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AliMUONReconstructor Class Reference

Implementation of AliReconstructor for MUON (both tracker and trigger) More...

#include <AliMUONReconstructor.h>

Detailed Description

Implementation of AliReconstructor for MUON (both tracker and trigger)

Implementation of AliReconstructor for MUON subsystem.

The clustering mode and the associated parameters can be changed through the AliMUONRecoParam object set in the reconstruction macro or read from the CDB (see methods in AliMUONRecoParam.h file for details)

Valid modes are :

SIMPLEFIT : use the AliMUONClusterFinderSimpleFit clusterizer


MLEM : use AliMUONClusterFinderMLEM and AliMUONPreClusterFinder for preclustering (default) MLEMV2 : MLEM with preclustering=PRECLUSTERV2 MLEMV3 : MLEM with preclustering=PRECLUSTERV3

PRECLUSTER : use only AliMUONPreClusterFinder. Only for debug as the produced clusters do not have a position, hence the tracking will not work PRECLUSTERV2 : another version of the preclustering PRECLUSTERV3 : yet another version of the preclustering

COG : use AliMUONClusterFinderCOG clusterizer. Not really a production option either, as center-of-gravity is generally not a good estimate of the cluster position...

PEAKCOG : COG cluster finder around local maxima PEAKFIT : fit around local maxima with up to 3 peaks, COG otherwise

NOCLUSTERING : bypass completely the clustering stage

The behavior of the MUON reconstruction can also be changed, besides the usual methods found in AliReconstruction (e.g. to disable tracking) by using AliReconstruction::SetOption("MUON",options) where options should be a space separated string.

Valid options are :

SAVEDIGITS : if you want to save in the TreeD the calibrated digits that are used for the clustering

DIGITSTOREV1 : use the V1 implementation of the digitstore DIGITSTOREV2R : use the V2R implementation of the digitstore

NOLOCALRECONSTRUCTION : for debug, to disable local reconstruction (and hence "recover" old behavior)

TRIGGERDISABLE : disable the treatment of MUON trigger

ENABLEERRORLOGGING : enable error logging (this activates also warnings in RawStreamTracker)

Laurent Aphecetche, Subatech

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