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V0CentEstimator Struct Reference
Inheritance diagram for V0CentEstimator:

Public Member Functions

 V0CentEstimator (Short_t mode=0, Bool_t onlyPrimary=false)
void Flip (Bool_t onlySign=true)
void Setup (TCollection *l, TTree *tree, UShort_t sNN, Bool_t tgtA, Bool_t projA)
Bool_t Accept (const TParticle *p)
virtual TH1GetHistogram (TCollection *l)
virtual void Print (Option_t *option="nah") const
- Public Member Functions inherited from FastNchCentEstimator
 FastNchCentEstimator (const char *name="")
virtual ~FastNchCentEstimator ()
virtual void Process (const TParticle *p)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Fast1DCentEstimator
 Fast1DCentEstimator (const char *name="")
virtual ~Fast1DCentEstimator ()
virtual const char * MultSpec () const
virtual void PreEvent ()
virtual void PostEvent ()
virtual void Terminate (TCollection *out)
- Public Member Functions inherited from FastCentEstimator
 FastCentEstimator (const char *name="")
virtual ~FastCentEstimator ()
const char * GetName () const
void SetVerbose (Bool_t verb)
virtual void ProcessHeader (FastShortHeader &)

Public Attributes

Short_t fMode
Bool_t fOnlyPrimary
Double_t fAEtaMin
Double_t fAEtaMax
Double_t fCEtaMin
Double_t fCEtaMax
- Public Attributes inherited from Fast1DCentEstimator
ULong64_t fCache
Bool_t fFromTop
- Public Attributes inherited from FastCentEstimator
TString fName
Bool_t fVerbose

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from FastCentEstimator
static Double_t Theta (const TParticle *p)
static Double_t Eta (const TParticle *p)
static Double_t Phi (const TParticle *p)
static Bool_t IsPrimary (const TParticle *p)
static Bool_t IsWeakDecay (const TParticle *p)
static Bool_t IsCharged (const TParticle *p)

Detailed Description

Centrality estimator using the V0 signal

Definition at line 540 of file FastCentEstimators.C.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

V0CentEstimator::V0CentEstimator ( Short_t  mode = 0,
Bool_t  onlyPrimary = false 


modeMode: Negative, use C side, positive use A side, otherwise sum
onlyPrimaryIF true, only investigate primaries

Definition at line 555 of file FastCentEstimators.C.

Member Function Documentation

Bool_t V0CentEstimator::Accept ( const TParticle *  p)

Whether we should accept a particle. We accept a particle if it falls within the acceptance of the V0.

pParticle to investigate
true if to be used

Implements FastNchCentEstimator.

Definition at line 625 of file FastCentEstimators.C.

void V0CentEstimator::Flip ( Bool_t  onlySign = true)

Definition at line 568 of file FastCentEstimators.C.

Referenced by EPosSim::Begin().

virtual TH1* V0CentEstimator::GetHistogram ( TCollection l)

Get the histogram to accumulate the observable in.

Pointer to the histogram.

Implements Fast1DCentEstimator.

Definition at line 640 of file FastCentEstimators.C.

virtual void V0CentEstimator::Print ( Option_t option = "nah") const

Reimplemented from FastNchCentEstimator.

Definition at line 644 of file FastCentEstimators.C.

void V0CentEstimator::Setup ( TCollection l,
TTree tree,
UShort_t  sNN,
Bool_t  tgtA,
Bool_t  projA 

Set-up this object. Defines the internal histogram and add to output

lOutput list
treeTree to add branch to
sNNCollision energy in GeV
tgtATrue if target is a nucleus
projATrue if projectile is a nucleus

Reimplemented from Fast1DCentEstimator.

Definition at line 595 of file FastCentEstimators.C.

Member Data Documentation

Double_t V0CentEstimator::fAEtaMax

Definition at line 546 of file FastCentEstimators.C.

Double_t V0CentEstimator::fAEtaMin

Definition at line 545 of file FastCentEstimators.C.

Double_t V0CentEstimator::fCEtaMax

Definition at line 548 of file FastCentEstimators.C.

Double_t V0CentEstimator::fCEtaMin

Definition at line 547 of file FastCentEstimators.C.

Short_t V0CentEstimator::fMode

Mode: Negative, use C side, positive use A side, otherwise sum

Definition at line 543 of file FastCentEstimators.C.

Bool_t V0CentEstimator::fOnlyPrimary

Definition at line 544 of file FastCentEstimators.C.

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