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Configuration of (isolated) gamma/pi0-hadron analysis with multiple cuts. More...

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AliAnalysisTaskCaloTrackCorrelationAddTaskGammaHadronCorrelationSelectAnalysis (TString calorimeter="EMCAL", Bool_t simulation=kFALSE, Int_t year=-1, TString col="", TString period="", Int_t rejectEMCTrig=0, TString clustersArray="", TString gloCutsString="", Bool_t calibrate=kFALSE, Bool_t nonLinOn=kFALSE, TString analysisString="Photon_MergedPi0_DecayPi0_Isolation_Correlation_QA_Charged", Float_t shshMax=0.27, Float_t isoCone=0.4, Float_t isoConeMin=-1, Float_t isoPtTh=2, Int_t isoMethod=AliIsolationCut::kSumPtIC, Int_t isoContent=AliIsolationCut::kNeutralAndCharged, Int_t leading=0, Int_t tm=2, Int_t minCen=-1, Int_t maxCen=-1, Bool_t mixOn=kTRUE, TString outputfile="", Bool_t printSettings=kFALSE, Int_t debug=0, const char *trigSuffix="EMC7")

Detailed Description

Configuration of (isolated) gamma/pi0-hadron analysis with multiple cuts.

Configuration macro for analysis of gamma-hadron and pi0-hadron correlation analysis both pi0 and gamma isolated or not. Clone of AddTaskGammaHadronCorrelation.C but with possibility to activate only certain analysis. For multiple cut analysis look at AddTaskCaloTrackCorrMultipleAnalysis

It can do:

  • Photon selection in calorimeter with AliAnaPhoton: Track matching, mild shower shape, NLM ... cuts
  • Tagging of photon candidate clusters as decay from pi0 or eta or from their side bands with AliAnaPi0EbE (4 calls, one pi0, one eta, one pi0 side band and one eta side band)
  • Tagging of photon candidate as isolated with AliAnaParticleIsolation
  • Correlation of the photon and charged tracks, twice, one without isolation condition, and other with isolation condition
  • Pi0 selection with the identification of merged clusters with AliAnaPi0EbE
  • Tagging of pi0 as isolated with AliAnaParticleIsolation
  • Correlation of the pi0 and charged tracks, twice, one without isolation condition, and other with isolation condition
  • Optionally, the QA tasks AliAnaCalorimeterQA and AliAnaChargedParticle are executed
Gustavo Conesa Balbastre, (LPSC-CNRS)

Definition in file AddTaskGammaHadronCorrelationSelectAnalysis.C.

Function Documentation

AliAnalysisTaskCaloTrackCorrelation* AddTaskGammaHadronCorrelationSelectAnalysis ( TString  calorimeter = "EMCAL",
Bool_t  simulation = kFALSE,
Int_t  year = -1,
TString  col = "",
TString  period = "",
Int_t  rejectEMCTrig = 0,
TString  clustersArray = "",
TString  gloCutsString = "",
Bool_t  calibrate = kFALSE,
Bool_t  nonLinOn = kFALSE,
TString  analysisString = "Photon_MergedPi0_DecayPi0_Isolation_Correlation_QA_Charged",
Float_t  shshMax = 0.27,
Float_t  isoCone = 0.4,
Float_t  isoConeMin = -1,
Float_t  isoPtTh = 2,
Int_t  isoMethod = AliIsolationCut::kSumPtIC,
Int_t  isoContent = AliIsolationCut::kNeutralAndCharged,
Int_t  leading = 0,
Int_t  tm = 2,
Int_t  minCen = -1,
Int_t  maxCen = -1,
Bool_t  mixOn = kTRUE,
TString  outputfile = "",
Bool_t  printSettings = kFALSE,
Int_t  debug = 0,
const char *  trigSuffix = "EMC7" 

Main method calling all the configuration Creates a CaloTrackCorr task, configures it and adds it to the analysis manager.

The options that can be passed to the macro are:

calorimeter: A string with he calorimeter used to measure the trigger particle: EMCAL, DCAL, PHOS
simulation: A bool identifying the data as simulation
yearThe year the data was taken, used to configure some histograms
colA string with the colliding system
periodA string with data period
rejectEMCTrig: An int to reject EMCal triggered events with bad trigger: 0 no rejection, 1 old runs L1 bit, 2 newer runs L1 bit
clustersArray: A string with the array of clusters not being the default (default is empty string)
gloCutsString: A string with list of global cuts/parameters ("Smearing","SPDPileUp")
nonLinOn: A bool to set the use of the non linearity correction
analysisString: String that contains what analysis to activate, options: Photon, DecayPi0, MergedPi0, Charged, QA, Isolation, Correlation, Generator
shshMax: A float setting the maximum value of the shower shape of the clusters for the correlation analysis
isoCone: A float setting the isolation cone size higher limit
isoConeMin: A float setting the isolation cone size lower limit
isoPtTh: A float setting the isolation pT threshold (sum of particles in cone or leading particle)
isoMethod: An int setting the isolation method: AliIsolationCut::kPtThresIC, ...
isoContent: An int setting the type of particles inside the isolation cone: AliIsolationCut::kNeutralAndCharged, AliIsolationCut::kOnlyNeutral, AliIsolationCut::kOnlyCharged
leading: An int setting the type of leading particle selection: 0, select all;l 1: absolute leading of charged; 2: absolute leading of charged and neutral; 3: near side leading absolute of charged; 4: near side leading absolute of charged and neutral
tm: track matching options: 0- no matching; 1-fixed residual cuts; 2-pT track dependent cut
minCen: An int to select the minimum centrality, -1 means no selection
maxCen: An int to select the maximum centrality, -1 means no selection
mixOn: A bool to switch the correlation mixing analysis
calibrate: Use own calibration tools, do not rely on EMCal correction framewor or clusterizer
outputfile: A string to change the name of the histograms output file, default is AnalysisResults.root
printSettings: A bool to enable the print of the settings per task
debug: An int to define the debug level of all the tasks
trigSuffix: A string with the trigger class, abbreviated, defined in ConfigureAndGetEventTriggerMaskAndCaloTriggerString.C

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