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AliMUONDarcScalarsStruct Struct Reference

The optional DARC board scalars. More...

#include <AliMUONTriggerDDLDecoderEventHandler.h>

Public Attributes

UInt_t fL0R
 DARC L0 received and used. More...
UInt_t fL1P
 DARC L1 physics. More...
UInt_t fL1S
 DARC L1 software. More...
UInt_t fL2A
 DARC L2 accept. More...
UInt_t fL2R
 DARC L2 reject. More...
UInt_t fClk
 DARC clock. More...
UInt_t fHold
 DARC hold (dead time) More...
UInt_t fSpare
 DARC Empty slot (for the moment) More...

Detailed Description

The optional DARC board scalars.

Definition at line 46 of file AliMUONTriggerDDLDecoderEventHandler.h.

Member Data Documentation

UInt_t AliMUONDarcScalarsStruct::fClk
UInt_t AliMUONDarcScalarsStruct::fHold
UInt_t AliMUONDarcScalarsStruct::fL0R
UInt_t AliMUONDarcScalarsStruct::fL1P
UInt_t AliMUONDarcScalarsStruct::fL1S
UInt_t AliMUONDarcScalarsStruct::fL2A
UInt_t AliMUONDarcScalarsStruct::fL2R
UInt_t AliMUONDarcScalarsStruct::fSpare

DARC Empty slot (for the moment)

Definition at line 55 of file AliMUONTriggerDDLDecoderEventHandler.h.

Referenced by AliMUONRawStreamTriggerHP::AliHeader::Print().

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