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Accessing the EMCAL OADB from EOS

The EMCal OADB files have been moved to the EOS directory /eos/experiment/alice/analysis-data/OADB/EMCAL which is accessible via lxplus. Analysis tasks can access these files via, for example: AliDataFile::GetFileNameOADB("EMCAL/EMCALTimeL1PhaseCalib.root") which has been implemented into the Tender and the Correction Framework as well as most analysis tasks in AliPhysics. If you want to have the OADB files locally, you can download them from lxplus via:

1 rsync -av --delete /path/to/my/local/oadb/

In order for local tests to work properly, please add the ALICE_DATA global variable to your bashrc or similar.

1 ALICE_DATA=/path/to/my/local/oadb

Furthermore, the "export" command should be used in addition to adding the path to the bashrc. This will make the variable available to all processes:

1 export ALICE_DATA=/path/to/my/local/oadb

In addition, a short history of changes to the files in EOS will be listed here:

  • 20180213: Moved all files to EOS.
  • 20180220: Update of EMCALBadChannels.root with LHC17o BC maps
  • 20180305: Update of EMCALBadChannels.root with LHC17m BC maps
  • 20180308: Update of EMCALBadChannels.root with LHC17ghjk BC maps
  • 20180308: Update of EMCALTimeCalib.root and EMCALTimeL1PhaseCalib.root with LHC17k,m,h,o,p,q time calibrations
  • 20180311: Update of EMCALTimeCalib.root and EMCALTimeL1PhaseCalib.root with LHC17o,p,q time calibrations