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AliMUONHVSubprocessor Class Reference

A subprocessor to read HV values for one run. More...

#include <AliMUONHVSubprocessor.h>

Inheritance diagram for AliMUONHVSubprocessor:

Public Member Functions

 AliMUONHVSubprocessor (AliMUONPreprocessor *master, Bool_t includeHVcurrents=kFALSE)
virtual ~AliMUONHVSubprocessor ()
virtual UInt_t Process (TMap *dcsAliasMap)
 Process this sub-task. More...
Bool_t IncludeHVCurrent () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from AliMUONVSubprocessor
 AliMUONVSubprocessor (AliMUONPreprocessor *master, const char *name="", const char *title="")
virtual ~AliMUONVSubprocessor ()
virtual Bool_t Initialize (Int_t run, UInt_t startTime, UInt_t endTime)

Private Member Functions

 AliMUONHVSubprocessor (const AliMUONHVSubprocessor &)
 Not implemented. More...
AliMUONHVSubprocessoroperator= (const AliMUONHVSubprocessor &)
 Not implemented. More...

Private Attributes

Bool_t fIncludeHVCurrents

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from AliMUONVSubprocessor
AliMUONPreprocessorMaster () const
 Return the pointer to our master. More...
Bool_t RemoveValuesOutsideRun (TObjArray *values)
 AliMUONVSubprocessor ()
 Not implemented. More...
 AliMUONVSubprocessor (const AliMUONVSubprocessor &)
 Not implemented. More...
AliMUONVSubprocessoroperator= (const AliMUONVSubprocessor &)
 Not implemented. More...

Detailed Description

A subprocessor to read HV values for one run.

A subprocessor to read HV values for one run

It simply creates a copy of the dcsAliasMap w/o information from the MUON TRK, and dumps this copy into the CDB

Laurent Aphecetche, Subatech

Definition at line 19 of file AliMUONHVSubprocessor.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AliMUONHVSubprocessor::AliMUONHVSubprocessor ( AliMUONPreprocessor master,
Bool_t  includeHVcurrents = kFALSE 


Definition at line 50 of file AliMUONHVSubprocessor.cxx.

AliMUONHVSubprocessor::~AliMUONHVSubprocessor ( )


Definition at line 59 of file AliMUONHVSubprocessor.cxx.

AliMUONHVSubprocessor::AliMUONHVSubprocessor ( const AliMUONHVSubprocessor )

Not implemented.

Member Function Documentation

Bool_t AliMUONHVSubprocessor::IncludeHVCurrent ( ) const

Definition at line 27 of file AliMUONHVSubprocessor.h.

AliMUONHVSubprocessor& AliMUONHVSubprocessor::operator= ( const AliMUONHVSubprocessor )

Not implemented.

UInt_t AliMUONHVSubprocessor::Process ( TMap *  dcsAliasMap)

Process this sub-task.

Make another alias map from dcsAliasMap, considering only MUON TRK aliases.

Implements AliMUONVSubprocessor.

Definition at line 66 of file AliMUONHVSubprocessor.cxx.

Member Data Documentation

Bool_t AliMUONHVSubprocessor::fIncludeHVCurrents

Definition at line 35 of file AliMUONHVSubprocessor.h.

Referenced by IncludeHVCurrent(), and Process().

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