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TPCCEnewda Class Reference

TPC DA for online calibration. More...

Detailed Description

TPC DA for online calibration.

Link: Run Type: PHYSICS STANDALONE DAQ DA Type: MON Number of events needed: 500 Input Files: Output Files: tpcCE.root, to be exported to the DAQ FXS fileId: CEnew Trigger types used: PHYSICS_EVENT

TPCCEda.cxx - calibration algorithm for TPC Central Electrode events

10/06/2007 : first version - clean skeleton based on DAQ DA case1 06/12/2007 haava.nosp@m.rd.h.nosp@m.elstr.nosp@m.up@c.nosp@m.ern.c.nosp@m.h : created CE DA based on pulser code 19/09/2008 Added support for configuration files.

This process reads RAW data from the files provided as command line arguments and save results in a file (named from RESULT_FILE define - see below).


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