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|\*Doxymodules.hThe definitions of class categories for Doxygen
 o*AliBarrelRec_TPCparam.CMacro to create AliESDs.root using parametrized TPC tracking and AliITStrackerSA (MI + SA)
 o*AliL1Delay.CMacro that measures the time delay of L1 trigger in TPC
 o*AliTPCComparison.CVery important, delicate and rather obscure macro
 o*AliTPCScanPID.CTest macro for AliTPCtracksPid.root file
 o*AnalyzeESDtracks.CProcess ESD tracks - extract TPC tracks - write them to tree
 o*ClassTree.CMacro generated from canvas: ClassTree
 o*FindKrClusters.CMacro to create array of clusters from TPC digits
 o*MakeTPCAltroMapping.CCreate TObjArray of TPC altro mapping objects and store it in the CDB
 o*MakeTPCFullMisAlignment.CCreate TClonesArray of full misalignment objects for TPC
 o*MakeTPCResMisAlignment.CCreate TClonesArray of residual misalignment objects for TPC
 o*MakeTPCZeroMisAlignment.CCreate TClonesArray of zero misalignment objects for TPC
 o*recTPC.CExample macro for reconstruction of the TPC raw data
 o*SetTPCParamOptional.COptional set of parameters