fBCalcPedestal;}
82  Bool_t GetDoUnfold() const { return fBDoUnfold;}
83  void SetDoUnfold(Bool_t unfold) { fBDoUnfold = unfold;}
84  Float_t GetDumpAmplitudeMin() const { return fDumpAmplitudeMin;}
85  Float_t GetMaxNoise() const { return fMaxNoise;}
86  //
87  Int_t GetUseOnePadCluster() const { return fUseOnePadCluster;}
89  Float_t GetMinMaxCutAbs() const { return fMinMaxCutAbs; }
90  Float_t GetMinLeftRightCutAbs() const { return fMinLeftRightCutAbs;} // minimal amplitude left right - PRF
91  Float_t GetMinUpDownCutAbs() const { return fMinUpDownCutAbs;} // minimal amplitude up-down - TRF
92  Float_t GetMinMaxCutSigma() const { return fMinMaxCutSigma; }
93  Float_t GetMinLeftRightCutSigma() const { return fMinLeftRightCutSigma;} // minimal amplitude left right - PRF
94  Float_t GetMinUpDownCutSigma() const { return fMinUpDownCutSigma;} // minimal amplitude up-down - TRF
95  //
98  void SetMinMaxCutAbs(Float_t th) { fMinMaxCutAbs=th; }
99  void SetMinLeftRightCutAbs(Float_t th) { fMinLeftRightCutAbs=th;} // minimal amplitude left right - PRF
100  void SetMinUpDownCutAbs(Float_t th) { fMinUpDownCutAbs=th;} // minimal amplitude up-down - TRF
101  void SetMinMaxCutSigma(Float_t th) { fMinMaxCutSigma=th; }
102  void SetMinLeftRightCutSigma(Float_t th) { fMinLeftRightCutSigma=th;} // minimal amplitude left right - PRF
103  void SetMinUpDownCutSigma(Float_t th) { fMinUpDownCutSigma=th;} // minimal amplitude up-down - TRF
104  void SetUseTotCharge(Bool_t flag) {fUseTotCharge = flag;}
105  void SetCtgRange(Double_t ctgRange) {fCtgRange = ctgRange;}
108  void SetUseAlignmentTime(Bool_t flag) {fUseAlignmentTime = flag;}
109  void SetNeighborRowsDedx(Int_t nRows) {fNeighborRowsDedx = nRows;}
111  void SetSkipTimeBins(Double_t value) {fSkipTimeBins=value;}
112  //
113  Int_t GetLastSeedRowSec() const { return fLastSeedRowSec;}
114  Int_t GetSeedGapPrim() const { return fSeedGapPrim;}
115  Int_t GetSeedGapSec() const { return fSeedGapSec;}
116  void SetDoKinks(Bool_t on) { fBKinkFinder=on; }
117  Bool_t GetDoKinks() const { return fBKinkFinder;}
118  Double_t GetKinkAngleCutChi2(Int_t index) const {return fKinkAngleCutChi2[index];}
119  void SetKinkAngleCutChi2(Int_t index,Double_t value) {fKinkAngleCutChi2[index]=value;}
120  void SetSeedGapPrim(Int_t seedGapPrim) { fSeedGapPrim = seedGapPrim;}
121  void SetSeedGapSec(Int_t seedGapSec) { fSeedGapSec = seedGapSec;}
122  Float_t GetMaxC() const { return fMaxC;}
123  Bool_t GetSpecialSeeding() const { return fBSpecialSeeding;}
124  //
125  //
127  //
128  // Correction setup
129  //
132  void SetUseRPHICorrection(Int_t flag){fUseRPHICorrection=flag;}
139  void SetUseExBCorrection(Int_t flag){fUseExBCorrection=flag;}
140  void SetUseTOFCorrection(Bool_t flag) {fUseTOFCorrection = flag;}
142  void SetCrosstalkCorrection(Float_t crosstalkCorrection) {fCrosstalkCorrection= crosstalkCorrection; }
143  void SetCrosstalkCorrectionMissingCharge(Float_t crosstalkCorrection) {fCrosstalkCorrectionMissingCharge= crosstalkCorrection; }
144  //
147  Int_t GetUseLumiType() const {return fUseLumiType;}
148  void SetUseLumiType(int tp) {fUseLumiType =tp;}
149  //
152  Int_t GetUseRPHICorrection() const {return fUseRPHICorrection;}
159  Int_t GetUseExBCorrection() const {return fUseExBCorrection;}
162  Double_t GetCrosstalkCorrection() const {return fCrosstalkCorrection;}
167  Double_t GetSkipTimeBins() const {return fSkipTimeBins;}
169  Bool_t GetUseAlignmentTime() const {return fUseAlignmentTime;}
170  //
171  Bool_t GetUseTotCharge() const {return fUseTotCharge;} // switch use total or max charge
172  Float_t GetMinFraction() const {return fMinFraction;} // truncated mean - lower threshold
173  Float_t GetMaxFraction() const {return fMaxFaction;} // truncated mean - upper threshold
174  Int_t GetNeighborRowsDedx() const {return fNeighborRowsDedx;}
176  //
177  void SetSystematicError(Double_t *systematic){ for (Int_t i=0; i<5;i++) fSystematicErrors[i]=systematic[i];}
178  void SetSystematicErrorCluster(Double_t *systematic){ for (Int_t i=0; i<2;i++) fSystematicErrorCluster[i]=systematic[i];}
188  void SetBadPadMaxDistXYZD(double x,double y,double z, double d) {
190  void SetBadClusMaxErrYZ(double y,double z) {fBadClusMaxErrYZ[0]=y;fBadClusMaxErrYZ[1]=z;}
192  const Double_t* GetBadPadMaxDistXYZD() const {return fBadPadMaxDistXYZD;}
193  const Double_t* GetBadClusMaxErrYZ() const {return fBadClusMaxErrYZ;}
195  const Double_t * GetSystematicError() const { return fSystematicErrors;}
197  const Double_t * GetSystematicErrorCluster() const { return fSystematicErrorCluster;}
199  const TVectorF* GetSystErrClInnerRegZ() const {return fSystErrClInnerRegZ;}
200  const TVectorF* GetSystErrClInnerRegZSigInv() const {return fSystErrClInnerRegZSigInv;}
201  void SetSystErrClInnerRegZ(TVectorF* zc) {fSystErrClInnerRegZ = zc;}
204  void SetUseSystematicCorrelation(Bool_t useCorrelation) {fUseSystematicCorrelation=useCorrelation;}
207  static AliTPCRecoParam *GetLowFluxParam(); // make reco parameters for low flux env.
208  static AliTPCRecoParam *GetHighFluxParam(); // make reco parameters for high flux env.
209  static AliTPCRecoParam *GetHLTParam(); // special setting for HLT
210  static AliTPCRecoParam *GetLaserTestParam(Bool_t bPedestal); // special setting for laser
211  static AliTPCRecoParam *GetCosmicTestParam(Bool_t bPedestal); // special setting for cosmic
212  //
213  static const Double_t * GetSystematicErrorClusterCustom() { return (fgSystErrClustCustom) ? fgSystErrClustCustom->GetMatrixArray():0;}
214  static const Double_t * GetPrimaryDCACut() { return (fgPrimaryDCACut)? fgPrimaryDCACut->GetMatrixArray():0; }
216  static void SetPrimaryDCACut( TVectorD *dcacut ) { fgPrimaryDCACut=dcacut;}
218  //
219  protected:
224  Double_t fCtgRange;
225  Double_t fMaxSnpTracker;
226  Double_t fMaxSnpTrack;
228  Double_t fMaxChi2TPCTRD;
229  Double_t fMaxChi2TPCITS;
230  //
231  // Outlier filtering configuration
232  //
235  Double_t fCutSharedClusters[2];
236  Int_t fClusterMaxRange[2];
237  //
238  // clusterer parameters
239  //
240  Bool_t fDumpSignal;
241  Int_t fFirstBin;
242  Int_t fLastBin;
243  Bool_t fBCalcPedestal;
244  Bool_t fBDoUnfold;
246  Float_t fMaxNoise;
249  Float_t fMinMaxCutAbs;
252  Float_t fMinMaxCutSigma;
255  //
256  //
257  Float_t fMaxC;
259  Bool_t fBKinkFinder;
260  Double_t fKinkAngleCutChi2[2];
262  Int_t fSeedGapPrim;
263  Int_t fSeedGapSec;
265  //
266  // Correction switches
267  //
283  //
284  // dEdx switches
285  //
286  Bool_t fUseTotCharge;
287  Float_t fMinFraction;
288  Float_t fMaxFaction;
292  Double_t fSkipTimeBins;
295  //
298  Int_t fUseLumiType;
304  // misscalibration
305  //
306  TVectorF* fSystErrClInnerRegZ; //< center of region in Z to apply extra systematic error
307  TVectorF* fSystErrClInnerRegZSigInv; //< inverse sigma forgaussian dumping aroung this center Z to apply extra syst error
308  Double_t fSystematicErrors[5];
314  Double_t fBadPadMaxDistXYZD[4];
315  Double_t fBadClusMaxErrYZ[2];
318  static TVectorD* fgSystErrClustCustom; //< custom systematic errors for the TPC clusters overriding persistent data member
319  static TVectorD* fgPrimaryDCACut; //< only primaries passing DCAYZ cut are reconstructed
321 public:
322  static Bool_t fgUseTimeCalibration;
323  // to be switched off for pass 0 reconstruction
324  // Use static function, other option will be to use
325  // additional specific storage ?
327  ClassDef(AliTPCRecoParam, 32)
329 };
332 #endif
Float_t GetSystCovAmplitude() const
void SetUseMultiplicityCorrectionDedx(Bool_t flag)
void SetDoKinks(Bool_t on)
void SetUseOnePadCluster(Int_t use)
Int_t GetUseRadialCorrection() const
Double_t GetUseDistortionFractionAsErrorZ() const
void SetTimeInterval(Int_t first, Int_t last)
static AliTPCRecoParam * GetLaserTestParam(Bool_t bPedestal)
Int_t fGainCorrectionHVandPTMode
switch for the usage of GainCorrectionHVandPT (see AliTPCcalibDB::GetGainCorrectionHVandPT ...
void SetMaxChi2TPCTRD(Double_t maxChi2)
Float_t fMaxFaction
truncated mean - upper threshold
Float_t fMinUpDownCutSigma
minimal amplitude up-down - TRF
void SetCutSharedClusters(Int_t index, Float_t value)
Int_t GetLastBin() const
Double_t fSkipTimeBins
number of time bins to be skiiped (corrupted signal druing gating opening)
void SetMinDistFluctMCRef(Float_t v=0)
void SetUseDistortionFractionAsErrorY(double v)
Bool_t GetUseTOFCorrection()
void SetClusterMaxRange(Int_t index, Int_t value)
Bool_t GetUseHLTOnePadCluster() const
Bool_t GetClusterSharing() const
Int_t GetUseRPHICorrection() const
Double_t fDistortionFractionAsErrorYZ[2]
use fraction of distortion as additional error
static void SetUseTimeCalibration(Bool_t useTimeCalibration)
void SetUseSectorAlignment(Int_t flag)
static AliTPCRecoParam * GetCosmicTestParam(Bool_t bPedestal)
Float_t GetDistFluctUncorrFracMC() const
Int_t fUseExBCorrection
use ExB correction
Double_t GetKinkAngleCutChi2(Int_t index) const
void SetSkipTimeBins(Double_t value)
const Double_t * GetSystematicError() const
Int_t GetSeedGapSec() const
Float_t fMinMaxCutSigma
minimal amplitude at cluster maxima
Bool_t fDumpSignal
Dump Signal information flag.
Bool_t fUseAlignmentTime
use time dependent alignment correction
void SetUseDistDispFractionAsErrorZ(double v)
TVectorD vec
Definition: AnalyzeLaser.C:8
void SetUseSystematicCorrelation(Bool_t useCorrelation)
static Bool_t fgUseTimeCalibration
flag usage the time dependent calibration
Bool_t fUseMultiplicityCorrectionDedx
use Dedx multiplicity correction
Bool_t fBSpecialSeeding
special seeding with big inclination angles allowed (for Cosmic and laser)
void SetMinLeftRightCutAbs(Float_t th)
Int_t fUseHLTPreSeeding
Usage of HLT pre-seeding.
Bool_t GetUseAlignmentTime() const
void SetTimeBinRange(Int_t first, Int_t last)
void SetUseHLTPreSeeding(Int_t useHLTPreSeeding)
Double_t fBadPadMaxDistXYZD[4]
pad considered bad if abs distortion / dispersion exceeds this value
Int_t GetClusterMaxRange(Int_t index) const
Int_t GetUseOnePadCluster() const
void SetCorrMapTimeDepMethod(int m)
void SetUseGainCorrectionTime(Int_t flag)
static AliTPCRecoParam * GetLowFluxParam()
Bool_t GetUseOuterDetectors() const
Int_t fNeighborRowsDedx
number of neighboring rows to identify cluster below thres in dEdx calculation 0 -> switch off ...
Float_t fDistortionFluctMCAmp
mult. amplitude for distortions fluctuation sigma
static void SetPrimaryDCACut(TVectorD *dcacut)
void SetUseFieldCorrection(Int_t flag)
Float_t GetMinFraction() const
TVectorF * fSystErrClInnerRegZ
Int_t fUseRadialCorrection
use radial correction
Double_t fMaxSnpTracker
max sin of local angle - for TPC tracker
void SetUseComposedCorrection(Bool_t flag)
Bool_t GetDoKinks() const
void SetUseTOFCorrection(Bool_t flag)
void SetCtgRange(Double_t ctgRange)
void SetMinLeftRightCutSigma(Float_t th)
void SetUseDistortionFractionAsErrorZ(double v)
Bool_t fUseComposedCorrection
flag to use composed correction
Bool_t DumpSignal() const
void SetMinUpDownCutAbs(Float_t th)
Double_t GetMaxChi2TPCITS() const
Int_t GetUseGainCorrectionTime() const
Double_t GetCtgRange() const
Double_t fSystematicErrorCluster[2]
systematic error of the cluster - used e.g in OpenGG run to provide better cluster to track associati...
void SetMinMaxCutSigma(Float_t th)
Int_t GetUseOulierClusterFilter() const
Double_t fKinkAngleCutChi2[2]
angular cut for kinks
Float_t GetMinDistFluctMCRef() const
void SetUseIonTailCorrection(Int_t flag)
Double_t GetCrosstalkCorrection() const
Double_t fMaxChi2TPCTRD
maximal allowed chi2 between the TRD in and TPC out to be accepted for refit
void SetCrosstalkCorrectionMissingCharge(Float_t crosstalkCorrection)
const Double_t * GetSystematicErrorCluster() const
Float_t GetMinUpDownCutSigma() const
Int_t fUseDriftCorrectionGY
use drif correction global y
Double_t GetSkipTimeBins() const
const TVectorF * GetSystErrClInnerRegZ() const
void SetSystematicErrorCluster(Double_t *systematic)
Double_t GetUseDistDispFractionAsErrorZ() const
Bool_t fBDoUnfold
do unfolding of clusters
static const Double_t * GetSystematicErrorClusterCustom()
Int_t GetNeighborRowsDedx() const
Int_t GetFirstBin() const
Int_t GetUseHLTPreSeeding() const
Float_t fMinDistFluctMCRef
min.fluctuation sigma at reference 850kHz pp@13TeV (==7.5kHz PbPb@5.02TeV), for MC ...
Int_t GetUseHLTClusters() const
Int_t fCorrMapTimeDepMethod
method used for correction time dependence
Bool_t GetUseMultiplicityCorrectionDedx() const
const Double_t * GetBadPadMaxDistXYZD() const
Float_t fDistFluctCorrelation
assumed correlation between fluctuating points
Float_t GetMinUpDownCutAbs() const
Float_t GetMinMaxCutSigma() const
Int_t GetUseComposedCorrection() const
void SetSeedGapSec(Int_t seedGapSec)
Int_t GetUseDriftCorrectionGY() const
Double_t GetCrosstalkCorrectionMissingCharge() const
Double_t fDistDispFractionAsErrorYZ[2]
use fraction of distortion dispersion as additional error
Double_t fMaxChi2TPCITS
maximal allowed chi2 between the ITS in and TPC out to be accepted for backpropagation ...
Bool_t fBClusterSharing
allows or disable cluster sharing during tracking
virtual ~AliTPCRecoParam()
Int_t GetUseSectorAlignment() const
void SetUseCorrectionMap(Bool_t v=kTRUE)
void SetUseTotCharge(Bool_t flag)
void SetDistFluctCorrelation(float v)
Int_t fLastSeedRowSec
Most Inner Row to make seeding for secondaries.
TVectorF * fSystErrClInnerRegZSigInv
Float_t fMaxNoise
maximal noise sigma on pad to be used in cluster finder
Bool_t GetUseTotCharge() const
Int_t GetLastSeedRowSec() const
Float_t fDumpAmplitudeMin
minimal amplitude of signal to be dumped
Bool_t fUseCorrectionMap
flag to use parameterized correction map (AliTPCChebCorr)
Bool_t fUseHLTOnePadCluster
flag - use one HLT pad cluster for tracking
Int_t fUseOnePadCluster
flag - use one pad cluster -0 not use >0 use
const Double_t * GetBadClusMaxErrYZ() const
Int_t fUseLumiType
luminosity graph to be used for different lumi scalings
Float_t GetDistFluctCorrelation() const
Int_t GetUseLumiType() const
Macros to do fast simulation of processes important for tuning of reconstruction Currently fast simulation of ionization digitization and cluster finder AliTPCclusterFast How to use it a which macro to use(I know it was somewhere in AliRoot but with the GIT page I dont find it anymore)
Float_t GetMaxNoise() const
Double_t fCrosstalkCorrectionMissingCharge
crosstalk correction factor - missing charge factor (from each signal substracted by (mean signal in ...
Int_t GetSeedGapPrim() const
void SetDoUnfold(Bool_t unfold)
static TVectorD * fgSystErrClustCustom
Int_t GetGainCorrectionHVandPTMode() const
static TVectorD * fgPrimaryDCACut
Int_t fUseIonTailCorrection
use ion tail correction
Float_t GetDistortionFluctMCAmp() const
const TVectorF * GetSystErrClInnerRegZSigInv() const
Bool_t GetSpecialSeeding() const
void SetUseHLTOnePadCluster(Bool_t use)
Double_t fCrosstalkCorrection
crosstalk correction factor (fro each signal substracted by (mean signal in wite patch)xfCrosstalkCor...
Int_t fUseSectorAlignment
use sector alignment
AliTPCRecoParam & operator=(const AliTPCRecoParam &src)
Bool_t fUseSystematicCorrelation
switch to use the correlation for the sys
Double_t fBadClusMaxErrYZ[2]
pad considered bad if syst.error on cluster exceeds this value
Int_t fUseRPHICorrection
use rphi correction
Double_t GetCutSharedClusters(Int_t index) const
static AliTPCRecoParam * GetHighFluxParam()
Double_t fSystematicErrors[5]
systematic errors in the track parameters - to be added to TPC covariance matrix
void SetUseDriftCorrectionGY(Int_t flag)
Bool_t GetDoUnfold() const
Int_t fUseDriftCorrectionTime
use drift correction time
Int_t fUseHLTClusters
allows usage of HLT clusters instead of RAW data
void SetUseRadialCorrection(Int_t flag)
void SetUseAlignmentTime(Bool_t flag)
Double_t fSystematicErrorClusterInner[2]
systematic error of the cluster - used to downscale the information
Int_t fLastBin
last time bin used by cluster finder
void SetSystErrClInnerRegZSigInv(TVectorF *zs)
void SetUseQuadrantAlignment(Int_t flag)
static void SetSystematicErrorClusterCustom(TVectorD *vec)
static const Double_t * GetPrimaryDCACut()
void SetMinUpDownCutSigma(Float_t th)
Float_t GetDumpAmplitudeMin() const
void SetNeighborRowsDedx(Int_t nRows)
void SetSystErrClInnerRegZ(TVectorF *zc)
Double_t fMaxSnpTrack
max sin of local angle - for track
Float_t fSystCovAmplitude
apply syst correction to cov.matrix with this amplitude
void SetCrosstalkCorrection(Float_t crosstalkCorrection)
Bool_t GetUseCorrectionMap() const
Float_t GetMinLeftRightCutSigma() const
Float_t fMinLeftRightCutAbs
minimal amplitude left right - PRF
void SetAccountDistortions(Int_t v)
void SetMaxChi2TPCITS(Double_t maxChi2)
void SetUseExBCorrection(Int_t flag)
Bool_t GetUseSystematicCorrelation() const
void SetDistFluctUncorrFracMC(Float_t v=0)
Int_t fUseFieldCorrection
use field correction
Float_t fMinUpDownCutAbs
minimal amplitude up-down - TRF
void SetUseOuterDetectors(Bool_t flag)
void SetClusterSharing(Bool_t sharing)
Double_t GetMaxSnpTracker() const
Int_t fSeedGapPrim
seeding gap for primary tracks
Float_t fDistFluctUncorrFracMC
uncorrelated fraction of distortions fluctuations to impose in MC
Float_t GetMaxC() const
Bool_t fBKinkFinder
do kink finder reconstruction
void SetSystematicError(Double_t *systematic)
void SetBadClusMaxErrYZ(double y, double z)
void SetUseDriftCorrectionTime(Int_t flag)
void SetCorrectionHVandPTMode(Int_t value)
Int_t fSeedGapSec
seeding gap for secondary tracks
Int_t GetUseDriftCorrectionTime() const
static Bool_t GetUseTimeCalibration()
Int_t GetCorrMapTimeDepMethod() const
Float_t fMaxC
maximal curvature for tracking
Int_t fAccountDistortions
account for distortions in tracking
Double_t GetUseDistDispFractionAsErrorY() const
Double_t GetMaxSnpTrack() const
Float_t fMinFraction
truncated mean - lower threshold
Int_t GetUseExBCorrection() const
Bool_t GetCalcPedestal() const
void SetSeedGapPrim(Int_t seedGapPrim)
Class with TPC reconstruction parameters.
void SetSystCovAmplitude(float v)
Float_t GetMinLeftRightCutAbs() const
Int_t GetUseFieldCorrection() const
Int_t GetUseQuadrantAlignment() const
void SetKinkAngleCutChi2(Int_t index, Double_t value)
Int_t GetAccountDistortions() const
void SetUseOulierClusterFilter(Int_t value)
Double_t GetMaxChi2TPCTRD() const
Int_t GetUseIonTailCorrection() const
Int_t fUseOulierClusterFilter
swith to use outlier cluster filter
void SetUseHLTClusters(Int_t useHLTClusters)
Int_t fUseGainCorrectionTime
use gain correction time
Double_t fCtgRange
+-fCtgRange is the ctg(Theta) window used for clusterization and tracking (MI)
Bool_t fUseTOFCorrection
switch - kTRUE use TOF correction kFALSE - do not use
Bool_t fUseOuterDetectors
switch - to use the outer detectors
virtual void Print(const Option_t *option="") const
Float_t fMinMaxCutAbs
minimal amplitude at cluster maxima
Double_t fCutSharedClusters[2]
cut value - maximal amount of shared clusters
Double_t GetUseDistortionFractionAsErrorY() const
void SetDistortionFluctMCAmp(float v=1.)
void SetUseDistDispFractionAsErrorY(double v)
Int_t fFirstBin
first time bin used by cluster finder
void SetMinMaxCutAbs(Float_t th)
static AliTPCRecoParam * GetHLTParam()
Float_t fMinLeftRightCutSigma
minimal amplitude left right - PRF
Bool_t fBCalcPedestal
calculate Pedestal
void SetUseRPHICorrection(Int_t flag)
const Double_t * GetSystematicErrorClusterInner() const
Float_t GetMinMaxCutAbs() const
void SetUseLumiType(int tp)
void SetBadPadMaxDistXYZD(double x, double y, double z, double d)
Int_t fUseQuadrantAlignment
use quadrant alignment
Float_t GetMaxFraction() const
Int_t fClusterMaxRange[2]
neighborhood - to define local maxima for cluster
Bool_t fUseTotCharge
switch use total or max charge