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AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJetsSub::OutputHandlerTTreeExtendedBase Class Reference

Output handler for D meson jet analysis. More...

#include <AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJetsSub.h>

Inheritance diagram for AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJetsSub::OutputHandlerTTreeExtendedBase:

Public Member Functions

 OutputHandlerTTreeExtendedBase ()
 Constructor. More...
 OutputHandlerTTreeExtendedBase (AnalysisEngine *eng)
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~OutputHandlerTTreeExtendedBase ()
virtual TObjectGetOutputObject () const
virtual Int_t GetDataSlotNumber () const
TTreeGetTree () const
void AssignDataSlot (Int_t n)
- Public Member Functions inherited from AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJetsSub::OutputHandler
 OutputHandler ()
 Constructor. More...
 OutputHandler (AnalysisEngine *eng)
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~OutputHandler ()
virtual Bool_t FillOutput (Bool_t applyKinCuts)
virtual void BuildOutputObject (const char *taskName)

Static Public Member Functions

static OutputHandlerTTreeExtendedBaseGenerateOutputHandler (AnalysisEngine *eng)

Protected Attributes

Int_t fDataSlotNumber
 ! Data slot where the tree output is posted More...
 ! Output tree More...
TString fEventClassName
TString fDMesonClassName
TString fJetClassName
- Protected Attributes inherited from AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJetsSub::OutputHandler
ECandidateType_t fCandidateType
 ! Candidate type More...
EMCMode_t fMCMode
 ! MC mode: No MC (data and MC detector level), background-only (MC), signal-only (MC), MC truth (particle level) More...
Int_t fNMassBins
 ! Mass number of bins More...
Double_t fMinMass
 ! Min mass in histogram axis More...
Double_t fMaxMass
 ! Max mass in histogram axis More...
std::vector< AliHFJetDefinition > * fJetDefinitions
 ! Jet definitions More...
Float_t fPtBinWidth
 ! Histogram pt bin width More...
Float_t fMaxPt
 ! Histogram pt limit More...
Bool_t fD0Extended
 ! Store extended information in the tree (only for D0 mesons) More...
 ! Object conatining the event information (centrality, pt hard, weight, etc.) More...
std::map< int, AliDmesonJetInfo > * fDmesonJets
 ! Array containing the D meson jets More...
 ! Histograms More...
TString fName
 ! Name of this object More...

Private Member Functions

 OutputHandlerTTreeExtendedBase (const OutputHandlerTTreeExtendedBase &source)
OutputHandlerTTreeExtendedBaseoperator= (const OutputHandlerTTreeExtendedBase &source)

Detailed Description

Output handler for D meson jet analysis.

This class encapsulates the handler of the output of the analysis The output is stored in a TTree. This is a base class, containing some common fields and functions. The full implementation is given in the template class OutputHandlerTTreeExtended for each combination of event, D meson and jet output object types.

Definition at line 614 of file AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJetsSub.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJetsSub::OutputHandlerTTreeExtendedBase::OutputHandlerTTreeExtendedBase ( )


Definition at line 1345 of file AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJetsSub.cxx.

AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJetsSub::OutputHandlerTTreeExtendedBase::OutputHandlerTTreeExtendedBase ( AnalysisEngine eng)


Definition at line 1356 of file AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJetsSub.cxx.

virtual AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJetsSub::OutputHandlerTTreeExtendedBase::~OutputHandlerTTreeExtendedBase ( )

Definition at line 619 of file AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJetsSub.h.

AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJetsSub::OutputHandlerTTreeExtendedBase::OutputHandlerTTreeExtendedBase ( const OutputHandlerTTreeExtendedBase source)

Member Function Documentation

void AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJetsSub::OutputHandlerTTreeExtendedBase::AssignDataSlot ( Int_t  n)
AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJetsSub::OutputHandlerTTreeExtendedBase * AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJetsSub::OutputHandlerTTreeExtendedBase::GenerateOutputHandler ( AnalysisEngine eng)

Builds the tree where the output will be posted

Pointer to the new tree

Definition at line 1369 of file AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJetsSub.cxx.

Referenced by AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJetsSub::UserCreateOutputObjects().

virtual Int_t AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJetsSub::OutputHandlerTTreeExtendedBase::GetDataSlotNumber ( ) const

Reimplemented from AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJetsSub::OutputHandler.

Definition at line 622 of file AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJetsSub.h.

virtual TObject* AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJetsSub::OutputHandlerTTreeExtendedBase::GetOutputObject ( ) const

Reimplemented from AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJetsSub::OutputHandler.

Definition at line 621 of file AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJetsSub.h.

TTree* AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJetsSub::OutputHandlerTTreeExtendedBase::GetTree ( ) const

Definition at line 624 of file AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJetsSub.h.

OutputHandlerTTreeExtendedBase& AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJetsSub::OutputHandlerTTreeExtendedBase::operator= ( const OutputHandlerTTreeExtendedBase source)

Member Data Documentation

Int_t AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJetsSub::OutputHandlerTTreeExtendedBase::fDataSlotNumber

! Data slot where the tree output is posted

Definition at line 630 of file AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJetsSub.h.

TString AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJetsSub::OutputHandlerTTreeExtendedBase::fDMesonClassName
TString AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJetsSub::OutputHandlerTTreeExtendedBase::fEventClassName
TString AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJetsSub::OutputHandlerTTreeExtendedBase::fJetClassName

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