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PWG::EMCAL::AliEmcalCutBase Class Referenceabstract

Interface for a cut class returning selection status and user information. More...

#include <AliEmcalCutBase.h>

Inheritance diagram for PWG::EMCAL::AliEmcalCutBase:

Public Member Functions

 AliEmcalCutBase ()
 AliEmcalCutBase (const char *name, const char *title)
virtual ~AliEmcalCutBase ()
virtual AliEmcalTrackSelResultPtr IsSelected (TObject *o)=0

Detailed Description

Interface for a cut class returning selection status and user information.

: Markus Fasel, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Dec 11, 2017

This class extends the functionality of AliVCuts in the way that the cut implementation can add user information to the selection results: The method IsSelected of class AliVCuts returns a bool, representing whether an object was selected or not. For some selections, i.e. the hybrid track selection, where certain track types are defined, this is oversimplified. Instead one wants to return a selection status (track selected or not) and a user information which in case of hybrid tracks stores the hybrid track type. This is done using a smart pointer approach implemented in AliEmcalTrackSelResultPtr.

User classes inheriting from AliEmcalCutBase must implement the function IsSelected(const TObject *), this time returning an AliEmcalTrackSelResultPtr with

  • Selection Status
  • Pointer to track processed
  • User information (optional)

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PWG::EMCAL::AliEmcalCutBase::AliEmcalCutBase ( )

Definition at line 60 of file AliEmcalCutBase.h.

AliEmcalCutBase::AliEmcalCutBase ( const char *  name,
const char *  title 

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virtual PWG::EMCAL::AliEmcalCutBase::~AliEmcalCutBase ( )

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