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Computer Member List

This is the complete list of members for Computer, including all inherited members.

DoOne(TList *c, Bool_t mid, const char *subName)Computerinline
DrawStack(TVirtualPad *p, THStack *hs, Bool_t logy=true, const char *title="d#it{N}_{X}/d#it{#Delta}")Computerinline
FindHist(THStack *s, const char *name)Computerinline
MakeMeas(const char *name, THStack *prim, THStack *seco, THStack *fake)Computerinline
MakeMeas(THStack *prim, THStack *seco, THStack *fake)Computerinline
Normalize(THStack *inp)Computerinline
Run(const char *filename, Double_t c1, Double_t c2, Bool_t mid=true)Computerinline
ToOther(THStack *inp)Computerinline
U typedefComputer