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Configuration of the event trigger. More...

#include <TString.h>
#include "AliVEvent.h"
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UInt_t ConfigureAndGetEventTriggerMaskAndCaloTriggerString (TString trigger, Int_t year, TString &triggerString)

Detailed Description

Configuration of the event trigger.

Configuration macro of the task event trigger, depending on trigger name, specially for EMCal triggers. The trigger event settings depend on special trigger names:

  • default: Min bias like triggers, kMB or kINT7
  • EMCAL_L0, DCAL_L0: EMCal or DCal L0 triggers kEMC7, kEMC8, kEMC1
  • EMCAL_L1, DCAL_L1: EMCal or DCal L1 triggers, kEMCEGA, with name EG1 or EGA
  • EMCAL_L2, DCAL_L2: EMCal or DCal L1 triggers, kEMCEGA, with name EG2
Gustavo Conesa Balbastre, (LPSC-CNRS)

Definition in file ConfigureAndGetEventTriggerMaskAndCaloTriggerString.C.

Function Documentation

UInt_t ConfigureAndGetEventTriggerMaskAndCaloTriggerString ( TString  trigger,
Int_t  year,
TString triggerString 

Main method

The options that can be passed to the macro are:

trigger: name of the desired trigger. Special names depending on Calo triggers.
year: year
triggerString: specific trigger name string to select at analysis level

Definition at line 32 of file ConfigureAndGetEventTriggerMaskAndCaloTriggerString.C.

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