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PWGJE::EMCALJetTasks::AliAnalysisTaskEmcalJetHUtils Class Reference

#include <AliAnalysisTaskEmcalJetHUtils.h>

Public Types

enum  ELeadingHadronBiasType_t { kCharged = 0, kNeutral = 1, kBoth = 2 }
 Determine the jet leading hadron bias type. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static double GetLeadingHadronPt (AliEmcalJet *jet, ELeadingHadronBiasType_t leadingHadronType)
static double RelativeEPAngle (double jetAngle, double epAngle)
static void ConfigureEventCuts (AliEventCuts &eventCuts, PWG::Tools::AliYAMLConfiguration &yamlConfig, const UInt_t offlineTriggerMask, const std::string &baseName, const std::string &taskName)

Static Public Attributes

static const std::map< std::string, ELeadingHadronBiasType_tfgkLeadingHadronBiasMap
 ! Map from name to leading hadron bias used with the YAML config More...

Detailed Description

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Member Enumeration Documentation

Determine the jet leading hadron bias type.


! Charged hadron bias


! Neutral hadron bias


! Leading is from the leader of both

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Member Function Documentation

void AliAnalysisTaskEmcalJetHUtils::ConfigureEventCuts ( AliEventCuts &  eventCuts,
PWG::Tools::AliYAMLConfiguration yamlConfig,
const UInt_t  offlineTriggerMask,
const std::string &  baseName,
const std::string &  taskName 

Configure an AliEventCuts object with the options in the given AliYAMLConfiguration object and the task trigger mask.

[in]eventCutsAliEventCuts object to configure.
[in]yamlConfigYAML configuration object to be used in configuring the event cuts object.
[in]offlineTriggerMaskTrigger mask (set via SelectCollisionCandidates()) from the task. The value can be updated by values in the YAML config.
[in]baseNameName under which the settings should be looked for in the YAML config.
[in]taskNameName of the analysis task for which this function was called. This is to make it clear which task is being configured.

Definition at line 115 of file AliAnalysisTaskEmcalJetHUtils.cxx.

Referenced by PWGJE::EMCALJetTasks::AliAnalysisTaskEmcalJetHPerformance::RetrieveAndSetTaskPropertiesFromYAMLConfig(), and PWGJE::EMCALJetTasks::AliAnalysisTaskEmcalJetHCorrelations::RetrieveAndSetTaskPropertiesFromYAMLConfig().

double AliAnalysisTaskEmcalJetHUtils::GetLeadingHadronPt ( AliEmcalJet jet,
AliAnalysisTaskEmcalJetHUtils::ELeadingHadronBiasType_t  leadingHadronType 

Determine leading hadron pt in a jet. This is inspired by AliJetContainer::GetLeadingHadronMomentum(), but that particular function is avoided because the cluster energy retrieved is always the raw E while the cluster energy used in creating the jet would be preferred. One could create a cluster container and go through all of those steps, but there is a simpler approach: the leading charged and neutral momenta are stored in AliEmcalJet while performing jet finding.

[in]jetJet from which the leading hadron pt should be extracted
[in]leadingHadronTypeType of leading hadron pt to retrieve
Value of the leading hadron pt

Definition at line 40 of file AliAnalysisTaskEmcalJetHUtils.cxx.

Referenced by PWGJE::EMCALJetTasks::AliAnalysisTaskEmcalJetHPerformance::CreateResponseMatrixFillWrapper().

double AliAnalysisTaskEmcalJetHUtils::RelativeEPAngle ( double  jetAngle,
double  epAngle 

Function to calculate angle between jet and EP in the 1st quadrant (0,Pi/2). Adapted from AliAnalysisTaskEmcalJetHadEPpid.

jetAnglePhi angle of the jet (could be any particle)
epAngleEvent plane angle
Angle between jet and EP in the 1st quadrant (0,Pi/2)

Definition at line 79 of file AliAnalysisTaskEmcalJetHUtils.cxx.

Referenced by PWGJE::EMCALJetTasks::AliAnalysisTaskEmcalJetHPerformance::CreateResponseMatrixFillWrapper(), and PWGJE::EMCALJetTasks::AliAnalysisTaskEmcalJetHCorrelations::Run().

Member Data Documentation

const std::map< std::string, AliAnalysisTaskEmcalJetHUtils::ELeadingHadronBiasType_t > AliAnalysisTaskEmcalJetHUtils::fgkLeadingHadronBiasMap
Initial value:

! Map from name to leading hadron bias used with the YAML config

Definition at line 35 of file AliAnalysisTaskEmcalJetHUtils.h.

Referenced by PWGJE::EMCALJetTasks::AliAnalysisTaskEmcalJetHPerformance::RetrieveAndSetTaskPropertiesFromYAMLConfig().

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