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dNdeta::Mult Struct Reference
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Public Member Functions

 Mult (const char *method="RefMult00d80", Bool_t verbose=false, Int_t monitor=0)
- Public Member Functions inherited from dNdeta::Cent
 Cent (const char *method="V0M", Bool_t verbose=true, Int_t monitor=0)
virtual TH1CreateSingle ()
virtual void SlaveBegin (TTree *t)
virtual Bool_t SetupEstimator ()
virtual void Clear (Option_t *option="")
virtual Bool_t ProcessHeader ()
virtual void ProcessParticles ()
virtual void Terminate ()
virtual TListGetMonitorObjects ()
void Print (Option_t *option="") const
- Public Member Functions inherited from dNdeta::Base
 Base (Bool_t verbose=false, Int_t monitor=0)
virtual Bool_t ProcessParticle (const TParticle *p)
virtual void Fill (Double_t eta)
- Public Member Functions inherited from FastAnalysis
 FastAnalysis (Bool_t verb=false, Int_t monitor=0)
virtual ~FastAnalysis ()
void SetTrigger (UInt_t mask)
void SetTrigger (UInt_t mask, Bool_t isAnd)
void SetTrigger (const char *what)
Bool_t CheckTrigger () const
void SetVerbose (Bool_t verb)
void SetupMonitor ()
Bool_t SetupBranches ()
void Init (TTree *tree)
virtual void Begin (TTree *)
Bool_t Notify ()
virtual Bool_t Process (Long64_t entry)
virtual void SlaveTerminate ()
Int_t Version () const
Double_t GetCentrality () const
Long_t GetEventCount ()
TObjectGetOutputObject (const char *name, TClass *cls)
void CopyEgHistogram ()
virtual Bool_t AcceptSecondaries () const
virtual Bool_t AcceptNeutrals () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from dNdeta::Cent
static TH1Normalize (TObject *o, Int_t n)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from dNdeta::Base
static TH1DCreatedNdeta ()
static TObjectCreateOutput ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from FastAnalysis
static Long_t ProofExec (const char *cmd=0)
static Bool_t ProofLoad (const char *file, const char *opt)
static Bool_t Str2KeyVal (const TString &in, TString &key, TString &val, const char sep='=')
static Bool_t SetupProof (TUrl &url, const char *opt, const char *extra)
static Bool_t Run (const char *url, const char *output, FastAnalysis *a, const char *script, Long64_t nev=-1, Long64_t offset=0, Int_t monitor=-1, Bool_t verbose=false, const char *opt="")
static Bool_t Run (const char *url, const char *output, const char *opt="g")
- Public Attributes inherited from dNdeta::Cent
FastCentHelper fHelper
const Long_t fMinEvents
Int_t fCentBin
- Public Attributes inherited from dNdeta::Base
- Public Attributes inherited from FastAnalysis
TClonesArray * fParticles
Bool_t fVerbose
TStopwatch fTimer
TString fName
ULong64_t fEventMult
TString fCentMethod
ULong_t fOK
Int_t fMonitor
Bool_t fCompatB
UInt_t fTrigMask

Detailed Description

Processes events and build the \( 1/N dN_{ch}/d\eta\) for each bin in reference multiplicity. The reference multiplicity is the number of charged particles with \(|\eta|\le0.8\)

Definition at line 430 of file dNdetaAnalysis.C.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

dNdeta::Mult::Mult ( const char *  method = "RefMult00d80",
Bool_t  verbose = false,
Int_t  monitor = 0 


verboseWhether to verbose

Definition at line 439 of file dNdetaAnalysis.C.

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