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1 /* Copyright(c) 1998-1999, ALICE Experiment at CERN, All rights reserved. *
2  * See cxx source for full Copyright notice */
4 // $Id$
5 // $MpId: AliMpConstants.h,v 1.11 2006/05/24 13:58:07 ivana Exp $
16 #include <TObject.h>
17 #include "AliMpPlaneType.h"
19 class AliMpConstants : public TObject
20 {
21  public:
23  virtual ~AliMpConstants();
25  // static compare methods
26  static Bool_t IsEqual(Double_t length1, Double_t length2);
27  static Bool_t IsEqual(Double_t v1x, Double_t v1y,
28  Double_t v2x, Double_t v2y);
30  // static get methods
31  static Double_t LengthTolerance();
32  static Double_t LengthStep();
33  static Int_t StartPadIndex();
34  static Int_t NofCathodes();
35  static Int_t NofChambers();
36  static Int_t NofTrackingChambers();
37  static Int_t NofTriggerChambers();
38  static Int_t NofGeomModules();
39  static Int_t ManuMask(AliMp::PlaneType planeType);
40  static Int_t NofLocalBoards();
41  static Int_t TotalNofLocalBoards();
42  static Int_t ManuNofChannels();
43  static Int_t LocalBoardNofChannels();
45  private:
47  virtual Bool_t IsEqual(const TObject*) const { return true; }
49  // static data members
50  static const Double_t fgkLengthTolerance;
51  static const Double_t fgkLengthStep;
52  static const Int_t fgkStartPadIndex;
54  static const Int_t fgkNofCathodes;
55  static const Int_t fgkNofChambers;
56  static const Int_t fgkNofTrackingChambers;
57  static const Int_t fgkNofGeomModules;
58  static const Int_t fgkNonBendingManuMask;
59  static const Int_t fgkNofLocalBoards;
60  static const Int_t fgkTotalNofLocalBoards;
61  static const Int_t fgkManuNofChannels;
62  static const Int_t fgkLocalBoardNofChannels;
64  ClassDef(AliMpConstants,6) //Class for globally used constants definition
65 };
67 // inline functions
72 inline Double_t AliMpConstants::LengthStep() { return fgkLengthStep;}
92 #endif //ALI_MP_CONSTANTS_H
static const Int_t fgkStartPadIndex
global pad indices start value
static Int_t NofChambers()
Return number of chambers.
virtual Bool_t IsEqual(const TObject *) const
unused derived functions
static const Int_t fgkNofLocalBoards
number of notified trigger local boards
static const Int_t fgkNonBendingManuMask
bit to set to indicate a manu located in non-bending plane
virtual ~AliMpConstants()
static const Int_t fgkNofChambers
number of chambers
static const Int_t fgkNofTrackingChambers
number of tracking chambers
static Int_t NofLocalBoards()
Return number of trigger local boards.
static Double_t LengthTolerance()
Return the length precision for tests.
static Int_t ManuNofChannels()
Max number of channels per manu.
static Int_t NofCathodes()
Return number of cathodes.
static Int_t NofGeomModules()
Return number of geometry modules.
static Double_t LengthStep()
Return the step in length used to move from a geometric border.
static const Int_t fgkNofCathodes
number of cathodes
static const Int_t fgkNofGeomModules
number of geometry modules
static const Int_t fgkTotalNofLocalBoards
total number of trigger local boards
static const Int_t fgkLocalBoardNofChannels
max number of channels per local trigger board
static const Double_t fgkLengthStep
the step in length used to move from a geometric border inside (pad, motif)
static Int_t TotalNofLocalBoards()
Return total number of trigger local boards.
static Int_t LocalBoardNofChannels()
Max number of channels per local board.
static Int_t StartPadIndex()
Return global pad indices start value.
static Bool_t IsEqual(Double_t length1, Double_t length2)
static const Double_t fgkLengthTolerance
the length precision for tests
Globally used constants definition.
static const Int_t fgkManuNofChannels
max number of channels per manu
static Int_t NofTrackingChambers()
Return number of tracking chambers.
static Int_t ManuMask(AliMp::PlaneType planeType)
static Int_t NofTriggerChambers()