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CopyELoss.C File Reference

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void CopyELoss (ULong_t tgtRun, UShort_t tgtSys, UShort_t tgtSNN, Short_t tgtFld, ULong_t srcRun, UShort_t srcSys, UShort_t srcSNN, Short_t srcFld, Bool_t mc)

Function Documentation

void CopyELoss ( ULong_t  tgtRun,
UShort_t  tgtSys,
UShort_t  tgtSNN,
Short_t  tgtFld,
ULong_t  srcRun,
UShort_t  srcSys,
UShort_t  srcSNN,
Short_t  srcFld,
Bool_t  mc 

Definition at line 2 of file CopyELoss.C.