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ClusterCalculations Struct Reference

Public Types

typedef AliTrackletAODUtils U

Public Member Functions

void FixLabels (TAxis *axis)
void Run (const char *filename="PbPb_5023_LHC15k1a1_245064_gridAOD_stk/root_archive_245064/AnalysisResults.root")

Detailed Description

Definition at line 46 of file ClusterExpectations.C.

Member Typedef Documentation

Member Function Documentation

void ClusterCalculations::FixLabels ( TAxis axis)

Definition at line 51 of file ClusterExpectations.C.

Referenced by Run().

void ClusterCalculations::Run ( const char *  filename = "PbPb_5023_LHC15k1a1_245064_gridAOD_stk/root_archive_245064/AnalysisResults.root")

Definition at line 63 of file ClusterExpectations.C.

Referenced by ClusterExpectations().

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