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Public Member Functions

 MakeELossFit (UShort_t sys, UShort_t cms, Short_t field, Bool_t mc, const char *filename="forward_eloss.root")
TListGetRing (UShort_t d, Char_t r) const
TListGetEDists (UShort_t d, Char_t r) const
TH1GetEDist (UShort_t d, Char_t r, UShort_t etabin)
AliFMDCorrELossFit::ELossFitFindBestFit (TH1 *dist)
Bool_t Run ()

Public Attributes

TClonesArray fFits
UShort_t fSys
UShort_t fCMS
Short_t fField
Bool_t fMC

Detailed Description

Class to make correction object and save to file

Run like

* gROOT->Macro("$ALICE_PHYSICS/PWGLF/FORWARD/analysis2/scripts/LoadLibs.C");
* gROOT->LoadMacro("$ALICE_PHYSICS/PWGLF/FORWARD/analysis2/scripts/Compile.C");
* Compile("$ALICE_PHYSICS/PWGLF/FORWARD/analysis2/MakeELossFit.C"); 
* MakeELossFit mef(sys, cms, field, mc, "AnalysisResults.root"); 
* mef.Run();

where sys, the collision system, is one of

  • 1: pp
  • 2: PbPb

cms is the center of mass energy per nuclean in GeV (e.g., 2760 for first PbPb data), field is (signed) L3 magnetic in kG, and mc is wether this correction applies to MC data or not.

The class generates a file like

* elossfits<sys>_<cms>GeV_<field>kG_<realmc>.root

in the working directory. This file can be moved to

* $(ALICE_PHYSICS)/PWGLF/FORWARD/corrections/ELossFits

and stored in SVN for later use.

The class AliFMDELossFitter automatically generates the AliFMDCorrELossFit object.

Definition at line 55 of file TestMakeELossFits.C.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MakeELossFit::MakeELossFit ( UShort_t  sys,
UShort_t  cms,
Short_t  field,
Bool_t  mc,
const char *  filename = "forward_eloss.root" 

Definition at line 68 of file TestMakeELossFits.C.

Member Function Documentation

AliFMDCorrELossFit::ELossFit* MakeELossFit::FindBestFit ( TH1 dist)

Definition at line 159 of file TestMakeELossFits.C.

Referenced by Run().

TH1* MakeELossFit::GetEDist ( UShort_t  d,
Char_t  r,
UShort_t  etabin 

Definition at line 137 of file TestMakeELossFits.C.

Referenced by Run().

TList* MakeELossFit::GetEDists ( UShort_t  d,
Char_t  r 
) const

Definition at line 122 of file TestMakeELossFits.C.

Referenced by GetEDist().

TList* MakeELossFit::GetRing ( UShort_t  d,
Char_t  r 
) const

Definition at line 112 of file TestMakeELossFits.C.

Referenced by GetEDists().

Bool_t MakeELossFit::Run ( )

Definition at line 178 of file TestMakeELossFits.C.

Referenced by TestRunMakeELossFit().

Member Data Documentation

TAxis* MakeELossFit::fAxis

Definition at line 60 of file TestMakeELossFits.C.

UShort_t MakeELossFit::fCMS

Definition at line 63 of file TestMakeELossFits.C.

Short_t MakeELossFit::fField

Definition at line 64 of file TestMakeELossFits.C.

TClonesArray MakeELossFit::fFits

Definition at line 61 of file TestMakeELossFits.C.

TList* MakeELossFit::fFitter

Definition at line 59 of file TestMakeELossFits.C.

Bool_t MakeELossFit::fMC

Definition at line 65 of file TestMakeELossFits.C.

UShort_t MakeELossFit::fSys

Definition at line 62 of file TestMakeELossFits.C.

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