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1 #ifndef ALITPCPID_H
2 #define ALITPCPID_H
4 /* Copyright(c) 1998-1999, ALICE Experiment at CERN, All rights reserved. *
5  * See cxx source for full Copyright notice */
9 #include <TObject.h>
10 #include <TVector.h>
11 #include "AliTPCtrack.h"
12 #include <assert.h>
14 class TF1;
15 class TClonesArray;
17 class AliTPCPid :
18  public TObject {
20 public:
21  AliTPCPid(Int_t ntrs=1000);
22  virtual ~AliTPCPid(){}
23  AliTPCPid( const AliTPCPid& r);
24  AliTPCPid &operator = (const AliTPCPid & param); //assignment
25  void SetEdep(Int_t track,Float_t Edep);
26  void SetPmom(Int_t track,Float_t Pmom);
27  void SetPcod(Int_t track,Int_t Pcod);
28  void PrintPID(Int_t track);
29  void Tab(void);
30  void Reset(void);
31  void SetVec(Int_t track,TVector info) const;
32  TVector* GetVec(Int_t track) const;
33  Int_t GetPcode(TClonesArray* ,Float_t) const;
34  Int_t GetPcode(Float_t q,Float_t pm);
35  Int_t GetPcode(AliTPCtrack*track);
36  void SetCut(Int_t n, Float_t pm, Float_t pilo, Float_t pihi,
37  Float_t klo, Float_t khi, Float_t plo,
38  Float_t phi);
39  void SetAProb(Int_t ivar,Int_t icut,Float_t apro){ faprob[ivar][icut]=apro; }
40  Float_t GetAProb(Int_t ivar,Int_t icut) const
41  { return faprob[ivar][icut]; }
42  Float_t GetWpi() const {return fWpi;}
43  Float_t GetWk() const {return fWk;}
44  Float_t GetWp() const {return fWp;}
45  Int_t GetPid() const {return fPcode;};
46  Float_t Qcorr(Float_t xc);
47  Int_t Qcomp(Float_t* qa,Float_t* qb) const {return qa[0]>qb[0]?1:0;}
48  Float_t Qtrm(Int_t track) const;
49  Float_t Qtrm(Float_t qarr[6],Int_t narr);
50  Int_t Wpik(Int_t nc, Float_t q);
51  Int_t Wpikp(Int_t nc, Float_t q);
52  Int_t Pion(){return /*fWpi=1.,*/fPcode=211;}
53  Int_t Kaon(){return /*fWk=1.,*/fPcode=321;}
54  Int_t Proton(){return /*fWp=1.,*/fPcode=2212;}
55 private:
56  TF1 *fCutKa;
57  TF1 *fCutPr;
59  Float_t fSigmin;
60  Int_t fSilent;
61  Float_t fcut[13][7],faprob[3][8];
62  Int_t fmxtrs;
63  TClonesArray *trs;
64  Float_t fqtot;
65  Float_t fWpi,fWk,fWp;
66  Float_t fRpik,fRppi,fRpka,fRp;
67  Int_t fPcode;
69  ClassDef(AliTPCPid,1) // Class for TPC PID
71 };
73 #endif
void Tab(void)
Definition: AliTPCPid.cxx:403
TClonesArray * trs
Definition: AliTPCPid.h:63
void SetVec(Int_t track, TVector info) const
Definition: AliTPCPid.cxx:335
Float_t fcut[13][7]
Definition: AliTPCPid.h:61
Float_t fWpi
Definition: AliTPCPid.h:65
Float_t fCutKaTune
Definition: AliTPCPid.h:58
Int_t fmxtrs
Definition: AliTPCPid.h:62
Int_t Kaon()
Definition: AliTPCPid.h:53
Float_t Qtrm(Int_t track) const
Definition: AliTPCPid.cxx:84
TF1 * fCutKa
Definition: AliTPCPid.h:56
Int_t fSilent
Definition: AliTPCPid.h:60
Float_t faprob[3][8]
Definition: AliTPCPid.h:61
Float_t GetWp() const
Definition: AliTPCPid.h:44
Float_t fCutPrTune
tune cuts
Definition: AliTPCPid.h:58
AliTPCfastTrack * track
Int_t GetPcode(TClonesArray *, Float_t) const
Definition: AliTPCPid.cxx:211
void SetAProb(Int_t ivar, Int_t icut, Float_t apro)
Definition: AliTPCPid.h:39
Float_t fWk
Definition: AliTPCPid.h:65
Float_t fRp
Definition: AliTPCPid.h:66
Float_t Qcorr(Float_t xc)
Definition: AliTPCPid.cxx:63
void PrintPID(Int_t track)
Definition: AliTPCPid.cxx:390
void SetCut(Int_t n, Float_t pm, Float_t pilo, Float_t pihi, Float_t klo, Float_t khi, Float_t plo, Float_t phi)
Definition: AliTPCPid.cxx:320
AliTPCPid & operator=(const AliTPCPid &param)
Definition: AliTPCPid.cxx:74
Int_t Wpik(Int_t nc, Float_t q)
Definition: AliTPCPid.cxx:139
Float_t GetWk() const
Definition: AliTPCPid.h:43
Int_t Qcomp(Float_t *qa, Float_t *qb) const
Definition: AliTPCPid.h:47
Int_t Proton()
Definition: AliTPCPid.h:54
Int_t Pion()
Definition: AliTPCPid.h:52
Float_t GetAProb(Int_t ivar, Int_t icut) const
Definition: AliTPCPid.h:40
Int_t fPcode
Definition: AliTPCPid.h:67
Float_t fSigmin
sigma min
Definition: AliTPCPid.h:59
Float_t fRpka
Definition: AliTPCPid.h:66
Float_t fRppi
Definition: AliTPCPid.h:66
Float_t fRpik
Definition: AliTPCPid.h:66
Float_t fqtot
tot q
Definition: AliTPCPid.h:64
void SetPcod(Int_t track, Int_t Pcod)
Definition: AliTPCPid.cxx:376
void SetEdep(Int_t track, Float_t Edep)
Definition: AliTPCPid.cxx:351
TVector * GetVec(Int_t track) const
Definition: AliTPCPid.cxx:343
Float_t fWp
Definition: AliTPCPid.h:65
void Reset(void)
Definition: AliTPCPid.cxx:446
Float_t GetWpi() const
Definition: AliTPCPid.h:42
AliTPCPid(Int_t ntrs=1000)
Definition: AliTPCPid.cxx:457
TF1 * fCutPr
Definition: AliTPCPid.h:57
Int_t GetPid() const
Definition: AliTPCPid.h:45
virtual ~AliTPCPid()
Definition: AliTPCPid.h:22
void SetPmom(Int_t track, Float_t Pmom)
Definition: AliTPCPid.cxx:364
Int_t Wpikp(Int_t nc, Float_t q)
Definition: AliTPCPid.cxx:173