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Check EMCal trigger availability in period. More...

#include <TString.h>
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Bool_t CheckActiveEMCalTriggerPerPeriod (Bool_t simulation, TString trigger, TString period, Int_t year)

Detailed Description

Check EMCal trigger availability in period.

Check if the selected EMCal trigger is appropriate to run the analysis, depending on the period certain triggers were not available.

The trigger names checked are:

  • default: Min bias like triggers, kMB or kINT7
  • EMCAL_L0, DCAL_L0: EMCal or DCal L0 triggers kEMC7, kEMC8, kEMC1
  • EMCAL_L1, DCAL_L1: EMCal or DCal L1 triggers, kEMCEGA, with name EG1 or EGA
  • EMCAL_L2, DCAL_L2: EMCal or DCal L1 triggers, kEMCEGA, with name EG2 Run MC analysis for no trigger, default/MB option.
Gustavo Conesa Balbastre, (LPSC-CNRS)

Definition in file CheckActiveEMCalTriggerPerPeriod.C.

Function Documentation

Bool_t CheckActiveEMCalTriggerPerPeriod ( Bool_t  simulation,
TString  trigger,
TString  period,
Int_t  year 

Main method

The options that can be passed to the macro are:

simulationbool with data (0) or MC (1) condition
triggertrigger string name (EMCAL_L0, EMCAL_L1, EMCAL_L2, DCAL_L0, DCAL_L1, DCAL_L2)
year2011, ...
True if analysis can be done.

Definition at line 37 of file CheckActiveEMCalTriggerPerPeriod.C.

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