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AliCentraldNdetaTask Class Reference

#include <AliCentraldNdetaTask.h>

Inheritance diagram for AliCentraldNdetaTask:

Public Member Functions

 AliCentraldNdetaTask ()
 AliCentraldNdetaTask (const char *name)
virtual ~AliCentraldNdetaTask ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from AliBasedNdetaTask
 AliBasedNdetaTask ()
 AliBasedNdetaTask (const char *name)
virtual ~AliBasedNdetaTask ()
void Print (Option_t *option="R") const
void SetGlobalEmpiricalcorrection (TH2D *h)
void SetIpzReweight (TF1 *f)
virtual Bool_t Book ()
virtual Bool_t PreEvent ()
virtual Bool_t Event (AliAODEvent &aod)
virtual Bool_t Finalize ()
virtual void SetDebugLevel (Int_t level)
void SetCorrEmpty (Bool_t use)
void SetUseROOTProjectX (Bool_t use)
void SetUseUtilPileup (Bool_t use)
void SetTriggerEff (Double_t e)
void SetTriggerEff0 (Double_t e)
void SetSatelliteVertices (Bool_t satVtx)
Bool_t SetCentralityMethod (const TString &method)
AliAnalysisUtils & GetAnalysisUtils ()
void SetNormalizationScheme (UShort_t scheme)
void SetNormalizationScheme (const char *what)
void SetMCFinalCorrFilename (const char *filename)
- Public Member Functions inherited from AliBaseAODTask
 AliBaseAODTask ()
 AliBaseAODTask (const char *name, const char *title)
virtual ~AliBaseAODTask ()
virtual Bool_t Configure (const char *macro="-default-")
void SetIPzAxis (Int_t n, Double_t min, Double_t max)
void SetIPzAxis (Int_t n, Double_t max)
void SetIPzAxis (const TString &spec)
void SetCentralityAxis (UShort_t n, Short_t *bins)
void SetCentralityAxis (UShort_t n, Double_t *bins)
void SetCentralityAxis (Short_t low, Short_t high)
void SetCentralityAxis (const char *bins)
void SetAbsMinCent (Double_t x=-1)
void SetTriggerMask (UInt_t mask)
void SetTriggerMask (const char *mask)
void SetFilterMask (UInt_t mask)
void SetFilterMask (const char *mask)
virtual Bool_t Connect (const char *sumFile=0, const char *resFile=0)
virtual Bool_t PreData ()
virtual Bool_t PostEvent ()
void Print (Option_t *option="") const

Protected Member Functions

TH2DGetHistogram (const AliAODEvent &aod, Bool_t mc=false)
virtual Int_t GetColor () const
virtual Int_t GetMarker () const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from AliBasedNdetaTask
 AliBasedNdetaTask (const AliBasedNdetaTask &)
AliBasedNdetaTaskoperator= (const AliBasedNdetaTask &)
virtual Bool_t CheckEvent (const AliAODForwardMult &forward)
virtual void InitializeCentBins ()
virtual void CheckEventData (Double_t vtx, TH2 *data, TH2 *mcData)
void AddCentralityBin (UShort_t at, Float_t low, Float_t high)
virtual CentralityBinMakeCentralityBin (const char *name, Float_t low, Float_t high) const
Bool_t ApplyEmpiricalCorrection (const AliAODForwardMult *aod, TH2D *data)
Double_t GetCentrality (AliAODEvent &event, AliAODForwardMult *forward, Int_t &qual)
Double_t GetCentrality (AliAODEvent &event, AliAODForwardMult *forward)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from AliBaseAODTask
 AliBaseAODTask (const AliBaseAODTask &o)
AliBaseAODTaskoperator= (const AliBaseAODTask &o)
virtual const char * DefaultConfig () const
virtual void Init ()
virtual void UserCreateOutputObjects ()
virtual void UserExec (Option_t *option)
virtual void Terminate (Option_t *option)
AliAODForwardMultGetForward (const AliAODEvent &aod, Bool_t mc=false, Bool_t verb=true)
AliAODMultEventClassGetMultClass (const AliAODEvent &aod, Bool_t verb=true)
AliAODCentralMultGetCentral (const AliAODEvent &aod, Bool_t mc=false, Bool_t verb=true)
TH2DGetPrimary (const AliAODEvent &aod)
virtual void StoreInformation (AliAODForwardMult &forward)
virtual Bool_t StoreTrainName (Int_t no)
Bool_t HasCentrality () const
virtual Double_t GetIpZ (AliAODEvent &event, AliAODForwardMult *forward)
virtual Bool_t GetIpXY (AliAODEvent &aod, Double_t &x, Double_t &y)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from AliBasedNdetaTask
enum  {
  kNone = 0, kEventLevel = 0x1, kDummy = 0x2, kBackground = 0x4,
  kTriggerEfficiency = 0x8, kZeroBin = 0x10, kFull = kEventLevel | kBackground | kTriggerEfficiency
enum  EPileupMask {
  kPileupNormal = 0, kPileupSPD = 0x1, kPileupTrk = 0x2, kPileupBC = 0x4,
  kPileupFull = 0x8, kPileupIgnore = 0x10, kPileupUtil = 0x20, kPileupBins = 0x40
enum  ECentralityEstimator {
  kCentNone, kCentDefault, kCentV0M, kCentV0A,
  kCentV0A123, kCentV0C, kCentFMD, kCentTrk,
  kCentTkl, kCentCL0, kCentCL1, kCentCND,
  kCentZNA, kCentZNC, kCentZPA, kCentZPC,
  kCentNPA, kCentV0MvsFMD, kCentTklvsV0M, kCentZEMvsZDC,
  kMult, kMultV0A, kMultV0M, kMultV0C,
  kCentTrue = 0x100, kCentEq = 0x200
enum  {
  kSolid = 0x000, kHollow = 0x001, kCircle = 0x002, kSquare = 0x004,
  kUpTriangle = 0x006, kDownTriangle = 0x008, kDiamond = 0x00a, kCross = 0x00c,
  kStar = 0x00e
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from AliBasedNdetaTask
static Int_t GetMarkerStyle (UShort_t bits)
static UShort_t GetMarkerBits (Int_t style)
static Int_t FlipHollowStyle (Int_t style)
static TH1DProjectX (const TH2D *h, const char *name, Int_t firstbin, Int_t lastbin, bool useROOT=false, bool corr=true, bool error=true)
static void ScaleToCoverage (TH2D *copy, const TH1D *norm)
static void ScaleToCoverage (TH1D *copy, const TH1D *norm)
static void SetHistogramAttributes (TH1D *h, Int_t colour, Int_t marker, const char *title, const char *ytitle=0)
static const Char_tNormalizationSchemeString (UShort_t scheme)
static UShort_t ParseNormalizationScheme (const Char_t *what)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from AliBasedNdetaTask
static TH1Asymmetry (TH1 *h)
static Int_t GetCentMethodID (const TString &meth)
static const char * GetCentMethod (UShort_t id)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from AliBaseAODTask
static void FixAxis (TAxis &axis, const char *title=0)
static void SetAxis (TAxis &axis, Int_t n, Double_t *borders)
static void SetAxis (TAxis &axis, const TString &spec, const char *sep=":,")
static void SetAxis (TAxis &axis, Int_t n, Double_t l, Double_t h)
static void SetAxis (TAxis &axis, Int_t n, Double_t m)
static void PrintAxis (const TAxis &axis, Int_t nSig=2, const char *alt=0)
- Protected Attributes inherited from AliBasedNdetaTask
Bool_t fCorrEmpty
Bool_t fUseROOTProj
Double_t fTriggerEff
Double_t fTriggerEff0
UShort_t fNormalizationScheme
TString fFinalMCCorrFile
Bool_t fSatelliteVertices
TProfile * fMeanVsC
TString fCentMethod
AliAnalysisUtils fAnaUtil
Bool_t fUseUtilPileup
TF1 * fIpzReweight
Double_t fCacheCent
Int_t fCacheQual
- Protected Attributes inherited from AliBaseAODTask
UInt_t fTriggerMask
UInt_t fFilterMask
TAxis fCentAxis
Double_t fAbsMinCent
TAxis fIPzAxis
Bool_t fFirstEvent
Bool_t fCloneList

Detailed Description

Tasks to determine \( dN/d\eta\) in the forward regions

Definition at line 27 of file AliCentraldNdetaTask.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AliCentraldNdetaTask::AliCentraldNdetaTask ( )


Definition at line 22 of file AliCentraldNdetaTask.cxx.

AliCentraldNdetaTask::AliCentraldNdetaTask ( const char *  name)


nameName of task - ignored

Definition at line 29 of file AliCentraldNdetaTask.cxx.

virtual AliCentraldNdetaTask::~AliCentraldNdetaTask ( )


Definition at line 45 of file AliCentraldNdetaTask.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual Int_t AliCentraldNdetaTask::GetColor ( ) const

Get the colour to use for markers (only pp - in PbPb we use a rainbow)

Marker colour

Reimplemented from AliBasedNdetaTask.

Definition at line 61 of file AliCentraldNdetaTask.h.

TH2D * AliCentraldNdetaTask::GetHistogram ( const AliAODEvent aod,
Bool_t  mc = false 

Get the histogram


Implements AliBasedNdetaTask.

Definition at line 39 of file AliCentraldNdetaTask.cxx.

Referenced by ~AliCentraldNdetaTask().

virtual Int_t AliCentraldNdetaTask::GetMarker ( ) const

Get the marker style

Marker style

Reimplemented from AliBasedNdetaTask.

Definition at line 67 of file AliCentraldNdetaTask.h.

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