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MakeEvaluateTriggers.C File Reference

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void MakeEvaluateTriggers (const char *esddir, Int_t nEvents=-1, UInt_t vtx=0x2, UInt_t trk=0x1, Int_t vz=10, Int_t proof=0)
void DrawEvaluateTriggers (const char *filename="triggers.root")

Function Documentation

void DrawEvaluateTriggers ( const char *  filename = "triggers.root")

Definition at line 916 of file MakeEvaluateTriggers.C.

void MakeEvaluateTriggers ( const char *  esddir,
Int_t  nEvents = -1,
UInt_t  vtx = 0x2,
UInt_t  trk = 0x1,
Int_t  vz = 10,
Int_t  proof = 0 

Definition at line 805 of file MakeEvaluateTriggers.C.