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VirtualOCDBCfg Struct Reference
Inheritance diagram for VirtualOCDBCfg:

Public Member Functions

virtual const char * Prefix () const
virtual void Init (Bool_t forSim)
void AddStore (const char *key, Bool_t ideal)

Detailed Description

Base class for the OCDG configration

Definition at line 145 of file BaseConfig.C.

Member Function Documentation

void VirtualOCDBCfg::AddStore ( const char *  key,
Bool_t  ideal 

Set the specific storage for a given key (possibly wild-carded).

idealWhether it is residual or ideal

Definition at line 168 of file BaseConfig.C.

Referenced by OCDBCfg::Init().

virtual void VirtualOCDBCfg::Init ( Bool_t  forSim)

This member function should define the real setup.

forSimWhether we're setting up for simulations or not

Reimplemented in OCDBCfg.

Definition at line 158 of file BaseConfig.C.

Referenced by Reconstruct(), and Simulate().

virtual const char* VirtualOCDBCfg::Prefix ( ) const

This member function must return the default prefix.

Prefix of OCDB specific storages

Reimplemented in OCDBCfg.

Definition at line 152 of file BaseConfig.C.

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