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NSDAdder Struct Reference
Inheritance diagram for NSDAdder:

Public Member Functions

 NSDAdder (const TString &sys, UShort_t sNN, Double_t value=-1)
const char * MakeName (Double_t e) const
virtual void GetTrigger (Double_t &low, Double_t &high) const
Int_t MakeTrigger (GraphSysErr *gse, TLegend *l) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SysErrorAdder
 SysErrorAdder (const TString &sys, UShort_t sNN, const TString &trig)
virtual ~SysErrorAdder ()
virtual const char * GetTriggerName () const
virtual const char * GetTriggerString () const
Int_t ModColor (Color_t n, UShort_t off) const
void ModError (GraphSysErr *gse, Int_t id, Style_t fill, TLegend *l, UShort_t off=64) const
void AddLegend (TLegend *l, Int_t id, const char *title, Style_t fill) const
Int_t MakeMerging (GraphSysErr *gse, TLegend *l) const
Int_t MakeDensity (GraphSysErr *gse, TLegend *l) const
virtual Int_t MakeEmpirical (GraphSysErr *gse, TLegend *l) const
virtual Int_t MakeHadron (GraphSysErr *gse, TLegend *l) const
virtual Double_t GetMerging (Short_t) const
virtual Double_t GetDensity (Short_t w) const
virtual Double_t GetEmpirical () const
virtual Double_t GetHadron (Double_t eta) const
virtual GraphSysErrMake (TH1 *h, TLegend *l, Double_t eff=1, Bool_t verb=false)

Public Attributes

Double_t fValue
- Public Attributes inherited from SysErrorAdder
TString fSys
UShort_t fSNN
TString fTrig

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from SysErrorAdder
enum  {
  kTriggerFill = 1001, kMergingFill = 3001, kDensityFill = 3002, kEmpiricalFill = 3144,
  kHadronFill = 3244, kEMFill = 3344, kDiffRatFill = 3001, kDiffMassFill = 3002,
  kOtherFill = 0
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SysErrorAdder
static SysErrorAdderCreate (const TString &t, const TString &s, UShort_t e, const TString &c)

Detailed Description

For pp NSD results

Definition at line 493 of file SysErrorAdder.C.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

NSDAdder::NSDAdder ( const TString sys,
UShort_t  sNN,
Double_t  value = -1 


sysCollision system
sNNCollision energy
valueValue of uncertainty

Definition at line 503 of file SysErrorAdder.C.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void NSDAdder::GetTrigger ( Double_t low,
Double_t high 
) const

Get trigger systematic error

lowOn return, the low error
highOn return, the high error

Implements SysErrorAdder.

Definition at line 530 of file SysErrorAdder.C.

const char* NSDAdder::MakeName ( Double_t  e) const

Reimplemented from SysErrorAdder.

Definition at line 519 of file SysErrorAdder.C.

Int_t NSDAdder::MakeTrigger ( GraphSysErr gse,
TLegend *  l 
) const

Declare the systematic error from the trigger

Id of systmatic error or -1

Reimplemented from SysErrorAdder.

Definition at line 534 of file SysErrorAdder.C.

Member Data Documentation

Double_t NSDAdder::fValue

Definition at line 495 of file SysErrorAdder.C.

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