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AliFMDCorrector::RingHistos Struct Reference

#include <AliFMDCorrector.h>

Inheritance diagram for AliFMDCorrector::RingHistos:

Public Member Functions

 RingHistos ()
 RingHistos (UShort_t d, Char_t r)
 RingHistos (const RingHistos &o)
RingHistosoperator= (const RingHistos &o)
 ~RingHistos ()
void CreateOutputObjects (TList *dir)
void Terminate (TList *dir, Int_t nEvents)
- Public Member Functions inherited from AliForwardUtil::RingHistos
 RingHistos ()
 RingHistos (UShort_t d, Char_t r)
 RingHistos (const RingHistos &o)
RingHistosoperator= (const RingHistos &o)
TListDefineOutputList (TList *d) const
TListGetOutputList (const TList *d) const
TH1GetOutputHist (const TList *d, const char *name) const
Color_t Color () const
const char * GetName () const
const UShort_tNSector () const
const UShort_tNStrip () const

Public Attributes

- Public Attributes inherited from AliForwardUtil::RingHistos
UShort_t fDet
Char_t fRing
TString fName
UShort_t fkNSector
UShort_t fkNStrip

Detailed Description

Internal data structure to keep track of the histograms. Never streamed.

Definition at line 179 of file AliFMDCorrector.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AliFMDCorrector::RingHistos::RingHistos ( )

Default CTOR

Definition at line 405 of file AliFMDCorrector.cxx.

AliFMDCorrector::RingHistos::RingHistos ( UShort_t  d,
Char_t  r 



Definition at line 415 of file AliFMDCorrector.cxx.

AliFMDCorrector::RingHistos::RingHistos ( const RingHistos o)

Copy constructor

oObject to copy from

Definition at line 437 of file AliFMDCorrector.cxx.

AliFMDCorrector::RingHistos::~RingHistos ( )


Reimplemented from AliForwardUtil::RingHistos.

Definition at line 470 of file AliFMDCorrector.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

void AliFMDCorrector::RingHistos::CreateOutputObjects ( TList dir)

Make output

dirWhere to put it

Definition at line 480 of file AliFMDCorrector.cxx.

Referenced by AliFMDCorrector::CreateOutputObjects().

AliFMDCorrector::RingHistos & AliFMDCorrector::RingHistos::operator= ( const RingHistos o)

Assignment operator

oObject to assign from
Reference to this

Definition at line 450 of file AliFMDCorrector.cxx.

void AliFMDCorrector::RingHistos::Terminate ( TList dir,
Int_t  nEvents 

Scale the histograms to the total number of events

dirwhere the output is stored
nEventsNumber of events

Definition at line 493 of file AliFMDCorrector.cxx.

Referenced by AliFMDCorrector::Terminate().

Member Data Documentation

TH2D* AliFMDCorrector::RingHistos::fDensity

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