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AddTaskEMCALClusterize.C File Reference

Configuration of EMCal re-clusterization analysis task. More...

#include <TROOT.h>
#include "AliAnalysisManager.h"
#include "AliAnalysisTaskEMCALClusterize.h"
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AliAnalysisTaskEMCALClusterizeAddTaskEMCALClusterize (const char *clusArrTit="EMCAL_Clusters_New", const Bool_t bFillAOD=kFALSE, const Int_t bMC=kFALSE, const Bool_t exotic=kTRUE, const TString name="V1Unfold", const TString trigger="", const Int_t tm=1, const Int_t minEcell=50, const Int_t minEseed=100, const Int_t maxDeltaT=250, const Int_t timeWindow=1000, const Int_t minEUnf=15, const Int_t minFrac=1, const Bool_t bRecalE=kTRUE, const Bool_t bBad=kTRUE, const Bool_t bRecalT=kTRUE, const Bool_t bNonLine=kFALSE, const Int_t minCen=-1, const Int_t maxCen=-1, const Float_t clusterEnergyCutEvent=-1, const Int_t nRowDiff=1, const Int_t nColDiff=1, const Bool_t skipOrReject=kFALSE, const Int_t tCardMimic=0, const Bool_t cellUpd=kTRUE)

Detailed Description

Configuration of EMCal re-clusterization analysis task.

This task reclusterizes on the fly EMCal clusters, creates a new branch with those clusters so that it can be used by another analysis task accessing this cluster branch.

: Gustavo Conesa Balbastre, (LPSC-CNRS)

Definition in file AddTaskEMCALClusterize.C.

Function Documentation

AliAnalysisTaskEMCALClusterize* AddTaskEMCALClusterize ( const char *  clusArrTit = "EMCAL_Clusters_New",
const Bool_t  bFillAOD = kFALSE,
const Int_t  bMC = kFALSE,
const Bool_t  exotic = kTRUE,
const TString  name = "V1Unfold",
const TString  trigger = "",
const Int_t  tm = 1,
const Int_t  minEcell = 50,
const Int_t  minEseed = 100,
const Int_t  maxDeltaT = 250,
const Int_t  timeWindow = 1000,
const Int_t  minEUnf = 15,
const Int_t  minFrac = 1,
const Bool_t  bRecalE = kTRUE,
const Bool_t  bBad = kTRUE,
const Bool_t  bRecalT = kTRUE,
const Bool_t  bNonLine = kFALSE,
const Int_t  minCen = -1,
const Int_t  maxCen = -1,
const Float_t  clusterEnergyCutEvent = -1,
const Int_t  nRowDiff = 1,
const Int_t  nColDiff = 1,
const Bool_t  skipOrReject = kFALSE,
const Int_t  tCardMimic = 0,
const Bool_t  cellUpd = kTRUE 

Main method

The parameters for the analysis are:

clusArrTitchar string with default name of new clusters container, not needed but leave for backward compatibility
bFillAODBool, keep the new clusters in output file.
bMCBool, simulation or data.
exoticBool, remove exotic clusters.
nameTString, name of clusterizer: V1, V2, V1Unfold, NxN.
triggerTString, name of triggered events to be analyzed.
tmBool, perform track matching recalculation.
minEcellfloat, minimum cell energy entering the cluster.
minEseedfloat, minimum cell energy seed of the cluster
maxDeltaTfloat, maximum difference in time of cells in cluster, keep it rather open.
timeWindowfloat, maximum/minimum time of the clusters/cells, after time recalibration.
minEUnfminimum energy cut for unfolding (check what it does)
minFracminimum fraction of energy cut for unfolding (check what it does)
bRecalEBool, recalibrate EMCal energy
bBadBool, remove bad channels
bRecalTBool, recalibrate EMCal time
bNonLineBool, correct cluster non linearity
minCenInteger, minimum centrality, -1 no selection
maxCenInteger, maximum centrality, -1 no selection
clusterEnergyCutEventFloat, in case of event filtering, select events with at least one EMCal cluster with this energy
nRowDiffInteger, number of rows for NxM clusterizer
nColDiffInteger, number of collumns for NxM clusterizer
skipOrRejectBool, for unfolding (check)
tCardMimicoption for TCard correlation emulation, MC only. Options: 0 - no emulation; 1 - just add energy to adjacent cells; >1 - add energy to adjacent cells and subtract added energy to reference cell
cellUpdupdate cells list with cuts

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Referenced by ana(), and emcalReclusterize().