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AliAnalysisTaskFilteredTest.C File Reference

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void CheckOutput ()

Test of AliAnalysisTaskFiltered class

void AliAnalysisTaskFilteredTest (const char *esdList, Int_t run=0, Float_t scalingTracks=1, Float_t scalingV0=1, Float_t scalingFriend=1, const char *ocdb="cvmfs://", Int_t nFiles=100000, Int_t firstFile=0, Int_t nEvents=1000000000, Int_t firstEvent=0, Bool_t mc=kFALSE)

Function Documentation

void AliAnalysisTaskFilteredTest ( const char *  esdList,
Int_t  run = 0,
Float_t  scalingTracks = 1,
Float_t  scalingV0 = 1,
Float_t  scalingFriend = 1,
const char *  ocdb = "cvmfs://",
Int_t  nFiles = 100000,
Int_t  firstFile = 0,
Int_t  nEvents = 1000000000,
Int_t  firstEvent = 0,
Bool_t  mc = kFALSE 

Definition at line 18 of file AliAnalysisTaskFilteredTest.C.

void CheckOutput ( )

Test of AliAnalysisTaskFiltered class

Macro to test functionality of the AliAnalysisTaskFiltered.

To be used within UnitTest suit $AliPhysics_SRC/test/testAliAnalysisTaskFiltered/ To test:

Definition at line 99 of file AliAnalysisTaskFilteredTest.C.

Referenced by AliAnalysisTaskFilteredTest().