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AliTPCTestMerge.C File Reference
#include "alles.h"
#include "AliRunDigitizer.h"
#include "AliTPCDigitizer.h"
#include "AliH2F.h"
#include "TTree.h"
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void testmerge ()
void drawmerged (Int_t sec, Int_t row, Int_t x1=-1, Int_t x2=-1, Int_t y1=-1, Int_t y2=-1)
void drawd (TFile *f, Int_t amp1, Int_t amp2)
void test1 ()
void test5 ()
void test3 ()
void TestSDigitsDig2 ()
void TestSDigitsDig1 ()
void test4 ()

Detailed Description

test of the tpc merging using AliRunDigitizer and TPC Hits2Digits, Hits2SDigits and SDigits2Digits macros preparation 0. make 2 directorys - ev1 and ev2 1.make hits, digits,sdigits and sdigits-digits in both directories 1.a galice -b -q grun.C and produce hits 1.b. cp galice.root galice.root.hits 1.c run AliTPCHits2Digits.C 1.d cp galice.root galice.root.digits 1.e copy back cp galice.root.hits galice.root 1.f run AliTPCSDigits2Digits.C 1.g cp galice.root galice.root.sdigits 1.h run AliTPCSDigits2Digit.C 1.i cp galice.root galice.root.dig2

  1. cp ev1/galice.root/galice.root.sdigit galice.root
  2. load this macro and run testmerge()
  3. run test function bellow to compare merged digits with original one
  4. to be noticed output ftom testx() function - should be bigger than noise because in proces of digitisation we use different seed of random numbers for diffusion and gas gain -anyway in place where we have the signal should occur the signal in both casses
    • only the amplitude should be different - by factor of sqrt
Marian Ivanov

Definition in file AliTPCTestMerge.C.

Function Documentation

void drawd ( TFile *  f,
Int_t  amp1,
Int_t  amp2 

Definition at line 121 of file AliTPCTestMerge.C.

void drawmerged ( Int_t  sec,
Int_t  row,
Int_t  x1 = -1,
Int_t  x2 = -1,
Int_t  y1 = -1,
Int_t  y2 = -1 

if you think that there is memory leak - you are tru but othervise graphic doesn't work sec=0; row =0;

Definition at line 61 of file AliTPCTestMerge.C.

void test1 ( )

test of the merged digits compare merged digits with standard digits

Definition at line 141 of file AliTPCTestMerge.C.

void test3 ( )

test of the merged digits

Definition at line 227 of file AliTPCTestMerge.C.

Referenced by CreateGainMap().

void test4 ( )

TPC internal test

Definition at line 375 of file AliTPCTestMerge.C.

Referenced by CreateGainMap().

void test5 ( )

compare merged digits with digits obtained hits2sdig->sdigtodig

Definition at line 182 of file AliTPCTestMerge.C.

void testmerge ( )

merge two example events

it merge two events -one from current directory -second from directory ev2

Definition at line 38 of file AliTPCTestMerge.C.

void TestSDigitsDig1 ( )

test of the digits produced by the Hits2Digits and Hits2SDigits - SDigits2Digits chain

Definition at line 327 of file AliTPCTestMerge.C.

void TestSDigitsDig2 ( )

test of the digits produced by the Hits2Digits and Hits2SDigits - SDigits2Digits chain

Definition at line 273 of file AliTPCTestMerge.C.