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Correct.C File Reference
#include <TObject.h>
#include <TSystem.h>
#include <TROOT.h>
#include <TFile.h>
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void SimpleCorrect (UShort_t, UShort_t, const char *, const char *, Int_t, const char *)
void CorrectNS::AddPath (const TString &dir, Bool_t prepend=true)
void Correct (UShort_t flags=0x3, const char *side="middle", const char *var="none", Bool_t forceK=false)


const Bool_t kCorrectLoaded = true

Function Documentation

void Correct ( UShort_t  flags = 0x3,
const char *  side = "middle",
const char *  var = "none",
Bool_t  forceK = false 

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void SimpleCorrect ( UShort_t  flags = 0x3,
UShort_t  scaleMode = 1,
const char *  realFileName = "trdt.root",
const char *  simFileName = "trmc.root",
Int_t  nBins = 9,
const char *  otherFileName = "" 

Correct measured tracklet distributions using MC. The flags select how to do the correction. It is a bit mask of options.

  • 0x1: Use combinatorial background for real data
  • 0x2: Use combinatorial background for simulated data
  • 0x4: Pre-scale histograms to vertex bins
  • 0x8: When pre-scaling, also propagate errors from vertex dist.
  • 0x10: Instead of real data, use the simulated data (closure test).

Scale mode can be one of

  • 0: Used fixed scale across eta (1.3)
  • 1: Use centrality dependent scale
  • 2: Use eta,centrality dependent scale

The input is two files generated by running AliTrackletTaskMulti on real and simulated data. The files are expected to be in trdt.root for real data and trmc.root for simulated data.

flagsFlags for the processing
scaleModeScaling mode
realFileNameName of real input file
simFileNameName of simulation input file
nBinsNumber of bins to process
otherFileNameName of aux input file

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const Bool_t kCorrectLoaded = true

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