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15 class AliOfflineTrigger : public TNamed {
16 public:
17  AliOfflineTrigger(const char *triggerName, Int_t timeOut=30, Int_t cacheSize=500000000);
18  virtual ~AliOfflineTrigger(){;}
19  void DumpGIDRAWReader(const char *rawFile="raw.root");
20  void DumpGIDRAWTree(const char *rawFile="raw.root");
21  void DumpGIDESD(const char * chinput="AliESDs.root", const char *trigger="1", const char *choutput="gidesd.list");
22  void TestDiffGIDList();
23  // ESD trigger setup
24  void AddESDAlias(const char *aliasName, const char *aliasValue );
25  void SetTriggerAlias(TTree* tree, const char * trigger);
26  static TTree* MakeDiffTree(const char *refTree, const char *friendTrees);
27  // Filtered trees trigger
28  void ExtractSelected(const char *rawList, const char * triggerList, const char * outputName, Long_t maxCounter, Int_t verbose=1);
29  void LoadTriggerList(const char * triggerList);
30  Int_t LoadMapFromRawData(const char *rawFile="raw.root", Int_t verbose=1);
31  void ExtractSelected(const char *rawFile="raw.root", Int_t verbose=1);
32 public:
33  //private:
34  std::map<ULong64_t, TString> fTrgGIDChunkName;
35  std::map<ULong64_t, TString> fTrgGIDTrigger;
36  std::map<ULong64_t, UInt_t> fTrgGIDEventNr;
37  std::map<ULong64_t, UInt_t> fTrgGIDTimeStamp;
38  //
44  TFile * fRawTriggerFile;
46  std::map<ULong64_t, TString> fRAWGIDChunkName;
47  std::map<ULong64_t, UInt_t> fRAWGIDEventNr;
48  std::map<UInt_t,ULong64_t> fRAWEventNrGID;
49  std::map<ULong64_t, UInt_t> fRAWGIDTimeStamp;
50  //
51  Int_t fDefaultTimeOut; // default time out in seconds for reading and file opening
52  Int_t fDefaultTreeCache; // default tree cache size
53  TObjArray *fESDTriggerList; // esd trigger list (set of aliases)
54  ClassDef(AliOfflineTrigger, 1); // interface to various trending trees
55 };
TString fRawName
input event counter
Int_t fCounterEventInput
input file counter
void SetTriggerAlias(TTree *tree, const char *trigger)
std::map< ULong64_t, TString > fTrgGIDTrigger
GID -> ChunkName.
void DumpGIDESD(const char *chinput="AliESDs.root", const char *trigger="1", const char *choutput="gidesd.list")
TObjArray * fESDTriggerList
std::map< ULong64_t, UInt_t > fRAWGIDTimeStamp
EventNumber -> GID.
Int_t fCounterEventOutput
input file counter
void LoadTriggerList(const char *triggerList)
int Int_t
Definition: External.C:63
TFile * fRawTriggerFile
name of the output file
TTree * fRawTriggerTree
! pointer to ouput raw trigger files
Int_t LoadMapFromRawData(const char *rawFile="raw.root", Int_t verbose=1)
void AddESDAlias(const char *aliasName, const char *aliasValue)
std::map< ULong64_t, TString > fTrgGIDChunkName
std::map< UInt_t, ULong64_t > fRAWEventNrGID
GID -> EventNumber.
Int_t fCounterFileInput
input event counter
Int_t fDefaultTimeOut
triger map GID -> TimeStamp map
std::map< ULong64_t, UInt_t > fRAWGIDEventNr
GID -> ChunkName.
static TTree * MakeDiffTree(const char *refTree, const char *friendTrees)
Int_t fCounterFileOutput
triger map GID -> TimeStamp map
virtual ~AliOfflineTrigger()
std::map< ULong64_t, TString > fRAWGIDChunkName
! pointer to output raw trigger tree
void DumpGIDRAWTree(const char *rawFile="raw.root")
void DumpGIDRAWReader(const char *rawFile="raw.root")
std::map< ULong64_t, UInt_t > fTrgGIDEventNr
GID -> Trigger type.
std::map< ULong64_t, UInt_t > fTrgGIDTimeStamp
GID -> EventNumber.
void ExtractSelected(const char *rawList, const char *triggerList, const char *outputName, Long_t maxCounter, Int_t verbose=1)
This class provides fucntionality for OFFLINE Trigger raw data selection and consistency checks...
AliOfflineTrigger(const char *triggerName, Int_t timeOut=30, Int_t cacheSize=500000000)