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4 /* Copyright(c) 1998-1999, ALICE Experiment at CERN, All rights reserved. *
5 * See cxx source for full Copyright notice */
7 // $Id$
13 // Author Alberto Baldisseri, JL Charvet
15 #ifndef ROOT_TObject
16 # include <TObject.h>
17 #endif
18 #ifndef ROOT_TString
19 # include <TString.h>
20 #endif
22 class AliMUONVStore;
24 class TTimeStamp;
25 class TTree;
26 class TFile;
28 using std::ofstream;
29 using std::ostream;
31 class AliMUONPedestal : public TObject
32 {
33  public:
35  AliMUONPedestal(TRootIOCtor* dummy);
36  virtual ~AliMUONPedestal();
39  void SetAliNCurrentEvents(Int_t events) {fNCurrentEvents = events;}
41  void SetAliNEvents(Int_t events) {fNEvents = events;}
43  void SetAliRunNumber(Int_t run) {fRunNumber = run;}
45  void SetAliNChannel(Int_t nch) {fNChannel = nch;}
47  void SetAlifilcout(ofstream* stream) {fFilcout = stream;}
49  TTimeStamp* GetDate() const {return fDate;}
53  const char* GetHistoFileName() const;
55  void LoadConfig(const char* dbfile);
57  void MakePed(Int_t bp,Int_t manu,Int_t ch,Int_t charge);
60  void SetconfigDA(Int_t ind) {fConfig = ind;}
62  void SetHistos(Int_t ind) {fHistos = ind;}
64  void SetnEvthreshold(Int_t ind) {fNEvthreshold = ind;}
66  void SetStatusDA(Int_t ind) {fStatusDA = ind;}
68  Int_t GetStatusDA() const {return fStatusDA;}
70  void SetnSorting(Int_t ind) {fSorting = ind;}
72  void SetprefixDA(const char* folder) { fPrefixDA=folder;}
74  void SetprefixLDC(const char* folder) { fPrefixLDC=folder;}
76  void SetAliIndex(Int_t ind) {fIndex = ind;}
78  void Finalize();
80  void MakeASCIIoutput(ostream& out) const;
82  void CreateControlHistos();
84  void MakeControlHistos();
86  Int_t ADCMax() const { return 4095; }
88 protected:
89  // Int_t fN; ///<
91  Int_t fNEvthreshold;
92  Int_t fSorting;
93  Int_t fNEvents;
94  Int_t fRunNumber;
95  Int_t fNChannel;
96  Int_t fNManu;
97  Int_t fNManuConfig;
98  Int_t fConfig;
99  Int_t fStatusDA;
100  Int_t fHistos;
105  TTimeStamp* fDate;
106  ofstream* fFilcout;
107  TString fHistoFileName;
109  Int_t fIndex;
110  TString fPrefixDA;
111  TString fPrefixLDC;
112  TFile* fHistoFile;
113  TTree* fTree ;
115  static const Int_t fgkADCMax;
117  private:
119  AliMUONPedestal(const AliMUONPedestal& rhs);
123  ClassDef(AliMUONPedestal,6) // Pedestal computing for DA
124 };
126 #endif
Int_t GetStatusDA() const
get DA status (return code)
AliMUONVStore * fPedestalStore
data container: (Pedmean,sigma) values for each (BP,manuId)
Int_t fNChannel
Nb of channels (pads)
TFile * fHistoFile
.root histo file
TTimeStamp * GetDate() const
return date and time
virtual ~AliMUONPedestal()
void SetAliIndex(Int_t ind)
set the index of calibration runs
AliMUONVStore * fManuBPoutofconfigTable
(buspatch, manu) out of config
Int_t fConfig
flag 1(0) for reading(or not) configuration ascii file
Int_t fNEvthreshold
Nbevt threshold (pedestal calculation)
void MakeASCIIoutput(ostream &out) const
Create String to be put into file or AMORE DB.
Int_t fNEvents
Number of events.
void SetAliRunNumber(Int_t run)
return the Run number
void MakeControlHistos()
Fill Histograms.
const char * GetHistoFileName() const
return the name of DAPedestal .root file
AliMUONVStore * fErrorBuspatchTable
Table for buspatches with parity errors.
void Finalize()
Compute the pedestal data (mean, sigma)
void SetconfigDA(Int_t ind)
set config flag
void SetprefixDA(const char *folder)
set specific DA prefixname
TString fPrefixDA
specific DA prefixname
Int_t fStatusDA
DA return code (0=OK)
void SetAlifilcout(ofstream *stream)
output .log file of DAs
void SetAliNEvents(Int_t events)
return the number of events
TString fPrefixLDC
specific LDC prefixname
void SetnSorting(Int_t ind)
sorting flag
Int_t fSorting
sorting flag (pedestal values)
void SetAliNCurrentEvents(Int_t events)
return the number of current events
Int_t fHistos
flag for Histograms (0,1=standard, 2=ntuple with charge)
void SetprefixLDC(const char *folder)
set specific LDC prefixname
Int_t fNManuConfig
Nb of Manu in the current detector configuration.
Int_t fIndex
calibration run index
void SetHistos(Int_t ind)
set Histos flag
TTimeStamp * fDate
static const Int_t fgkADCMax
max channel count
ofstream * fFilcout
.log output file
void LoadConfig(const char *dbfile)
load MuonTrk configuration from ascii dbfile
Implementation of the pedestal computing.
void CreateControlHistos()
Create Histograms.
TTree * fTree
charge Tree
Int_t fNManu
Nb of Manu.
void SetAliNChannel(Int_t nch)
return the total number of channels (or pads)
Int_t fRunNumber
run number
AliMUONVStore * GetErrorBuspatchTable() const
Count parity errors per Buspatch.
TString fHistoFileName
.root histo file
Base class for MUON data stores.
Definition: AliMUONVStore.h:22
AliMUONPedestal & operator=(const AliMUONPedestal &rhs)
Not implemented.
void MakePed(Int_t bp, Int_t manu, Int_t ch, Int_t charge)
sum pedestal values for mean and sigma determination
void SetStatusDA(Int_t ind)
set DA status (return code)
AliMUONVStore * fManuBuspatchTable
Occupancy rate for each (buspatch, manu)
Int_t ADCMax() const
void SetnEvthreshold(Int_t ind)
set Nb of evt threshold to calculate pedestal
Int_t fNCurrentEvents
Number of current events.