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Tag.C File Reference

Update tags. More...

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void Tag ()
void GetProductionInfo (TString &fPeriod, TString &fPass, TString &fName)
void GetVersions (TString &fAliroot, TString &froot, TString &fgeant)
void GetGUID (TString &guid)
Bool_t UpdateTag (TString faliroot, TString froot, TString fgeant, TString turl, TString guid, TString fperiod, TString fpass, TString fname)

Detailed Description

Update tags.

Christian Holm Christensen
Wed Oct 15 13:28:47 2014

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Function Documentation

void GetGUID ( TString guid)

Get the global univeral identifier of the ESD file


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void GetProductionInfo ( TString fPeriod,
TString fPass,
TString fName 

Extract production information from path

fPeriodOn return, the period
fPassOn return, the possible pass number
fNameOn return, the full name

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void GetVersions ( TString fAliroot,
TString froot,
TString fgeant 

Get the AliROOT, ROOT, and GEANT3 versions from the JDL packages

fAlirootOn return, the AliROOT version
frootOn return, the ROOT version
fgeantOn return, the GEANT3 version

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void Tag ( )

Tag files

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Bool_t UpdateTag ( TString  faliroot,
TString  froot,
TString  fgeant,
TString  turl,
TString  guid,
TString  fperiod,
TString  fpass,
TString  fname 

Update the tags

falirootAliROOT version
frootROOT version
fgeantGEANT3 version
turlUrL we're at
guidGlobal universal identifier
fnameFull name

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