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AliPtEtaPidWeights Class Reference

#include <AliPtEtaPidWeights.h>

Inheritance diagram for AliPtEtaPidWeights:

Public Member Functions

 AliPtEtaPidWeights ()
 AliPtEtaPidWeights (const AliPtEtaPidWeights &o)
AliPtEtaPidWeightsoperator= (const AliPtEtaPidWeights &o)
virtual ~AliPtEtaPidWeights ()
virtual Double_t CalcWeight (Double_t eta, Double_t pt, Double_t phi, Int_t id, Double_t phiR, Double_t b) const
virtual void Init (TList *l)
virtual void AddPDGCode (Int_t pdg, TH2 *weight)
virtual void Print (Option_t *option="") const
- Public Member Functions inherited from AliBaseMCWeights
 AliBaseMCWeights ()
 AliBaseMCWeights (const AliBaseMCWeights &o)
AliBaseMCWeightsoperator= (const AliBaseMCWeights &o)
virtual ~AliBaseMCWeights ()
virtual Double_t CalcWeight (const AliMCParticle *p, Bool_t isPrimary, Double_t phiR, Double_t b) const

Private Attributes

TArrayI fPdgs
TList fWeights

Detailed Description

Class for weights in calculation of the secondary maps using \( p_T, \eta\) PID weighting.

Definition at line 24 of file AliPtEtaPidWeights.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AliPtEtaPidWeights::AliPtEtaPidWeights ( )

Default CTOR

Definition at line 18 of file AliPtEtaPidWeights.cxx.

AliPtEtaPidWeights::AliPtEtaPidWeights ( const AliPtEtaPidWeights o)

Copy Constructor

oObject to copy from

Definition at line 26 of file AliPtEtaPidWeights.cxx.

virtual AliPtEtaPidWeights::~AliPtEtaPidWeights ( )


Definition at line 48 of file AliPtEtaPidWeights.h.

Member Function Documentation

void AliPtEtaPidWeights::AddPDGCode ( Int_t  pdg,
TH2 weight 

Add a PDG code to be weighted. Note that this object will claim ownership of the passed histogram. The X axis of the histogram is assumed to be the \(\eta\) axis, while the Y axis is assumed to be \(p_T\) axis.

pdgParticle code
weightThe histogram of (eta,phi) dependent weight factors

Definition at line 81 of file AliPtEtaPidWeights.cxx.

Referenced by ~AliPtEtaPidWeights().

Double_t AliPtEtaPidWeights::CalcWeight ( Double_t  eta,
Double_t  pt,
Double_t  phi,
Int_t  id,
Double_t  phiR,
Double_t  b 
) const

Calculate the weight of a single particle

etaPseudo rapidity \(\eta\)
ptTransvers momentum \(p_{T}\)
phiAzimuth angle \(\varphi\)
idParticle ID (PDG code)
phiREvent plane angle \(\Psi_R\)
bEvent impact parameter \(b\) in fermi-meter
Particle weight

Implements AliBaseMCWeights.

Definition at line 60 of file AliPtEtaPidWeights.cxx.

Referenced by ~AliPtEtaPidWeights().

void AliPtEtaPidWeights::Init ( TList l)

Initialize this object

lList of output objects

Reimplemented from AliBaseMCWeights.

Definition at line 56 of file AliPtEtaPidWeights.cxx.

Referenced by ~AliPtEtaPidWeights().

AliPtEtaPidWeights & AliPtEtaPidWeights::operator= ( const AliPtEtaPidWeights o)

Assignment operator

oObject to assign from
Reference to this.

Definition at line 40 of file AliPtEtaPidWeights.cxx.

void AliPtEtaPidWeights::Print ( Option_t option = "") const

Print information

optionNot used

Reimplemented from AliBaseMCWeights.

Definition at line 112 of file AliPtEtaPidWeights.cxx.

Referenced by ~AliPtEtaPidWeights().

Member Data Documentation

TArrayI AliPtEtaPidWeights::fPdgs

Definition at line 90 of file AliPtEtaPidWeights.h.

Referenced by AddPDGCode(), CalcWeight(), operator=(), and Print().

TList AliPtEtaPidWeights::fWeights

Definition at line 91 of file AliPtEtaPidWeights.h.

Referenced by AddPDGCode(), AliPtEtaPidWeights(), CalcWeight(), and operator=().

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