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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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oNAliMpThe namespace for mapping enums and related functions
oNAliMqThe special namespace only for St12StationType
oNAliMUONCDBHelper functions to experience the OCDB
oCAliClustersTime Projection Chamber clusters objects
oCAliDAConfigClass for DA run parameters and DA working space
oCAliDetectorParamManager class for detector parameters
oCAliMFTChipClass describing geometry of MFT CMOS MAP Chip
oCAliMFTChipSegmentationChip Segmentation description
oCAliMFTConstantsConstants for the Muon Forward Tracker
oCAliMFTGeometryClass Handling both Virutal Segmentation and Real Volumes
oCAliMFTGeometryBuilderClass describing MFT Geometry Builder
oCAliMFTHalfClass describing geometry of one half of the ALICE Muon Forward Tracker
oCAliMFTHalfDiskClass Building geometry of one half of a MFT disk
oCAliMFTHalfDiskSegmentationClass for the description of the structure a Half-Disk
oCAliMFTHalfSegmentationSegmentation class for each half of the ALICE Muon Forward Tracker
oCAliMFTHeatExchangerMFT Heat Exchanger builder
oCAliMFTLadderClass building the Ladder geometry
oCAliMFTLadderSegmentationDescription of the virtual segmentation of a ladder
oCAliMFTSegmentationClass for the virtual segmentation of the ALICE Muon Forward Tracker
oCAliMFTTrackDescription of an ALICE Standalone MFT track
oCAliMFTTrackerClass for the creation of the "standalone MFT tracks"
oCAliMFTTrackExtrapTrack parameters in ALICE dimuon spectrometer
oCAliMFTTrackParamClass holding the parameter of a MFT Standalone Track
oCAliMFTTrackReconstructorClass Doing MFT Track reconstruction
oCAliMFTVSegmentationAbstract base class for MFT Segmentation description
oCAliMpAreaA rectangle area positioned in plane.
oCAliMpArrayIHelper class for sorted integer array
oCAliMpBusPatchThe class defines the properties of BusPatch
oCAliMpCDBManager class for mapping CDB IO
oCAliMpConnectionA connection properties
oCAliMpConstantsGlobally used constants definition
oCAliMpDataMapTObject class containing a map of strings to strings
oCAliMpDataProcessorClass for converting ASCII data files in the map of string
oCAliMpDataStreamsMapping data streams provider
oCAliMpDCSNamerCollection of methods usefull to DCS handling for MUON TRK and TRG
oCAliMpDDLThe class defined electronics properties of DDL
oCAliMpDDLStoreThe top container class for DDLs, det elements and bus patched
oCAliMpDEIteratorThe iterator over detection elements
oCAliMpDEManagerThe manager class for definition of detection element types
oCAliMpDEStoreThe container class for detection element objects
oCAliMpDetElementThe class defines the electronics properties of detection element
oCAliMpDEVisuGUI for drawing detection element segmentation
oCAliMpExMapHelper class making Root persistent TExMap
oCAliMpExMapIteratorImplementation of TIterator for AliMpExMap
oCAliMpFastSegmentationFast version of AliMpVSegmentation
oCAliMpFilesClass for generating file names and paths
oCAliMpFrtCrocusConstantsThe class defines the properties of CROCUS FRT
oCAliMpGraphContextClass describing the correspondance between a given area in pad, and a zone of real (cm) position
oCAliMpHelperHelper class to parse slat mapping ascii files
oCAliMpHVUIDUnique ID class for HV channels
oCAliMpIntPairA pair of integers
oCAliMpIteratorPainterPainter for a group of pads defined by an iterator
oCAliMpLocalBoardClass that manages the properties of the local board
oCAliMpManuIteratorClass to loop over all manus of MUON Tracker
oCAliMpManuStoreThe container class for manu serial numbers
oCAliMpManuUIDUnique ID for manus
oCAliMpMotifA motif with its unique ID and the motif type
oCAliMpMotifMapMotif map containers
oCAliMpMotifPainterClass for drawing a motif into canvas
oCAliMpMotifPositionA placed motif
oCAliMpMotifPositionPadIteratorAn iterator over the pads of a given motif position
oCAliMpMotifReaderClass that takes care of reading the motifs data
oCAliMpMotifSpecialA special motif with varying pad dimensions
oCAliMpMotifTypeClass that defines the motif properties
oCAliMpMotifTypePadIteratorAn iterator over the pads of a given motif type
oCAliMpPadClass which encapsuate all information about a pad
oCAliMpPadRowA pad row composed of the pad row segments
oCAliMpPadRowLSegmentA left pad row segment composed of the identic pads
oCAliMpPadRowRSegmentA right pad row segment composed of the identic pads
oCAliMpPadUIDUnique ID for pads
oCAliMpPCBA PCB for station 3,4 or 5
oCAliMpPCBPadIteratorIterates over slat pads within a region of constant pad size
oCAliMpPCBPainterClass for drawing a PCB into canvas
oCAliMpRegionalTriggerThe class defines the properties of regional trigger crate
oCAliMpRowA row composed of the row segments
oCAliMpRowPainterClass for drawing a row into canvas
oCAliMpRowSegmentA row segment composed of the the identic motifs
oCAliMpRowSegmentLSpecialA special inner row segment composed of the pad rows
oCAliMpRowSegmentPainterClass for drawing a motif into canvas
oCAliMpRowSegmentRSpecialA special outer row segment composed of the pad rows
oCAliMpSectorA sector (quadrant) of the MUON chamber of stations 1 and 2
oCAliMpSectorAreaHPadIteratorAn iterator over the pads inside a given area in a sector in horizontal direction
oCAliMpSectorAreaVPadIteratorAn iterator over the pads inside a given area in a sector in vertical direction
oCAliMpSectorPadIteratorAn iterator over the pads of a sector
oCAliMpSectorPainterClass for drawing a sector into canvas
oCAliMpSectorReaderClass that takes care of reading the sector data
oCAliMpSectorSegmentationA segmentation of the sector
oCAliMpSegmentationSingleton container class for mapping segmentations
oCAliMpSlatA slat (building block of stations 3, 4 and 5)
oCAliMpSlatMotifMapA container to keep track of allocated motifs and motifTypes for slats (both St345 and trigger ones)
oCAliMpSlatPadIteratorIterator for slat pads
oCAliMpSlatPainterClass for drawing a slat into canvas
oCAliMpSlatSegmentationImplementation of AliMpVSegmentation for St345 slats
oCAliMpSt345ReaderRead slat and pcb ASCII files
oCAliMpStringObjMapSubstitutes map <string, TObject> which ALICE does not allow to use
oCAliMpSubZoneA region in zone composed of the row segments with the same motif type
oCAliMpSubZonePainterClass for drawing a subzone into canvas
oCAliMpTriggerA trigger slat
oCAliMpTriggerCrateThe class defines the properties of trigger crate
oCAliMpTriggerReaderRead trigger slat ASCII files
oCAliMpTriggerSegmentationImplementation of AliMpVSegmentation for trigger slats
oCAliMpUIDGlobal (string-eable) ID of a tracker channel
oCAliMpVIndexedBase class that defines the limits of global pad indices
oCAliMpVMotifAbstract base class for a motif with its unique ID and the motif type
oCAliMpVPadIteratorAn interface for an iterator over pads
oCAliMpVPadRowSegmentThe abstract base class for a pad row segment composed of the the identic pads
oCAliMpVPainterAbstract base class for drawing objects into canvas
oCAliMpVRowSegmentAn interface for a row segment
oCAliMpVRowSegmentSpecialAbstract base class for a special row segment composed of the pad rows
oCAliMpVSegmentationThe abstract base class for the segmentation
oCAliMpZoneA region of pads of the same dimensions composed of subzones
oCAliMpZonePainterClass for drawing a zone into canvas
oCAliMUONAliDetector class for MUON subsystem providing simulation data management
oCAliMUON1DArrayImplementation of AliMUONVStore
oCAliMUON1DMapImplementation of AliMUONVStore
oCAliMUON2DMapBasic implementation of AliMUONVStore container using AliMpExMap internally
oCAliMUON2DMapIteratorImplementation of TIterator for 2D maps
oCAliMUON2DMapIteratorByIImplementation of TIterator for 2D maps
oCAliMUON2DStoreValidatorDetermine which channels, manus, DEs, stations are missing from a 2DStore
oCAliMUONAlignmentClass for alignment of muon spectrometer
oCAliMUONAlignmentCompareDialogAuthors Philippe Pillot, Laurent Aphecetche, Subatech
oCAliMUONAlignmentTaskTask to align the muon spectrometer
oCAliMUONAttPainterBasic attributes shared by all painters
oCAliMUONAttPainterSelectorFrameWidget to select the painter(s) view type
oCAliMUONBlockHeaderMUON block (Crocus CRT) header for tracker event
oCAliMUONBlockHeaderStructThe block header structure of the Tracker DDL payload
oCAliMUONBusPatchEvolutionUtility class to massage the output of the MCHBPEVO DA
oCAliMUONBusPatchEvolutionSubprocessorImplementation of AliMUONVSubprocessor for MUON TRK bus patch evolution
oCAliMUONBusPatchHeaderStructThe bus patch header structure of the Tracker DDL payload
oCAliMUONBusPatchPainterA painter for one buspatch
oCAliMUONBusStructMUON buspatch structure for tracker
oCAliMUONCalibParamNDImplementation of AliMUONVCalibParam for tuples of double
oCAliMUONCalibParamNFImplementation of AliMUONVCalibParam for tuples of floats
oCAliMUONCalibParamNIImplementation of AliMUONVCalibParam for tuples of ints
oCAliMUONCalibrationDataSingle entry point to access MUON calibration data
oCAliMUONChamberMUON tracking chamber class
oCAliMUONChamberCalibrationTaskDefinition of the task to extract cluster information from MCH tracks after applying the calibration on an aligned ESD
oCAliMUONChamberPainterPainter for one (plane of one) chamber
oCAliMUONChamberTriggerMuon trigger chamber class
oCAliMUONCheckClass for data quality control
oCAliMUONCheckItemA structure used to gather information at different levels (ch,manu,de,chamber)
oCAliMUONClusterA group of adjacent pads
oCAliMUONClusterFinderCOGA very basic (and mostly useless, probably) cluster finder
oCAliMUONClusterFinderMLEMCluster finder in MUON arm of ALICE
oCAliMUONClusterFinderPeakCOGCluster finder in MUON arm of ALICE
oCAliMUONClusterFinderPeakFitCluster finder in MUON arm of ALICE
oCAliMUONClusterFinderSimpleFitBasic cluster finder
oCAliMUONClusterInfoClass to summarize ESD data at cluster
oCAliMUONClusterSplitterMLEMSplitter class for the MLEM algorithm
oCAliMUONClusterStoreV1Implementation of VClusterStore
oCAliMUONClusterStoreV2Implementation of VClusterStore
oCAliMUONClusterStoreV2IteratorBase implementation of TIterator for AliMUONClusterStoreV2
oCAliMUONCommonGeometryBuilderClass to build common materials
oCAliMUONConfigSubprocessorImplementation of AliMUONVSubprocessor for MUON TRK config
oCAliMUONConstantsMUON global constants
oCAliMUONContour2D contour
oCAliMUONContourHandlerHolder for MUON tracker contours
oCAliMUONContourMakerCreator/merger of AliMUONContour objects
oCAliMUONContourMakerTestTest of ContourMaker classes
oCAliMUONContourPainterClass to draw AliMUONContour objects
oCAliMUONDarcHeaderMUON Darc header for Trigger
oCAliMUONDarcScalarsStructThe optional DARC board scalars
oCAliMUONDataInterfaceAn easy to use interface to MUON data
oCAliMUONDDLTrackerMUON DDL tracker
oCAliMUONDEPainterA painter for one detection element
oCAliMUONDigitMUON digit
oCAliMUONDigitCalibratorClass to calibrate the digits
oCAliMUONDigitizerV3Digitizer (from SDigit to Digit), performing digit de-calibration
oCAliMUONDigitMakerReading Raw data class for trigger and tracker chambers
oCAliMUONDigitStoreV1(Legacy) implementation of AliMUONVDigitStore
oCAliMUONDigitStoreV1IteratorImplementation of TIterator for AliMUONDigitStoreV1
oCAliMUONDigitStoreV2RConcrete implementation of AliMUONVDigitStore for real digits
oCAliMUONDigitStoreV2SImplementation of AliMUONVDigitStore
oCAliMUONDigitStoreVImplBase implementation of VDigitStore
oCAliMUONDigitStoreVImplIteratorBase implementation of TIterator for AliMUONDigitStoreVImpl
oCAliMUONDspHeaderMUON DSP header for tracker event
oCAliMUONDSPHeaderStructThe DSP header structure of the Tracker DDL payload
oCAliMUONESDInterfaceConverter between MUON track/cluster/digit and ESDMuon track/cluster/pad
oCAliMuonForwardTrackALICE muon forward track, combining the information of the Muon Spectrometer and the Muon Forward Tracker
oCAliMUONGeometryContainer class for geometry modules
oCAliMUONGeometryBuilderManager class for geometry construction via geometry builders
oCAliMUONGeometryConstituentHelper class for definititon of an assembly of volumes
oCAliMUONGeometryDetElementClass for storing detection element transformations
oCAliMUONGeometryEnvelopeGeometry envelope helper class
oCAliMUONGeometryEnvelopeStoreStore for temporary volumes envelopes
oCAliMUONGeometryMisAlignerClass for misalignment of geometry transformations
oCAliMUONGeometryModuleGeometry parameters for detector module
oCAliMUONGeometryModuleTransformerGeometry transformer for a detector module
oCAliMUONGeometryTransformerTop container class for geometry transformations
oCAliMUONGlobalCrateConfigThe class defines the configuration of global crate
oCAliMUONGlobalHeaderStructThe global input and output words just after the DARC header
oCAliMUONGlobalScalarsStructThe optional global card scalars
oCAliMUONGlobalTriggerGlobal trigger object
oCAliMUONGlobalTriggerBoardGlobal trigger board
oCAliMUONGMSSubprocessorThe shuttle subprocessor for GMS data
oCAliMUONHitMonteCarlo hit
oCAliMUONHitStoreV1Implementation of AliMUONVHitStore
oCAliMUONHVSubprocessorA subprocessor to read HV values for one run
oCAliMUONLegacyClusterServerCluster server that always clusterize everything
oCAliMUONLocalInfoStructLocal card trigger information
oCAliMUONLocalScalarsStructLocal card trigger scalars
oCAliMUONLocalStructRawdata local card structure for trigger
oCAliMUONLocalTriggerReconstructed Local Trigger object
oCAliMUONLocalTriggerBoardImplementation of local trigger board objects
oCAliMUONLoggerA logger that keeps track of the number of times a message appeared
oCAliMUONLVSubprocessorA subprocessor to read LV values for one run
oCAliMUONManuContourMakerMaker of AliMUONContour objects for all the tracker manus
oCAliMUONManuPadPainterPainter for the pads of one manu
oCAliMUONManuPainterPainter for one manu (not the pads, only the manu)
oCAliMUONMathiesonImplementation of Mathieson response
oCAliMUONMCDataInterfaceEasy to use data access to MC information
oCAliMUONMchViewApplicationMain class for the mchview program
oCAliMUONNodeA node of a segment tree
oCAliMUONObjectPairThe equivalent of a std::pair<TObject*,TObject*> ;-)
oCAliMUONOccupancySubprocessorImplementation of AliMUONVSubprocessor for MUON TRK occupancy
oCAliMUONPadCombination of digit and mppad informations
oCAliMUONPadInfoClass to summarize ESD data at pad
oCAliMUONPadStatusMakerMake a 2DStore of pad statuses, using different sources of information
oCAliMUONPadStatusMapMakerConvert a pad status container into a pad status map container
oCAliMUONPainterColorSliderA vertical color palette
oCAliMUONPainterDataRegistryRegistry for painter data sources
oCAliMUONPainterDataSourceFrameFrame to select input data source(s) to be displayed
oCAliMUONPainterDataSourceItemA widget describing a single data source
oCAliMUONPainterEnvResource file handling
oCAliMUONPainterGroupA group of AliMUONVPainter
oCAliMUONPainterHelperUtility class for the painters display
oCAliMUONPainterHighlighterSpecial painter which highlights (i.e. draws a yellow bold outline) another painter
oCAliMUONPainterInterfaceHelperHelper class to ease building a GUI with button groups..
oCAliMUONPainterMasterFrameThe main window for the offline "a la mood" display
oCAliMUONPainterMatrixA matrix of AliMUONVPainter
oCAliMUONPainterMatrixFrameWidget to plot a matrix of painters
oCAliMUONPainterPadStoreContainer for pads
oCAliMUONPainterPlotSelectorWidget to pick what to plot for the painters
oCAliMUONPainterRegistryRegistry for a bunch of AliMUONVPainter related stuff
oCAliMUONPairLightCompact information for the generated muon pairs
oCAliMUONPayloadTrackerClass for decoding the payload for tracker raw data
oCAliMUONPayloadTriggerClass for decoding the payload for trigger raw data
oCAliMUONPCBPainterImplementation of AliMUONVPainter for slat's PCBs
oCAliMUONPedestalImplementation of the pedestal computing
oCAliMUONPedestalEventGeneratorGenerate pedestal events (only for tracker)
oCAliMUONPedestalSubprocessorImplementation of AliMUONVSubprocessor for MUON TRK pedestals
oCAliMUONPointWithRefA TVector2 with an integer ref, and a specific Compare
oCAliMUONPolygonA planar polygon
oCAliMUONPreClusterFinderA basic pre-cluster finder
oCAliMUONPreClusterFinderV2A basic pre-cluster finder
oCAliMUONPreClusterFinderV3A basic pre-cluster finder
oCAliMUONPreprocessorShuttle preprocessor for MUON subsystems (TRK and TRG)
oCAliMUONQACheckerImplementation of AliQACheckerBase for MCH and MTR
oCAliMUONQADataMakerRecMUON Quality assurance data maker
oCAliMUONQADataMakerSimMUON Quality assurance data maker
oCAliMUONQAMappingCheckClass to be called from AliMUONQADataMakerRec
oCAliMUONRawClusterMUON raw cluster
oCAliMUONRawClusterV2MUON raw cluster
oCAliMUONRawStreamBase class for reading MUON raw digits
oCAliMUONRawStreamTrackerClass for reading MUON raw digits
oCAliMUONRawStreamTrackerHPA high performance stream decoder for muon tracking DDL streams
oCAliMUONRawStreamTriggerClass for reading MUON raw digits
oCAliMUONRawStreamTriggerHPHigher performance decoder stream class for reading MUON raw trigger data
oCAliMUONRawWriterRaw data class for trigger and tracker chambers
oCAliMUONRealDigitImplementation of AliMUONVDigit for real (i.e. not simulated) digits
oCAliMUONRecoCheckUtility class to check reconstruction
oCAliMUONReconstructorImplementation of AliReconstructor for MUON (both tracker and trigger)
oCAliMUONRecoParamClass with MUON reconstruction parameters
oCAliMUONRefitterClass to refit the ESD clusters/tracks
oCAliMUONRegHeaderMUON regional header for trigger
oCAliMUONRegionalHeaderStructRegional header
oCAliMUONRegionalScalarsStructOptional regional card scalars
oCAliMUONRegionalTriggerReconstructed regional Trigger object
oCAliMUONRegionalTriggerBoardRegional trigger - real HW algorithm is implemented
oCAliMUONRegionalTriggerConfigThe class defines the properties of regional trigger crate
oCAliMUONRejectListObject to hold the list of elements we want to reject from the reconstruction
oCAliMUONResponseChamber response base class
oCAliMUONResponseFactoryFactory for muon response
oCAliMUONResponseTriggerImplementation of RPC response
oCAliMUONResponseTriggerV1Implementation of RPC response
oCAliMUONResponseV0Implementation of Mathieson response
oCAliMUONSDigitizerV2MUON SDigitizer (from Hits to SDigits)
oCAliMUONSegmentA basic line segment, used for contour making algorithm(s)
oCAliMUONSegmentTreeImplementation of a segment tree
oCAliMUONSimpleClusterServerImplementation of AliMUONVClusterServer interface
oCAliMUONSlatGeometryBuilderMUON Station3 geometry construction class
oCAliMUONSparseHistoA very memory compact histogram to hold some tracker distributions
oCAliMUONSt1GeometryBuilderMUON Station1 coarse geometry construction class
oCAliMUONSt1GeometryBuilderV2MUON Station1 detailed geometry construction class
oCAliMUONSt1SpecialMotifHelper class to encapsulate the distance between the daughter card and the pad/kapton connector
oCAliMUONSt2GeometryBuilderMUON Station2 coarse geometry construction class
oCAliMUONSt2GeometryBuilderV2MUON Station2 detailed geometry construction class
oCAliMUONStringIntMapSubstitutes map <string, int> which ALICE does not allow to use
oCAliMUONSurveyChamberClass for survey of chambers (frames) of the muon spectrometer
oCAliMUONSurveyDetElemClass for survey of detection elements of the muon spectrometer
oCAliMUONSurveyObjBase class for survey of muon spectrometer
oCAliMUONSurveyUtilUtility class for survey of muon spectrometer
oCAliMUONTOTCAStoreIteratorIterator on a store composed of a TObjArray of TClonesArrays
oCAliMUONTrackReconstructed track in ALICE dimuon spectrometer
oCAliMUONTrackerMUON base Tracker
oCAliMUONTrackerConditionDataMakerProducer of AliMUONVTrackerData from OCDB or ASCII condition files
oCAliMUONTrackerDataImplementation of AliMUONVTrackerData
oCAliMUONTrackerDataCompareDialogAuthor Laurent Aphecetche, Subatech
oCAliMUONTrackerDataHistogrammerMake histograms from VTrackerData and VPainter objects
oCAliMUONTrackerDataMakerImplementation of VTrackerDataMaker to read raw data
oCAliMUONTrackerDataSourceTypesShort names and aliases for data source types recognized by AliMUONTrackerData related classes
oCAliMUONTrackerDataWrapperSimple wrapper of AliMUONVTrackerData (for backward compatibility)
oCAliMUONTrackerDDLDecoderA high performance decoder class for MUON tracking DDL data
oCAliMUONTrackerDDLDecoderEventHandlerCallback event handler class for the AliMUONTrackerDDLDecoder
oCAliMUONTrackerIOConverts ASCII calibration files (ped, config, occupancy) into AliMUONVStore object
oCAliMUONTrackerPreprocessorShuttle preprocessor for MUON tracker
oCAliMUONTrackerQACheckerImplementation of QAChecker for MCH
oCAliMUONTrackerQADataMakerRecMUON Quality assurance data maker
oCAliMUONTrackExtrapTrack parameters in ALICE dimuon spectrometer
oCAliMUONTrackHitPatternClass for the MUON track hit pattern
oCAliMUONTrackLightCompact information for the muon generated tracks
oCAliMUONTrackParamTrack parameters in ALICE dimuon spectrometer
oCAliMUONTrackReconstructorStandard class for the MUON track reconstruction
oCAliMUONTrackReconstructorKClass for the MUON track reconstruction using kalman filter
oCAliMUONTrackStoreV1Implementation of AliMUONVTrackStore
oCAliMUONTreeManagerHelper class to ease TTree (MUON) branches manipulations
oCAliMUONTriggerMUON trigger detector class
oCAliMUONTriggerBoardTrigger board base class
oCAliMUONTriggerChamberEfficiencyCalculate, apply and possibly draw trigger chamber efficiency
oCAliMUONTriggerCircuitMUON Trigger circuit
oCAliMUONTriggerCrateTrigger Crate
oCAliMUONTriggerCrateConfigThe class defines the configuration of trigger crate
oCAliMUONTriggerCrateStoreA container for AliMUONTriggerCrate objects
oCAliMUONTriggerDCSSubprocessorA subprocessor to read TriggerDCS values for one run
oCAliMUONTriggerDDLDecoderA high performance decoder class for MUON trigger DDL data
oCAliMUONTriggerDDLDecoderEventHandlerCallback event handler class for the AliMUONTriggerDDLDecoder. This class is the base class defining what methods the event handler for the high performance decoder should have. This handler actually does nothing. The user of this decoder will have to derive from this class a custom event handler that actually does something within the callback methods OnNewRegionalHeader, OnLocalStruct, OnError etc..
oCAliMUONTriggerDisplayConverts histograms as a function of strip/board/slat number in human readable histograms
oCAliMUONTriggerEfficiencyCellsStore and give access to the trigger chamber efficiency
oCAliMUONTriggerElectronicsManager class for muon trigger electronics
oCAliMUONTriggerGeometryBuilderMUON Trigger stations geometry construction class
oCAliMUONTriggerGUIGraphical User Interface utility class for the MUON trigger detector
oCAliMUONTriggerGUIbdmapTrigger GUI utility class: single board map of the strips/digits
oCAliMUONTriggerGUIboardTrigger GUI utility class: single board object
oCAliMUONTriggerGUIdimapTrigger GUI utility class: digits maps of the trigger chambers
oCAliMUONTriggerIOHandles read/write of masks and LUT to/from online files
oCAliMUONTriggerLutMUON trigger look up table class
oCAliMUONTriggerPreprocessorShuttle preprocessor for MUON trigger
oCAliMUONTriggerQACheckerImplementation of QAChecker for MTR
oCAliMUONTriggerQADataMakerRecMUON Quality assurance data maker for MTR
oCAliMUONTriggerScalersMUON trigger scalers
oCAliMUONTriggerStoreV1Implementation of AliMUONVTriggerStore
oCAliMUONTriggerSubprocessorImplementation of AliMUONVSubprocessor for MUON TRK masks
oCAliMUONTriggerTrackReconstructed trigger track in ALICE dimuon spectrometer
oCAliMUONTriggerTrackStoreV1Implementation of AliMUONVTriggerTrackStore
oCAliMUONTriggerTrackToTrackerClustersConvertor of trigger track to tracker clusters
oCAliMUONTriggerUtilitiesUtilities for trigger (check if pad is masked)
oCAliMUONv1AliDetector class for MUON subsystem which implements functions for simulation
oCAliMUONVCalibParamContainer of calibration values for a given number of channels
oCAliMUONVClusterAbstract base class for clusters
oCAliMUONVClusterFinderInterface of a cluster finder
oCAliMUONVClusterServerInterface of a cluster finder for combined tracking
oCAliMUONVClusterStoreInterface of a cluster container
oCAliMUONVDigitABC of a MUON digit
oCAliMUONVDigitStoreInterface for a digit container
oCAliMUONVGeometryBuilderAbstract base class for geometry construction per module(s)
oCAliMUONVHitStoreVirtual store to hold digit
oCAliMUONVPainterBase class for a graphical object representing some part of the MUON tracking system
oCAliMUONVQACheckerBase class for a MUON QA checker
oCAliMUONVQADataMakerRecInterface for a MUON QADataMakerRec
oCAliMUONVRawStreamTrackerThis class is the base class for raw stream decoders than need to deal with raw data coming from the muon tracking chambers
oCAliMUONVRawStreamTriggerBase class for reading MUON raw trigger data
oCAliMUONVStoreBase class for MUON data stores
oCAliMUONVSubprocessorBase class for a shuttle sub-task for MUON (either TRK or TRG)
oCAliMUONVTrackerDataBase class for MUON data that can be presented at different levels in the hierarchy of the MUON system
oCAliMUONVTrackerDataMakerProducer of some AliMUONVTrackerData
oCAliMUONVTrackReconstructorVirtual class for the MUON track reconstruction
oCAliMUONVTrackStoreBase class of a track container
oCAliMUONVTriggerStoreBase class of a trigger information store
oCAliMUONVTriggerTrackStoreBase class of a trigger track store
oCAliSegmentIDAliSegmentID object
oCAliTPCCalibCEImplementation of the TPC Central Electrode calibration
oCAliTPCcalibDBClass providing the calibration parameters by accessing the CDB
oCAliTPCcalibDButilClass providing the calculation of derived quantities (mean,rms,fits,...) of calibration entries
oCAliTPCCalibPedestalImplementation of the TPC pedestal calibration
oCAliTPCCalibPulserImplementation of the TPC pulser calibration
oCAliTPCCalibRawImplementation of the TPC Raw drift velocity and Altro L1 Phase calibration
oCAliTPCCalibRawBaseBase class for the calibration algorithms using raw data as input
oCAliTPCCalibTCFExtraction and test of TCF parameters needed by the ALTRO chip
oCAliTPCCalibViewerClass for viewing/visualizing TPC calibration data
oCAliTPCCalibViewerGUIGUI for the AliTPCCalibViewer used for the calibration monitor All functionalities of the AliTPCCalibViewer are here available
oCAliTPCCalibViewerGUItimeGUI for displaying calibration entires over time Calibration Trees are created using the macro TPC/CalibMacros/CalibEnv.C used for the calibration monitor
oCAliTPCCalROCTPC calibration base class for one ROC
oCAliTPCclusterInfoImplementation of the TPC cluster debug information
oCAliTPCclusterMIImplementation of the TPC cluser
oCAliTPCClusterParamTPC cluster error, shape and charge parameterization as function of drift length and inclination angle
oCAliTPCClustersRowTime Projection Chamber AliTPCClusterRow objects
oCAliTPCCombinedTrackfitCombine cosmic track pairs (upper, lower) and do track fitting
oCAliTPCComposedCorrectionAliTPCComposedCorrection class
oCAliTPCConfigDAClass for Parsing simple text configuration files
oCAliTPCConfigParserClass for Parsing simple text configuration files
oCAliTPCCorrectionAliTPCCorrection class
oCAliTPCCorrectionDriftLinear drift corrections
oCAliTPCCorrectionLookupTableAliTPCCorrectionLookupTable class
oCAliTPCDigitsArrayTime Projection Chamber clusters objects
oCAliTPCEfieldCalculation of the electric field
oCAliTPCExBAbstract class for ExB effect parameterization
oCAliTPCExBBShapeAliTPCExBBShape class
oCAliTPCExBConicalCalculates the space point distortions due to the conical shape of ALICE TPC
oCAliTPCExBEffectiveCorrect for the rest of ExB effect which are not covered by physical models
oCAliTPCExBEffectiveSectorCorrect for the rest of ExB effect which are not covered yet by physical models
oCAliTPCExBExactThis implementation AliTPCExB is using an "exact" calculation of the ExB effect
oCAliTPCExBFirstThis implementation AliTPCExB is using an aproximate calculation of the ExB effect
oCAliTPCExBTwistAliTPCExBTwist class
oCAliTPCFCVoltError3DAliTPCFCVoltError3D class
oCAliTPCGGVoltErrorAliTPCGGVoltError class
oCAliTPChitDMacro to compare TClonesArray hits with interpolated hits
oCAliTPCInverseCorrectionAliTPCInverseCorrection class
oCAliTPCLaserTrackSurveyed Laser Track positions
oCAliTPCLoaderBase class for loaders
oCAliTPCParamManager and of geomety classes for set: TPC
oCAliTPCParamSRManager and of geomety classes for set: TPC
oCAliTPCPreprocessorTest preprocessor that writes data to AliTestDataDCS
oCAliTPCPreprocessorOnlinePreprocessor class for HLT and DAQ
oCAliTPCPRF2DPad response function object in two dimesions
oCAliTPCQACheckerChecks implemented a la AliMUONQAChecker
oCAliTPCQADataMakerRecProduces the data needed to calculate the quality assurance
oCAliTPCRawStreamV3This class provides access to TPC digits in raw data
oCAliTPCRecoParamClass with TPC reconstruction parameters
oCAliTPCRF1DDeclaration of class AliTPCRF1D
oCAliTPCROCGeometry class for a single ROC
oCAliTPCROCVoltError3DThe class calculates the space point distortions due to z offsets of the
oCAliTPCSensorTempClass describing TPC temperature sensors (including pointers to graphs/fits
oCAliTPCSensorTempArrayTPC calibration class for parameters which saved per pad
oCAliTPCSpaceChargeThe class calculates the space point distortions due to a rotational
oCAliTPCSpaceCharge3DThe class calculates the space point distortions due to an arbitrary space charge distribution in 3D
oCAliTPCTempMapTPC calibration class for temperature maps and tendencies
oCAliTPCtrackPidClass to determine the particle ID for TPC tracks
oCAliTPCTransformImplementation of the TPC transformation class
oCAliTPCTransformationShould represent general non linear transformation
oCAliXRDPROOFtoolkitTOOLKIT for chain manipulation:
oCAliZMQManagerZMQ communication manager
oCArraySelf initialized array, used for adding constraints
oCtestSparseTest to check THnSparse - Layout example for TPC calibration
oCTPCCEnewdaTPC DA for online calibration