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trains Directory Reference


file  AAFPluginRailway.C [code]
 AAF (using AliAnalysisAlien) analysis helper.
file  AAFRailway.C [code]
 AAF analysis helper.
file  AddTaskMyAnalysis.C [code]
 Example script to add a task.
file  AODTrain.C [code]
 Setup of train like the `official' AODtrain.C script.
file  AvailableSoftware.C [code]
 Find available packages.
file  ChainBuilder.C [code]
 Build a chain.
file  CreateFileCollection.C [code]
file  CreateIndex.C [code]
 Create an index of downloaded files.
file  ExtractProd.C [code]
file  GridDownload.C [code]
 Helper script to download results from the Grid.
file  GridDownloadAODs.C [code]
 Script to download AODs.
file  GridRailway.C [code]
 Grid Analysis Railway.
file  GridTerminate.C [code]
 Worker script to run terminate part for Grid.
file  GridWatch.C [code]
 Script to watch master jobs and automatically submit terminate jobs.
file  LiteRailway.C [code]
 Proof-Lite analysis helper.
file  LocalRailway.C [code]
 Local analysis helper.
file  MyAnalysis.C [code]
file  MyTrain.C [code]
file  Option.C [code]
file  OutputUtilities.C [code]
 Special output handling.
file  ParUtilities.C [code]
 PAR file utilities.
file  PluginRailway.C [code]
 Base class for helpers using the AliAnalysisAlien plugin.
file  ProofRailway.C [code]
file  ProofTerminate.C [code]
file  QATrain.C [code]
file  Railway.C [code]
 Base class for analysis helpers.
file  RunTrain.C [code]
 Script to run a train.
file  TestAuxPAR.C [code]
file  trainMain.cxx [code]
file  TrainSetup.C [code]
 Base classs for train specifications.
file  VAFRailway.C [code]
 AAF analysis helper.