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file  AliFMDEventPlaneTask.cxx
file  AliFMDEventPlaneTask.h
file  AliForwardFlowTaskQC.h
file  AliForwardMCFlowTaskQC.h


class  AliFMDEventPlaneTask
class  AliForwardFlowTaskQC
class  AliForwardMCFlowTaskQC
class  MakeFlowTrain
class  MakeFMDEventPlaneTrain
class  MakeFullTrain


void AddTaskFMDEventPlane (Bool_t mc=kFALSE)
void AddTaskForwardFlowQC (Int_t maxMom=5, TString fwdDet="FMD", Bool_t useEtaGap=kFALSE, Bool_t use3cor=kFALSE, Bool_t mc=kFALSE, Double_t outlierCutFMD=4.0, Double_t outlierCutSPD=4.0, Double_t etaGap=2.0, UInt_t useTracksForRef=0, Bool_t useCent=kFALSE, Bool_t ispA=kFALSE, Bool_t useMCVtx=kFALSE, Bool_t satVtx=kFALSE, Bool_t addFlow=kFALSE)
void MakeFlow (TString name="flow", TString options="help", TString mode="lite", TString datadir="", TString urlOpts="workers=10&recursive")

Detailed Description

Code to deal with flow

Function Documentation

void AddTaskFMDEventPlane ( Bool_t  mc = kFALSE)

Add FMD event plane task to train


Definition at line 18 of file AddTaskFMDEventPlane.C.

void AddTaskForwardFlowQC ( Int_t  maxMom = 5,
TString  fwdDet = "FMD",
Bool_t  useEtaGap = kFALSE,
Bool_t  use3cor = kFALSE,
Bool_t  mc = kFALSE,
Double_t  outlierCutFMD = 4.0,
Double_t  outlierCutSPD = 4.0,
Double_t  etaGap = 2.0,
UInt_t  useTracksForRef = 0,
Bool_t  useCent = kFALSE,
Bool_t  ispA = kFALSE,
Bool_t  useMCVtx = kFALSE,
Bool_t  satVtx = kFALSE,
Bool_t  addFlow = kFALSE 

Add Flow task to train

maxMomMax moment to do
fwdDetWhich forward detector to use (FMD/VZERO)
useEtaGapWhehter to use \(\eta\) gaps
use3corWheter to use the 2 subevent method
mcMonte-carlo input
outlierCutFMDCut to remove events with outliers
outlierCutSPDCut to remove events with outliers
etaGapSize of \(\eta\) gap
useTracksForRefWhich tracks to use for reference flow
useCentWhether to use centrality or impact parameter for MC
ispATrue for pPb
useMCVtxWhether to use vertex info from MC header
satVtxUse satellite interactions
addFlowAdd flow afterburner (only MC)

Definition at line 37 of file AddTaskForwardFlowQC.C.

void MakeFlow ( TString  name = "flow",
TString  options = "help",
TString  mode = "lite",
TString  datadir = "",
TString  urlOpts = "workers=10&recursive" 

Script to analyse AOD input for flow

nameName of train
See also
modeWhich execution environment
datadirData directory/proof path
urlOptsURL options

Definition at line 22 of file MakeFlow.C.