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AliMUONClusterFinderCOG Class Reference

A very basic (and mostly useless, probably) cluster finder. More...

#include <AliMUONClusterFinderCOG.h>

Inheritance diagram for AliMUONClusterFinderCOG:

Public Member Functions

 AliMUONClusterFinderCOG (AliMUONVClusterFinder *clusterFinder)
virtual ~AliMUONClusterFinderCOG ()
virtual Bool_t Prepare (Int_t detElemId, TObjArray *pads[2], const AliMpArea &area)
virtual AliMUONClusterNextCluster ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from AliMUONVClusterFinder
 AliMUONVClusterFinder ()
virtual ~AliMUONVClusterFinder ()
virtual Bool_t NeedSegmentation () const
virtual Bool_t Prepare (Int_t detElemId, TObjArray *pads[2], const AliMpArea &area, const AliMpVSegmentation *segmentations[2])
virtual Bool_t UsePad (const AliMUONPad &pad)
virtual void SetChargeHints (Double_t, Double_t)

Private Member Functions

 AliMUONClusterFinderCOG (const AliMUONClusterFinderCOG &rhs)
 Not implemented. More...
AliMUONClusterFinderCOGoperator= (const AliMUONClusterFinderCOG &rhs)
 Not implemented. More...
void ComputePosition (AliMUONCluster &cluster)

Private Attributes

 the preclustering we use More...

Detailed Description

A very basic (and mostly useless, probably) cluster finder.

A very basic (and mostly useless, probably) cluster finder.

We use AliMUONPreClusterFinder to actually build the cluster, and then we simply use center-of-gravity to get the coordinates of the cluster. Only point to note is that we compute separately both cathodes when doing, in order to take the positions from the direction with the better resolution.

Laurent Aphecetche

Definition at line 19 of file AliMUONClusterFinderCOG.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AliMUONClusterFinderCOG::AliMUONClusterFinderCOG ( AliMUONVClusterFinder clusterFinder)


Definition at line 48 of file AliMUONClusterFinderCOG.cxx.

AliMUONClusterFinderCOG::~AliMUONClusterFinderCOG ( )


Definition at line 56 of file AliMUONClusterFinderCOG.cxx.

AliMUONClusterFinderCOG::AliMUONClusterFinderCOG ( const AliMUONClusterFinderCOG rhs)

Not implemented.

Member Function Documentation

void AliMUONClusterFinderCOG::ComputePosition ( AliMUONCluster cluster)

Compute a first estimate of cluster position by a basic center-of-gravity

Definition at line 96 of file AliMUONClusterFinderCOG.cxx.

Referenced by NextCluster().

AliMUONCluster * AliMUONClusterFinderCOG::NextCluster ( )
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Get next cluster

Implements AliMUONVClusterFinder.

Definition at line 75 of file AliMUONClusterFinderCOG.cxx.

AliMUONClusterFinderCOG& AliMUONClusterFinderCOG::operator= ( const AliMUONClusterFinderCOG rhs)

Not implemented.

Bool_t AliMUONClusterFinderCOG::Prepare ( Int_t  detElemId,
TObjArray pads[2],
const AliMpArea area 

Prepare for clustering

Reimplemented from AliMUONVClusterFinder.

Definition at line 64 of file AliMUONClusterFinderCOG.cxx.

Member Data Documentation

AliMUONVClusterFinder* AliMUONClusterFinderCOG::fPreClusterFinder

the preclustering we use

Definition at line 42 of file AliMUONClusterFinderCOG.h.

Referenced by NextCluster(), Prepare(), and ~AliMUONClusterFinderCOG().

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