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runITSTPCalignment.C File Reference

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void runITSTPCalignment (UInt_t saveinterval=1000000)
void runLocal (const char *filenamestr="AliESDs.root")
void runInteractive (const char *collectionName="tag.xml")
Int_t setupPar (const char *pararchivename)

Function Documentation

void runInteractive ( const char *  collectionName = "tag.xml")

Definition at line 100 of file runITSTPCalignment.C.

void runITSTPCalignment ( UInt_t  saveinterval = 1000000)

Definition at line 1 of file runITSTPCalignment.C.

void runLocal ( const char *  filenamestr = "AliESDs.root")

Definition at line 14 of file runITSTPCalignment.C.

Referenced by runITSTPCalignment().

Int_t setupPar ( const char *  pararchivename)

Definition at line 178 of file runITSTPCalignment.C.

Referenced by runInteractive(), and runLocal().