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DrawCorrCentralSecMap2.C File Reference

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void ClearCanvas (TCanvas *c)
void LoadLibraries ()
void DrawCorrCentralSecMap2 (const char *fname, const char *option="colz", bool tracklets=true)

Detailed Description

Scripts to draw energy loss fits from correction object file

Definition in file DrawCorrCentralSecMap2.C.

Function Documentation

void LoadLibraries ( )

Load the needed libraries

Load analysis libraries. Not needed, only if use par files.

Definition at line 30 of file DrawCorrCentralSecMap2.C.

Referenced by AliAnalysisTaskMEVertexingHFTest(), AliAnalysisTaskSEVertexingHFTest(), DrawCorrCentralSecMap2(), FitCDFLocal(), ReadAODVertexingHF(), ReadAODVertexingHFsa(), and RunAnalysisAODVertexingHF().