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AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelper.h File Reference

Declaration of class AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelper. More...

#include <iosfwd>
#include <vector>
#include <string>
#include <TStopwatch.h>
#include <AliAnalysisTaskSE.h>
#include "AliEventCuts.h"
#include "AliYAMLConfiguration.h"
#include "THistManager.h"
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class  AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelper
 Implementation of task to embed external events. More...

Detailed Description

Declaration of class AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelper.

In this header file the class AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelper is declared. This class derives from AliAnalysisTaskSE and allows to open an external ESD or AOD file, providing access to the events.

Salvatore Aiola, Yale University
Raymond Ehlers, Yale University
Apr 28, 2016

Definition in file AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelper.h.