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Todo List
Member AliMFT::CreateMaterials ()
Check all materials Remove the one unneeded
Member AliMFTGeometryBuilder::BuildGeometry ()
Add the service, Barrel, etc Those objects will probably be defined into the COMMON ITSMFT area.
Member AliMFTHalfDiskSegmentation::CreateLadders (TXMLEngine *xml, XMLNodePointer_t node)
: In the XML geometry file, the position of the top-left corner of the chip closest to the pipe is given in the Halfdisk coordinate system. Need to put in the XML file the position of the ladder coordinate center
Member AliMFTLadder::fMFTFlex
to be removed ?)
Member AliMpFiles::SlatFilePath (AliMp::StationType stationType, const char *slatType, AliMp::PlaneType plane)
add ..
Member AliMpHelper::Decode (const TString &s)
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Member AliMpHelper::Decode (const TMap &m, const TString &key, TString &value)
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Class AliMpTriggerSegmentation
Implement CreateIterator method, if needed.
Member AliMUONClusterSplitterMLEM::fPixArray
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Class AliMUONLocalTriggerBoard
Change member functions comments in capital letters to normal text
Member AliMUONVClusterFinder::NeedSegmentation () const
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Member AliMUONVClusterFinder::NextCluster ()=0
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