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AliOADBForward::Entry Class Reference

#include <AliOADBForward.h>

Inheritance diagram for AliOADBForward::Entry:

Public Member Functions

 Entry (ULong_t runNo=0, UShort_t sys=0, UShort_t sNN=0, Short_t field=0, Bool_t mc=false, Bool_t sat=false, TObject *o=0)
 Entry (const Entry &o)
virtual ~Entry ()
Entryoperator= (const Entry &o)
const char * GetTitle () const
void Print (Option_t *option="") const

Public Attributes

ULong_t fRunNo
UShort_t fSys
UShort_t fSNN
Short_t fField
Bool_t fMC
Bool_t fSatellite
UInt_t fTimestamp
ULong_t fAliROOTRevision
TString fAuthor

Detailed Description

An entry in the FORWARD OADB database tables

Definition at line 93 of file AliOADBForward.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AliOADBForward::Entry::Entry ( ULong_t  runNo = 0,
UShort_t  sys = 0,
UShort_t  sNN = 0,
Short_t  field = 0,
Bool_t  mc = false,
Bool_t  sat = false,
TObject o = 0 


runNoRun number
sysCollision system (1:pp, 2:pbpb, 3:ppb)
sNNCenter of mass energy (GeV)
fieldL3 magnetic field (kG)
mcTrue if for MC only
satFor satellite events
oCorrection object

Definition at line 63 of file AliOADBForward.cxx.

AliOADBForward::Entry::Entry ( const Entry o)

Copy constructor

oObject to copy from

Definition at line 87 of file AliOADBForward.cxx.

virtual AliOADBForward::Entry::~Entry ( )


Definition at line 123 of file AliOADBForward.h.

Member Function Documentation

const char * AliOADBForward::Entry::GetTitle ( ) const

Get the title of the entry

stringified fields

Definition at line 127 of file AliOADBForward.cxx.

Referenced by AliCorrectionManagerBase::Correction::CleanIt(), Print(), AliCorrectionManagerBase::Correction::ReadIt(), and ~Entry().

AliOADBForward::Entry & AliOADBForward::Entry::operator= ( const Entry o)

Assignment operator

oObject to assign from
Reference to this object

Definition at line 106 of file AliOADBForward.cxx.

Referenced by ~Entry().

void AliOADBForward::Entry::Print ( Option_t option = "") const

Member Data Documentation

ULong_t AliOADBForward::Entry::fAliROOTRevision
TString AliOADBForward::Entry::fAuthor
UInt_t AliOADBForward::Entry::fTimestamp

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