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AliMpDEStore Class Reference

The container class for detection element objects. More...

#include <AliMpDEStore.h>

Inheritance diagram for AliMpDEStore:

Public Member Functions

 AliMpDEStore (TRootIOCtor *ioCtor)
virtual ~AliMpDEStore ()
AliMpDetElementGetDetElement (Int_t detElemId, Bool_t warn=true) const
AliMpDetElementGetDetElement (const TString &detName, Bool_t warn=true) const

Static Public Member Functions

static AliMpDEStoreInstance (Bool_t warn=true)
static AliMpDEStoreReadData (const AliMpDataStreams &dataStreams, Bool_t warn=true)

Private Member Functions

 AliMpDEStore (const AliMpDataStreams &dataStreams)
 AliMpDEStore ()
 Not implemented. More...
 AliMpDEStore (const AliMpDEStore &rhs)
 Not implemented. More...
AliMpDEStoreoperator= (const AliMpDEStore &rhs)
 Not implemented. More...
Bool_t IsPlaneType (const TString &planeTypeName)
Bool_t ReadDENames (const AliMpDataStreams &dataStreams, AliMp::StationType stationType, AliMq::Station12Type station12Type=AliMq::kNotSt12)
void FillDEs (const AliMpDataStreams &dataStreams)

Private Attributes

AliMpExMap fDetElements
 Map between DE Ids and DE objects. More...

Static Private Attributes

static AliMpDEStorefgInstance = 0
 Singleton instance. More...
static const char fgkCommentPrefix = '#'
 Comment prefix in DE names file. More...


class AliMpDEIterator

Detailed Description

The container class for detection element objects.

Ivana Hrivnacova, IPN Orsay; Laurent Aphecetche, Christian Finck, SUBATECH Nantes

Definition at line 29 of file AliMpDEStore.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AliMpDEStore::AliMpDEStore ( TRootIOCtor *  ioCtor)

Constructor for IO

Definition at line 111 of file AliMpDEStore.cxx.

AliMpDEStore::~AliMpDEStore ( )


Definition at line 124 of file AliMpDEStore.cxx.

AliMpDEStore::AliMpDEStore ( const AliMpDataStreams dataStreams)

Standard constructor

Definition at line 97 of file AliMpDEStore.cxx.

AliMpDEStore::AliMpDEStore ( )

Not implemented.

Referenced by ReadData().

AliMpDEStore::AliMpDEStore ( const AliMpDEStore rhs)

Not implemented.

Member Function Documentation

void AliMpDEStore::FillDEs ( const AliMpDataStreams dataStreams)

Fill DE names from files

Definition at line 267 of file AliMpDEStore.cxx.

Referenced by AliMpDEStore().

AliMpDetElement * AliMpDEStore::GetDetElement ( Int_t  detElemId,
Bool_t  warn = true 
) const
AliMpDetElement * AliMpDEStore::GetDetElement ( const TString &  detName,
Bool_t  warn = true 
) const

Return det element for given deName

Definition at line 305 of file AliMpDEStore.cxx.

Bool_t AliMpDEStore::IsPlaneType ( const TString &  planeTypeName)

Return true if the planeTypeName corresponds to a valid plane type

Definition at line 141 of file AliMpDEStore.cxx.

Referenced by ReadDENames().

AliMpDEStore& AliMpDEStore::operator= ( const AliMpDEStore rhs)

Not implemented.

AliMpDEStore * AliMpDEStore::ReadData ( const AliMpDataStreams dataStreams,
Bool_t  warn = true 

Load the DE store data from ASCII data files and return its instance

Definition at line 73 of file AliMpDEStore.cxx.

Referenced by AliMpSegmentation::AliMpSegmentation().

Bool_t AliMpDEStore::ReadDENames ( const AliMpDataStreams dataStreams,
AliMp::StationType  stationType,
AliMq::Station12Type  station12Type = AliMq::kNotSt12 

Read det element names for cath = 0 from the file specified by name and fill the map

Definition at line 154 of file AliMpDEStore.cxx.

Referenced by FillDEs().

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class AliMpDEIterator

Definition at line 31 of file AliMpDEStore.h.

Member Data Documentation

AliMpExMap AliMpDEStore::fDetElements

Map between DE Ids and DE objects.

Definition at line 68 of file AliMpDEStore.h.

Referenced by AliMpDEStore(), FillDEs(), GetDetElement(), and ReadDENames().

AliMpDEStore * AliMpDEStore::fgInstance = 0

Singleton instance.

Definition at line 64 of file AliMpDEStore.h.

Referenced by Instance(), and ReadData().

const char AliMpDEStore::fgkCommentPrefix = '#'

Comment prefix in DE names file.

Definition at line 65 of file AliMpDEStore.h.

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