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RefMultEstimator Struct Reference
Inheritance diagram for RefMultEstimator:

Public Member Functions

 RefMultEstimator (Double_t etaCut=0.8)
void Setup (TCollection *l, TTree *tree, UShort_t sNN, Bool_t tgtA, Bool_t projA)
Bool_t Accept (const TParticle *p)
virtual TH1GetHistogram (TCollection *l)
- Public Member Functions inherited from FastNchCentEstimator
 FastNchCentEstimator (const char *name="")
virtual ~FastNchCentEstimator ()
virtual void Process (const TParticle *p)
virtual void Print (Option_t *option="nh") const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Fast1DCentEstimator
 Fast1DCentEstimator (const char *name="")
virtual ~Fast1DCentEstimator ()
virtual const char * MultSpec () const
virtual void PreEvent ()
virtual void PostEvent ()
virtual void Terminate (TCollection *out)
- Public Member Functions inherited from FastCentEstimator
 FastCentEstimator (const char *name="")
virtual ~FastCentEstimator ()
const char * GetName () const
void SetVerbose (Bool_t verb)
virtual void ProcessHeader (FastShortHeader &)

Public Attributes

Double_t fEtaCut
- Public Attributes inherited from Fast1DCentEstimator
ULong64_t fCache
Bool_t fFromTop
- Public Attributes inherited from FastCentEstimator
TString fName
Bool_t fVerbose

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from FastCentEstimator
static Double_t Theta (const TParticle *p)
static Double_t Eta (const TParticle *p)
static Double_t Phi (const TParticle *p)
static Bool_t IsPrimary (const TParticle *p)
static Bool_t IsWeakDecay (const TParticle *p)
static Bool_t IsCharged (const TParticle *p)

Detailed Description

Centrality estimator using the V0 signal

Definition at line 662 of file FastCentEstimators.C.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RefMultEstimator::RefMultEstimator ( Double_t  etaCut = 0.8)


etaCutCut on eta

Definition at line 671 of file FastCentEstimators.C.

Member Function Documentation

Bool_t RefMultEstimator::Accept ( const TParticle *  p)

Whether we should accept a particle. We accept a particle if it falls within the acceptance of the V0.

pParticle to investigate
true if to be used

Implements FastNchCentEstimator.

Definition at line 716 of file FastCentEstimators.C.

virtual TH1* RefMultEstimator::GetHistogram ( TCollection l)

Get the histogram to accumulate the observable in.

Pointer to the histogram.

Implements Fast1DCentEstimator.

Definition at line 728 of file FastCentEstimators.C.

void RefMultEstimator::Setup ( TCollection l,
TTree tree,
UShort_t  sNN,
Bool_t  tgtA,
Bool_t  projA 

Set-up this object. Defines the internal histogram and add to output

lOutput list
treeTree to add branch to
sNNCollision energy in GeV
tgtATarget atomic weight
projAProjectile atomic weight

Reimplemented from Fast1DCentEstimator.

Definition at line 686 of file FastCentEstimators.C.

Member Data Documentation

Double_t RefMultEstimator::fEtaCut

Mode: Negative, use C side, positive use A side, otherwise sum

Definition at line 665 of file FastCentEstimators.C.

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