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AliEMCALTriggerPatchFinder< T > Class Template Reference

#include <AliEMCALTriggerPatchFinder.h>

Inheritance diagram for AliEMCALTriggerPatchFinder< T >:

Public Member Functions

 AliEMCALTriggerPatchFinder ()
virtual ~AliEMCALTriggerPatchFinder ()
void AddTriggerAlgorithm (AliEMCALTriggerAlgorithm< T > *trigger)
< AliEMCALTriggerRawPatch
FindPatches (const AliEMCALTriggerDataGrid< T > &adc, const AliEMCALTriggerDataGrid< T > &offlineAdc) const

Protected Attributes

< AliEMCALTriggerAlgorithm< T > * > 
 Trigger algoritms to be used. More...

Detailed Description

template<typename T>
class AliEMCALTriggerPatchFinder< T >

Definition at line 29 of file AliEMCALTriggerPatchFinder.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<typename T >
AliEMCALTriggerPatchFinder< T >::AliEMCALTriggerPatchFinder ( )


Definition at line 31 of file AliEMCALTriggerPatchFinder.cxx.

template<typename T >
AliEMCALTriggerPatchFinder< T >::~AliEMCALTriggerPatchFinder ( )


Definition at line 38 of file AliEMCALTriggerPatchFinder.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

template<typename T >
void AliEMCALTriggerPatchFinder< T >::AddTriggerAlgorithm ( AliEMCALTriggerAlgorithm< T > *  trigger)

Add trigger algorithm to the trigger patch finder

triggerTrigger algorithm assigned to the patch finder

Definition at line 44 of file AliEMCALTriggerPatchFinder.h.

template<typename T >
std::vector< AliEMCALTriggerRawPatch > AliEMCALTriggerPatchFinder< T >::FindPatches ( const AliEMCALTriggerDataGrid< T > &  adc,
const AliEMCALTriggerDataGrid< T > &  offlineAdc 
) const

Find trigger patches usin the grid of adc values. All trigger patch finders are called one after each other. The result contains the vector of patches from all trigger algorithms. The trigger patches are sorted in energy.

adcData grid with ADC values
List of trigger patches found by all trigger algorithms assigned to this trigger patch finder.

Definition at line 46 of file AliEMCALTriggerPatchFinder.cxx.

Member Data Documentation

template<typename T >
std::vector<AliEMCALTriggerAlgorithm<T> *> AliEMCALTriggerPatchFinder< T >::fTriggerAlgorithms

Trigger algoritms to be used.

Definition at line 55 of file AliEMCALTriggerPatchFinder.h.

Referenced by AliEMCALTriggerPatchFinder< T >::AddTriggerAlgorithm().

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