AliPhysics  2b88e80 (2b88e80)
Ruben's SPD tracklet dNch/deta analysis (deprecated)

Code in this directory is from Roberto and Valentina's work in Pb-Pb at 5.02TeV. The code has been slightly modified so that we can select the eta binning more easily.

This code is put here mainly for back-up purposes. Once there's a full official task, we can remove this sub-directory.


Task code:


  • REWEIGHTpid_ka-.root
  • REWEIGHTpid_ka+.root
  • REWEIGHTpid_pi-.root
  • REWEIGHTpid_pi+.root
  • REWEIGHTpid_pr-.root
  • REWEIGHTpid_pr+.root
  • REWEIGHTpid.root
  • REWEIGHTpt.root
  • REWEIGHTstr-.root
  • REWEIGHTstr.root
  • REWEIGHTstr+.root MC reweighs

Original correct and associated scripts:

Alternative correct and associated scripts:

  • SimpleCorrect.C A simplified version of the above
  • Correct.C Simple interface to SimpleCorrect.C that inputs and outputs data from and to separate directories.
  • DoOne.C Script to run corrections for left, middle, and right vertex bins.
  • Compare.C Compares results using various weights to no weights
  • DrawDeltas.C (Deprecated) script to draw Delta distributions
  • DrawDeltas2.C Script to draw a single centrality bin Delta distribution
  • DrawKs.C Script to draw background scaling factors