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CalibClParam.C File Reference

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void PseudoCode ()
void UpdateParam ()
void TestChainCosmicDedx ()
void dedxDemo ()

Detailed Description

Procedures to create a cluster parametererization Currently only pseudo code - once will be stable - to be updated as a "normal" macro

Definition in file CalibClParam.C.

Function Documentation

void dedxDemo ( )

Definition at line 163 of file CalibClParam.C.

void PseudoCode ( )

That rough sequence to update a Cluster param calibration using debug streamers

Definition at line 6 of file CalibClParam.C.

void TestChainCosmicDedx ( )

pseudo cose

Definition at line 86 of file CalibClParam.C.

void UpdateParam ( )

Pseudo code -to update cluster params

Definition at line 72 of file CalibClParam.C.