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AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK Class Reference

Class for cuts on AOD reconstructed Ds->K0S+K. More...

#include <AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK.h>

Inheritance diagram for AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK:

Public Member Functions

 AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK (const char *name="CutsDstoK0sK")
 AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK (const AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK &source)
AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sKoperator= (const AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK &source)
virtual ~AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK ()
virtual void GetCutVarsForOpt (AliAODRecoDecayHF *obj, Float_t *vars, Int_t nvars, Int_t *pdgdaughters)
virtual void GetCutVarsForOpt (AliAODRecoDecayHF *obj, Float_t *vars, Int_t nvars, Int_t *pdgdaughters, AliAODEvent *aod)
virtual Int_t IsSelected (TObject *obj, Int_t selectionLevel)
virtual Int_t IsSelected (TObject *obj, Int_t selectionLevel, AliAODEvent *aod)
virtual Int_t IsSelectedPID (AliAODRecoDecayHF *obj)
virtual Bool_t IsInFiducialAcceptance (Double_t pt, Double_t y) const
Bool_t AreDtoK0sDaughtersSelected (AliAODRecoDecayHF *rd) const
Int_t GetV0Type ()
void AddTrackCutsV0daughters (AliESDtrackCuts *v0daug)
virtual AliESDtrackCuts * GetTrackCutsV0daughters () const
Float_t GetMassCut (Int_t iPtBin=0) const
Int_t GetExcludedCut ()
void SetExcludedCut (Int_t excludedCut)
- Public Member Functions inherited from AliRDHFCuts
 AliRDHFCuts (const Char_t *name="RDHFCuts", const Char_t *title="")
virtual ~AliRDHFCuts ()
 AliRDHFCuts (const AliRDHFCuts &source)
AliRDHFCutsoperator= (const AliRDHFCuts &source)
virtual void SetStandardCutsPP2010 ()
virtual void SetStandardCutsPbPb2010 ()
virtual void SetStandardCutsPbPb2011 ()
void SetMinCentrality (Float_t minCentrality=0.)
void SetMaxCentrality (Float_t maxCentrality=100.)
void SetMultSelectionObjectName (TString str)
void SetMinVtxType (Int_t type=3)
void SetUseEventsWithOnlySPDVertex (Bool_t flag=kTRUE)
void SetMinVtxContr (Int_t contr=1)
void SetMaxVtxRdChi2 (Float_t chi2=1e6)
void SetMaxVtxZ (Float_t z=1e6)
void SetMinSPDMultiplicity (Int_t mult=0)
void SetMaxVtxChi2PileupMV (Float_t chi2=5.)
void SetMinWeightedDzVtxPileupMV (Float_t min=15.)
void SetRejectPlpFromDifferentBCMV (Bool_t ok=kTRUE)
void SetTriggerMask (ULong64_t mask=0)
void SetUseOnlyOneTrigger (Bool_t onlyOne)
ULong64_t GetTriggerMask ()
Bool_t GetUseOnlyOneTrigger ()
void SetUseAnyTrigger ()
void EnableMBTrigger ()
void ResetMaskAndEnableMBTrigger ()
void SetUseMBTriggerExclusively ()
void EnableCentralTrigger ()
void ResetMaskAndEnableCentralTrigger ()
void SetUseCentralTriggerExclusively ()
void EnableSemiCentralTrigger ()
void ResetMaskAndEnableSemiCentralTrigger ()
void SetUseSemiCentralTriggerExclusively ()
void EnableEMCALTrigger ()
void ResetMaskAndEnableEMCALTrigger ()
void SetUseEMCALTriggerExclusively ()
void SetUseInt1TriggerPP2012 ()
 Setters (helpers) for pp 2012 data. More...
void SetUseInt7TriggerPP2012 ()
void SetUseInt8TriggerPP2012 ()
void SetUseEMCAL7TriggerPP2012 ()
void SetUseEMCAL8TriggerPP2012 ()
void SetUseEMCALJET7TriggerPP2012 ()
void SetUseEMCALJET8TriggerPP2012 ()
void SetUseEMCALGA7TriggerPP2012 ()
void SetUseEMCALGA8TriggerPP2012 ()
void SetUseSPI7TriggerPP2012 ()
void SetUseSPI8TriggerPP2012 ()
void SetUseHighMult7TriggerPP2012 ()
void SetUseHighMult8TriggerPP2012 ()
void SetUseV0ANDSelectionOffline (Bool_t flag=kFALSE)
void SetMaxDifferenceTRKV0Centraltity (Double_t maxd=5.)
void SetNotUseCutOnTRKVsV0Centraltity ()
void SetRemoveTrackletOutliers (Bool_t opt)
void SetCutOnzVertexSPD (Int_t opt)
void SetTriggerClass (TString trclass0, TString trclass1="")
void ApplySPDDeadPbPb2011 ()
void ApplySPDMisalignedCutPP2012 ()
void SetVarsForOpt (Int_t nVars, Bool_t *forOpt)
void SetGlobalIndex ()
void SetGlobalIndex (Int_t nVars, Int_t nptBins)
void SetVarNames (Int_t nVars, TString *varNames, Bool_t *isUpperCut)
void SetPtBins (Int_t nPtBinLimits, Float_t *ptBinLimits)
void SetCuts (Int_t nVars, Int_t nPtBins, Float_t **cutsRD)
void SetCuts (Int_t glIndex, Float_t *cutsRDGlob)
void AddTrackCuts (const AliESDtrackCuts *cuts)
void SetUsePID (Bool_t flag=kTRUE)
void SetUseAOD049 (Bool_t flag=kTRUE)
void SetKinkRejection (Bool_t flag=kTRUE)
void SetUseTrackSelectionWithFilterBits (Bool_t flag=kTRUE)
void SetUseCentrality (Int_t flag=1)
void SetPidHF (AliAODPidHF *pidObj)
 see enum below More...
void SetRemoveDaughtersFromPrim (Bool_t removeDaughtersPrim)
void SetMinPtCandidate (Double_t ptCand=-1.)
void SetMaxPtCandidate (Double_t ptCand=1000.)
void SetMaxRapidityCandidate (Double_t ycand)
void SetOptPileup (Int_t opt=0)
void ConfigurePileupCuts (Int_t minContrib=3, Float_t minDz=0.6)
void SetUseMultDepPileupCut (Bool_t opt=kTRUE)
void SetHistoForCentralityFlattening (TH1F *h, Double_t minCentr, Double_t maxCentr, Double_t centrRef=0., Int_t switchTRand=0)
void SetMinCrossedRowsTPCPtDep (const char *rows="")
void SetMinRatioClsOverCrossRowsTPC (Float_t ratio=0.)
void SetMinRatioSignalNOverCrossRowsTPC (Float_t ratio=0.)
AliAODPidHFGetPidHF () const
Float_tGetPtBinLimits () const
Int_t GetNPtBins () const
Int_t GetNVars () const
TStringGetVarNames () const
Bool_tGetVarsForOpt () const
Int_t GetNVarsForOpt () const
const Float_tGetCuts () const
void GetCuts (Float_t **&cutsRD) const
Float_t GetCutValue (Int_t iVar, Int_t iPtBin) const
Double_t GetMaxVtxZ () const
Float_t GetCentrality (AliAODEvent *aodEvent)
Float_t GetCentrality (AliAODEvent *aodEvent, AliRDHFCuts::ECentrality estimator)
Float_t GetCentralityOldFramework (AliAODEvent *aodEvent, AliRDHFCuts::ECentrality estimator)
Bool_tGetIsUpperCut () const
AliESDtrackCuts * GetTrackCuts () const
virtual AliESDtrackCuts * GetTrackCutsSoftPi () const
Int_t GetGlobalIndex (Int_t iVar, Int_t iPtBin) const
void GetVarPtIndex (Int_t iGlob, Int_t &iVar, Int_t &iPtBin) const
Bool_t GetIsUsePID () const
Bool_t GetUseAOD049 () const
Bool_t GetUseKinkRejection () const
Bool_t GetUseEventsWithOnlySPDVertex () const
Bool_t GetUseTrackSelectionWithFilterBits () const
Bool_t GetIsPrimaryWithoutDaughters () const
Bool_t GetOptPileUp () const
Int_t GetUseCentrality () const
Float_t GetMinCentrality () const
Float_t GetMaxCentrality () const
TString GetMultSelectionObjectName () const
Double_t GetMinPtCandidate () const
Double_t GetMaxPtCandidate () const
TH1F * GetHistoForCentralityFlattening ()
void SetUseCentralityFlatteningInMC (Bool_t opt)
const char * GetMinCrossedRowsTPCPtDep () const
Float_t GetMinRatioClsOverCrossRowsTPC () const
Float_t GetMinRatioSignalNOverCrossRowsTPC () const
Bool_t IsSelected (TObject *obj)
Bool_t IsSelected (TList *list)
Int_t IsEventSelectedInCentrality (AliVEvent *event)
Bool_t IsEventSelectedForCentrFlattening (Float_t centvalue)
Bool_t IsEventSelected (AliVEvent *event)
Bool_t AreDaughtersSelected (AliAODRecoDecayHF *rd, const AliAODEvent *aod=0x0) const
Bool_t IsDaughterSelected (AliAODTrack *track, const AliESDVertex *primary, AliESDtrackCuts *cuts, const AliAODEvent *aod=0x0) const
void SetupPID (AliVEvent *event)
Int_t PtBin (Double_t pt) const
virtual void PrintAll () const
void PrintTrigger () const
void SetWhyRejection (Int_t why)
Int_t GetWhyRejection () const
UInt_t GetEventRejectionBitMap () const
Bool_t IsEventRejectedDueToTrigger () const
Bool_t IsEventRejectedDueToNotRecoVertex () const
Bool_t IsEventRejectedDueToVertexContributors () const
Bool_t IsEventRejectedDueToZVertexOutsideFiducialRegion () const
Bool_t IsEventRejectedDueToPileup () const
Bool_t IsEventRejectedDueToCentrality () const
Bool_t IsEventRejectedDueToCentralityFlattening () const
Bool_t IsEventRejectedDueToTRKV0CentralityCorrel () const
Bool_t IsEventRejectedDueToBadTrackVertex () const
Bool_t IsEventRejectedDueToMismatchOldNewCentrality () const
Bool_t IsEventRejectedDuePhysicsSelection () const
void SetFixRefs (Bool_t fix=kTRUE)
void SetUsePhysicsSelection (Bool_t use=kTRUE)
Bool_t GetUsePhysicsSelection () const
Bool_t CompareCuts (const AliRDHFCuts *obj) const
void MakeTable () const
Int_t GetIsSelectedCuts () const
Int_t GetIsSelectedPID () const
void SetUseMCVertex ()
Bool_t GetUseMCVertex () const
Bool_t RecalcOwnPrimaryVtx (AliAODRecoDecayHF *d, AliAODEvent *aod) const
Bool_t SetMCPrimaryVtx (AliAODRecoDecayHF *d, AliAODEvent *aod) const
void CleanOwnPrimaryVtx (AliAODRecoDecayHF *d, AliAODEvent *aod, AliAODVertex *origownvtx) const
Bool_t CountEventForNormalization () const
void SetKeepSignalMC ()
void SetSelectCandTrackSPDFirst (Bool_t flag, Double_t ptmax)
 Flag and pt-maximum to check if the candidate daughters fulfill the kFirst criteria. More...
Bool_t IsSelectCandTrackSPDFirst () const
Double_t IsMaxCandTrackSPDFirst () const
Bool_t CheckPtDepCrossedRows (TString rows, Bool_t print=kFALSE) const
void SetUseCutGeoNcrNcl (Bool_t opt)
void ConfigureCutGeoNcrNcl (Double_t dz, Double_t len, Double_t onept, Double_t fncr, Double_t fncl)

Protected Types

enum  EPid { kConservative, kStrong }

Protected Member Functions

void SetPidOption (Int_t opt)
void SetMaxPtStrongPid (Float_t pid)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from AliRDHFCuts
void SetNPtBins (Int_t nptBins)
void SetNVars (Int_t nVars)
Bool_t IsSignalMC (AliAODRecoDecay *d, AliAODEvent *aod, Int_t pdg) const
Bool_t RecomputePrimaryVertex (AliAODEvent *event) const

Protected Attributes

Int_t fExcludedCut
Float_t fV0Type
 cut to be excluded (-1=none) More...
AliESDtrackCuts * fV0daughtersCuts
 V0 type – should be defined as in AliRDHFCuts.h. More...
Int_t fPidOption
 cuts for v0 daughters (AOD converted to ESD on the fly!) More...
Float_t fMaxPtStrongPid
 PID option. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from AliRDHFCuts
Int_t fMinVtxType
 cuts on the event More...
Int_t fMinVtxContr
 0: not cut; 1: SPDZ; 2: SPD3D; 3: Tracks More...
Float_t fMaxVtxRedChi2
 minimum vertex contributors More...
Float_t fMaxVtxZ
 maximum chi2/ndf More...
Int_t fMinSPDMultiplicity
 maximum |z| of primary vertex More...
Float_t fMaxVtxChi2PileupMV
 SPD multiplicity. More...
Float_t fMinWDzPileupMV
 max chi2 per contributor of the pile-up vertex to consider (multi-vertexer). More...
Bool_t fRejectPlpFromDiffBCMV
 minimum weighted distance in Z between 2 vertices (multi-vertexer) More...
ULong64_t fTriggerMask
 flag to reject pileup from different BC (multi-vertexer) More...
Bool_t fUseOnlyOneTrigger
 trigger mask More...
TString fTriggerClass [2]
 flag to select one trigger only More...
AliESDtrackCuts * fTrackCuts
 quality cuts on the daughter tracks More...
Int_t fnPtBins
 cuts on the candidate More...
Int_t fnPtBinLimits
 number of pt bins for cuts More...
 "number of limits", that is fnPtBins+1 More...
Int_t fnVars
 number of cut vars for candidates More...
Int_t fnVarsForOpt
 number of cut vars to be optimized for candidates More...
Int_t fGlobalIndex
 fnVars*fnPtBins More...
Bool_t fUsePID
Bool_t fUseAOD049
 enable PID usage (off by default) More...
 enable AOD049 centrality cleanup More...
Int_t fWhyRejection
 PID for heavy flavours manager. More...
UInt_t fEvRejectionBits
 used to code the step at which candidate was rejected More...
Bool_t fRemoveDaughtersFromPrimary
Bool_t fUseMCVertex
 flag to switch on the removal of duaghters from the primary vertex computation More...
Bool_t fUsePhysicsSelection
 use MC primary vertex More...
Int_t fOptPileup
 use Physics selection criteria More...
Int_t fMinContrPileup
 option for pielup selection More...
Float_t fMinDzPileup
 min. n. of tracklets in pileup vertex More...
Bool_t fUseMultDepPileupCut
 min deltaz between main and pileup vertices More...
Int_t fUseCentrality
 flag to use a multiplicity dependent pileup selection More...
Float_t fMinCentrality
Float_t fMaxCentrality
 minimum centrality for selected events More...
TString fMultSelectionObjectName
 maximum centrality for selected events More...
Bool_t fFixRefs
 name of the AliMultSelection object to be considered More...
Int_t fIsSelectedCuts
 fix the daughter track references More...
Int_t fIsSelectedPID
 outcome of cuts selection More...
Double_t fMinPtCand
 outcome of PID selection More...
Double_t fMaxPtCand
 minimum pt of the candidate More...
Double_t fMaxRapidityCand
 minimum pt of the candidate More...
Bool_t fKeepSignalMC
 max rapidity of candidate (if !=-999 overrides IsInFiducialAcceptance) More...
Bool_t fIsCandTrackSPDFirst
 IsSelected returns always kTRUE for MC signal. More...
Double_t fMaxPtCandTrackSPDFirst
 flag to select the track kFirst criteria for pt < ptlimit More...
Bool_t fApplySPDDeadPbPb2011
 maximum pt of the candidate for which to check if the daughters fulfill kFirst criteria More...
Bool_t fApplySPDMisalignedPP2012
 flag to apply SPD dead module map of PbPb2011 More...
Double_t fMaxDiffTRKV0Centr
 flag to apply cut on tracks crossing SPD misaligned modules for PP2012 data More...
Bool_t fRemoveTrackletOutliers
 Max. difference between TRK and V0 centrality (remove TPC pileup for PbPb 2011) More...
Int_t fCutOnzVertexSPD
 flag to apply cut on tracklets vs. centrality for 2011 data More...
Bool_t fKinkReject
 cut on zSPD vertex to remove outliers in centrality vs. tracklets (0=no cut, 1= cut at 12 cm, 2= cut on difference to z of vtx tracks, 3=cut on nsigma distance between SPD and track vertices More...
Bool_t fUseTrackSelectionWithFilterBits
 flag to reject kink daughters More...
Bool_t fUseCentrFlatteningInMC
 flag to enable/disable the check on filter bits More...
TH1F * fHistCentrDistr
 flag for enabling/diabling centrality flattening in MC More...
Float_t fCutRatioClsOverCrossRowsTPC
 histogram with reference centrality distribution for centrality distribution flattening More...
Float_t fCutRatioSignalNOverCrossRowsTPC
 min. value ratio NTPCClusters/NTPCCrossedRows, cut if !=0 More...
TString fCutMinCrossedRowsTPCPtDep
 min. value ratio TPCPointsUsedForPID/NTPCCrossedRows, cut if !=0 More...
TFormula * f1CutMinNCrossedRowsTPCPtDep
 pT-dep cut in TPC minimum n crossed rows More...
Bool_t fUseCutGeoNcrNcl
 pT-dep cut in TPC minimum n crossed rows More...
Double_t fDeadZoneWidth
 flag for enabling/disabling geometrical cut on TPC track More...
Double_t fCutGeoNcrNclLength
 1st parameter of GeoNcrNcl cut More...
Double_t fCutGeoNcrNclGeom1Pt
 2nd parameter of GeoNcrNcl cut More...
Double_t fCutGeoNcrNclFractionNcr
 3rd parameter of GeoNcrNcl cut More...
Double_t fCutGeoNcrNclFractionNcl
 4th parameter of GeoNcrNcl cut More...
Bool_t fUseV0ANDSelectionOffline
 5th parameter of GeoNcrNcl cut More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from AliRDHFCuts
enum  ECentrality {
  kCentOff, kCentV0M, kCentTRK, kCentTKL,
  kCentCL1, kCentZNA, kCentZPA, kCentV0A,
  kCentCL0, kCentInvalid
enum  ESelLevel { kAll, kTracks, kPID, kCandidate }
enum  EPileup { kNoPileupSelection, kRejectPileupEvent, kRejectTracksFromPileupVertex, kRejectMVPileupEvent }
enum  ESele {
  kD0toKpiCuts, kD0toKpiPID, kD0fromDstarCuts, kD0fromDstarPID,
  kDplusCuts, kDplusPID, kDsCuts, kDsPID,
  kLcCuts, kLcPID, kDstarCuts, kDstarPID,
  kLctoV0Cuts, kDplustoK0sCuts, kDstoK0sCuts
enum  ERejBits {
  kNotSelTrigger, kNoVertex, kTooFewVtxContrib, kZVtxOutFid,
  kPileup, kOutsideCentrality, kPhysicsSelection, kBadSPDVertex,
  kZVtxSPDOutFid, kCentralityFlattening, kBadTrackV0Correl, kMismatchOldNewCentrality,
enum  EV0sel { kAllV0s = 0, kOnlyOfflineV0s = 1, kOnlyOnTheFlyV0s = 2 }
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from AliRDHFCuts
static Int_t CheckMatchingAODdeltaAODevents ()

Detailed Description

Class for cuts on AOD reconstructed Ds->K0S+K.

J.Hamon, (IPHC)

Definition at line 25 of file AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK::EPid

Definition at line 73 of file AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK::AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK ( const char *  name = "CutsDstoK0sK")

Default Constructor

Definition at line 51 of file AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK.cxx.

AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK::AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK ( const AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK source)

Standard constructor

Definition at line 130 of file AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK.cxx.

AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK::~AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK ( )

Default destructor

Definition at line 174 of file AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

void AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK::AddTrackCutsV0daughters ( AliESDtrackCuts *  v0daug)

Definition at line 57 of file AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK.h.

Referenced by AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK(), and ConfigVertexingHF().

Bool_t AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK::AreDtoK0sDaughtersSelected ( AliAODRecoDecayHF rd) const

Daughter track selections.

Definition at line 748 of file AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK.cxx.

Referenced by IsSelected().

virtual void AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK::GetCutVarsForOpt ( AliAODRecoDecayHF obj,
Float_t vars,
Int_t  nvars,
Int_t pdgdaughters 

Implements AliRDHFCuts.

Definition at line 37 of file AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK.h.

void AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK::GetCutVarsForOpt ( AliAODRecoDecayHF obj,
Float_t vars,
Int_t  nvars,
Int_t pdgdaughters,
AliAODEvent aod 

Fills in the array 'vars' the selection cut values

Reimplemented from AliRDHFCuts.

Definition at line 187 of file AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK.cxx.

Int_t AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK::GetExcludedCut ( )

Definition at line 64 of file AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK.h.

Float_t AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK::GetMassCut ( Int_t  iPtBin = 0) const
virtual AliESDtrackCuts* AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK::GetTrackCutsV0daughters ( ) const

Reimplemented from AliRDHFCuts.

Definition at line 59 of file AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK.h.

Int_t AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK::GetV0Type ( )

Get the V0 type: offline or on-the-fly

Definition at line 866 of file AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK.cxx.

Referenced by AliAnalysisVertexingHF::CheckCutsConsistency(), and IsSelected().

Bool_t AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK::IsInFiducialAcceptance ( Double_t  pt,
Double_t  y 
) const

Checking if the cascade is in the fiducial acceptance region

Reimplemented from AliRDHFCuts.

Definition at line 718 of file AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK.cxx.

Referenced by IsSelected(), and AliAnalysisTaskSEDstoK0sK::UserExec().

virtual Int_t AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK::IsSelected ( TObject obj,
Int_t  selectionLevel 
Int_t AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK::IsSelected ( TObject obj,
Int_t  selectionLevel,
AliAODEvent aod 

Apply selection cuts Return value: 0: wrong candidates 1: Ds->K0s+K

Reimplemented from AliRDHFCuts.

Definition at line 347 of file AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK.cxx.

Int_t AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK::IsSelectedPID ( AliAODRecoDecayHF obj)

Apply PID selections on the bachelor track (Ds->K0s+K) Return value: 0: not compatible with Kaon 1: compatible with Kaon

Reimplemented from AliRDHFCuts.

Definition at line 653 of file AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK.cxx.

Referenced by IsSelected().

AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK & AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK::operator= ( const AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK source)

Assignment operator

Definition at line 150 of file AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK.cxx.

void AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK::SetExcludedCut ( Int_t  excludedCut)

Definition at line 66 of file AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK.h.

void AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK::SetMaxPtStrongPid ( Float_t  pid)

Definition at line 75 of file AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK.h.

void AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK::SetPidOption ( Int_t  opt)

Definition at line 74 of file AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK.h.

Member Data Documentation

Int_t AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK::fExcludedCut

Definition at line 77 of file AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK.h.

Referenced by GetExcludedCut(), IsSelected(), operator=(), and SetExcludedCut().

Float_t AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK::fMaxPtStrongPid

PID option.

Definition at line 81 of file AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK.h.

Referenced by IsSelectedPID(), and SetMaxPtStrongPid().

Int_t AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK::fPidOption

cuts for v0 daughters (AOD converted to ESD on the fly!)

Definition at line 80 of file AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK.h.

Referenced by IsSelectedPID(), and SetPidOption().

AliESDtrackCuts* AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK::fV0daughtersCuts
Float_t AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK::fV0Type

cut to be excluded (-1=none)

Definition at line 78 of file AliRDHFCutsDstoK0sK.h.

Referenced by GetV0Type(), and operator=().

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