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DetCfg Struct Reference
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Public Member Functions

const char * GeometrySource () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from VirtualDetCfg
virtual Bool_t UseABSO () const
virtual Bool_t UseACORDE () const
virtual Bool_t UseDIPO () const
virtual Bool_t UseEMCAL () const
virtual Bool_t UseFMD () const
virtual Bool_t UseFRAME () const
virtual Bool_t UseHALL () const
virtual Bool_t UseITS () const
virtual Bool_t UseMAG () const
virtual Bool_t UseMUON () const
virtual Bool_t UsePHOS () const
virtual Bool_t UsePIPE () const
virtual Bool_t UsePMD () const
virtual Bool_t UseHMPID () const
virtual Bool_t UseSHIL () const
virtual Bool_t UseT0 () const
virtual Bool_t UseTOF () const
virtual Bool_t UseTPC () const
virtual Bool_t UseTRD () const
virtual Bool_t UseVZERO () const
virtual Bool_t UseZDC () const
virtual void Print ()
void GetRecoString (TString &enable) const
void GetSDigitString (TString &sDigits) const
void GetHits2DigitsString (TString &fromHits) const

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from VirtualDetCfg
static void Append2Str (TString &str, const char *append)

Detailed Description

Particular set-up of detectors to use. By default everything but ACORDE is on. Here, we turn off a few other detectors.

Definition at line 14 of file DetConfig.C.

Member Function Documentation

const char* DetCfg::GeometrySource ( ) const

Overload this member function to return the string "*OCDB*" to load geometry from OCDB. If this returns a null pointer, the geometry will be constructed. Alternatively, the one can specify a file nanme (possibly on remote storage).

File name, "*OCDB*" string, or null

Reimplemented from VirtualDetCfg.

Definition at line 22 of file DetConfig.C.

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